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6 weeks to go and counting… How will my dog Alfie cope with the newborn?

Hi everyone,

After a spending most of September abroad I’m now back in the UK. I had a brilliant time away filming A Place in the Sun and I always love being able to pass on my property knowledge and experience, particularly to first-time buyers.

Last day in Granada. Me with the Crew and David and Toby the first time buyers.

Last day in Granada. Me with the Crew and David and Toby the first time buyers.

I now have just 6 weeks until my due date, which means 6 weeks to ‘nest’ and get home ready for the new arrival!

Well, actually, first I will be doing a few voiceovers and a bit of filming for ITV (which includes presenting a series of links for their big charity event ‘Text Santa’), so I’ve not quite finished working yet… But then I will be ready to get into full ‘nesting’ mode!

Since I have been home, I have packed my bag ready for hospital and Alex and I have got the last few bits we think we need! I’ve invested in the Tommy Tippy electronic breast pump, as I’ve been advised they are much easier than manual ones. We purchased a nappy wrapper bin that stores 28 dirty nappies, each of which are sealed in a cassette to stop smells escaping, and I’ve bought some great bits from including a breathable sleep suit, a breathable blanket and a breathable cot liner – all in cream. I realise the baby won’t sleep in the cot for a few months, as he/she will be sleeping in a moses basket, but everything is ready and I always like to be organised!



Another purchase we’ve made is the great ‘Nuna Leaf Chair’, which will be great for the baby to sit in during the day. It’s supposed to help calm the baby, as well as induce sleep with its gentle battery-free rocking movement.



 A major concern I currently have is how our dog Alfie is going to cope with the new arrival. Alfie is a long-haired chihuahua and, although he has been around lots of children, he isn’t used to living with a newborn baby. He is not allowed upstairs in our house so he won’t be able to go in to the baby’s room. He has plenty of his own toys but I’m not quite sure how he will learn that the babies toys aren’t his to play with, especially when they squeak! I am going to start playing a baby crying noise around him so he can get used to the sound, which I am hoping will help but I’m not really sure what else I can do. If any of you have a dog and a newborn baby, I would love to hear how it has been? Any tips would be gratefully received…


 As I mentioned in last week’s blog, I’m really going to try and relax over the next few weeks – this is something I’m not very good at! I’m looking forward to a spa day at Imagine Spa, as well as a pregnancy massage at The Beauty Boutique Banstead (who came to my baby shower and treated everyone to a bit of pampering). I am going to start looking into some baby clothes bits and pieces, as I really want a few nice bits before the baby arrives. I have already discovered a beautiful brand called ‘Susie and Toto’ who have some very chic and trendy pieces on their website, definitely worth checking out –

On Saturday, Alex and I have a tour of the birthing centre and labour ward at the hospital we are planning to have the baby at. It’s all starting to feel VERY real that soon we will be three and it is so exciting!

Please don’t forget to leave any tips regarding newborns and pets.

Until next week.

Laura xxx

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