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What will our little one look like? Pre-labour beauty prep and men that can cook…

Hello everyone,

So I’m getting to that point now… I want the little one to arrive! Sleeping is becoming very uncomfortable and I constantly have an acid taste in my mouth… I’m drinking A LOT of milk to try and rid the acid taste, but it is only a quick fix! I’ve also started to question, how will I actually know when I’ve gone in to labour? Apparently this is common when you enter the 37th week and, according to what people have told me, ‘you just know’! I’m unbelievably excited to meet our little one and can’t wait to see what he or she looks like.




How many people will admit to wanting to beautify themselves before their baby arrives? A lot of my friends who have children have all admitted to having a bikini wax before giving birth. This week I have been enjoying a bit of beauty prep myself! Before I fell pregnant I regularly had my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted, as well as lash extensions by Nouveau Beauty Group. It is advised not to have the lash extensions or tinting when you are pregnant in case of a reaction so I had a nice brow wax and shape instead. I’ve also started using the Billion Dollar brow pencil (which I’ve recently discovered) to give my brows a bit of definition too.




On Friday I visited Marie Reynolds to have the amazing ‘Fifth Concept’ treatment. You may remember I have talked about Marie previously. She is a well-being therapist and she suggested that about now I should be drinking raspberry leaf tea. Marie also advised that I should grind up two table spoons of sunflower, pumpkin and linseed seeds to sprinkle onto yoghurts and on salads throughout the day, as this will help prepare the uterus for labour. She also advised getting some arnica tablets to take as soon as I have given birth because this will help with healing and bruising – top tips I thought!

As well as ‘The Fifth Concept’ treatment, Marie creates her own luxury, organic candles. After they have been burnt the wax can be used as a massage oil, which I will get Alex to rub on my back during labour! Marie has recently created a new candle called ‘Honour’ and she is donating money from each candle sold to a charity called ‘Honour British Forces’. The charity raises money for the homeless, many of which are ex-military and you can find out more about what they do here. If you are keen to get involved, they are always looking for volunteers, you could buy a beautiful candle or even sponsor Marie who is doing a skydive!




This week also I discovered some other lovely beauty products for both mother and baby. Mama baby bliss have a gorgeous ‘bliss stick’ that you dab on your pulse points when you need a bit of a boost and The Green People company have some gorgeous organic products safe for baby, including soothing baby oil and nappy baby balm – both are worth checking out.




At the weekend Alex and I caught up with some of our good friends: Matt, Michelle, Ali and Sarah. The six of us regularly meet up for ‘Dinner Club’. We take it in turns to go to each others houses and cook for each other Come Dine With Me-style. We don’t actually mark each other but it’s all good fun. On the last couple of occasions the men have cooked, which has been lovely. It is Matt’s turn to cook next and I think he is feeling the pressure!

This week I am looking forward to attending the Chicco press day and also attending the Baby Show so there will be lots to report on.

I hope you have a great week and I’ll be back next week.

Laura x

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“What will our little one look like? Pre-labour beauty prep and men that can cook…”
  • Love your baby pics.We were lucky with our first baby he arrived bang on his due date but our second was 10 days overdue and it seemed like an eternity .He is 7 weeks old now and has made our little family complete.There are some great baby products out there .We love the Green People products and try to use products without any bad stuff in them.Good luck with your birth :)

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