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Car seats, cars , diapers and dummies…

Hi everyone,

This week’s blog is a few days late so I apologise. I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend? I had a lovely weekend despite of the torrential down pour on Saturday.

Alex and I went to a Hollywood-themed wedding which was lovely. We felt awful that the sun couldn’t make an appearance for our friends, but thankfully it didn’t ruin their day and they are now enjoying a much deserved break and some sunshine in Mauritius!


Alex and I at the Hollywood wedding

Alex and I at the Hollywood wedding


So on to this weeks baby/pregnancy related investigations…

Noone ever tells you that you actually need a degree to use all this baby stuff! It took us a good half an hour to install the ‘family fix’ base for our Maxi Cosi pebble car seat we purchased, but its fab! Buying a car seat is one of THE most important things you need, because you won’t be able to leave hospital and take the baby home without one. For the first 3 months its recommended that the baby sits in the back, facing backwards. So a mirror attached to the back windscreen of the car facing the baby, that you can see in to, could come in handy (as suggested by my sister in-law). Having the family fix base isn’t necessary but it does make life a lot easier. It means the Maxi Cosi just clips in safe and secure. There is no need to harness the car seat in with a seat belt which can sometimes be a lot of faff. The family fix base will also be suitable when the baby is older and the car seat needs to be upgraded to a bigger size (the pearl). So personally I think it’s money well spent. Most buggies have adapters for this car seat to fit in to, so when you make a decision on what buggy you are going to purchase, make sure you buy the maxi-cosi adapters as well.


The family fix Maxi car seat base

The family fix Maxi Cosi pebble car seat base


Until recently I was thinking that I would keep my Mini. I love it, but it’s not the most practical car for transporting everything I’m going to need when I’m travelling around and filming in the UK next year for A Place in the Sun – Home or Away with baby in toe! I’ve always been a bit of a petrol head and Alex and I have decided to purchase a ‘family car’. We went for the Mercedes 350ML because, not only is it spacious, it is luxurious and also has a good bit of power. One of my favourite features is the self closing boot which I’m sure will be extremely useful when I won’t have enough hands to carry everything and close the car door! It also feels really safe being high up and it’s definitely far more appropriate for what we are going to need. I’m really impressed with how economic it is too. I’ve just got to get used to the size difference as I’m no longer able to squeeze it in to tiny car parking spaces.


Our new 'family car' - the Mercedes 350ML

Our new ‘family car’ – the Mercedes 350ML


This week I’ve been thinking a lot about disposable nappies versus washable diapers. In my head I really like the idea of using washable ones as many people say they are better for the baby and can help prevent nappy rash. They are also more environmentally friendly. The amount of nappies that get put in to landfills is incredible. I have found a couple of interesting companies online that could be worth trying if you are considering using these. look good, lovely and soft and they offer a trial pack. is also worth a look with some colourful designs.

There is a group set up called ‘Nappuccino” who hold mornings in local areas to show you the different types of washable nappies you can use. There are also nappy libraries where you can try before you buy! You could argue that you will spend more on washing by using this type of nappy. Also, with all the extra washing you have to do with a new baby, it might not be so convenient (given that, on average, a newborn needs their nappy changed between 8-12 times a day.)

Disposable nappies do seem to be being made more ‘environmentally friendly’ and after careful consideration, with my work schedule and how much I will be travelling, I think using these will be best for me and my baby (and also for everyone who will be helping look after the little one). I really would love to use the washable ones but I just don’t think they are going to work for me… Alex is so easygoing, he is just letting me get with whatever I think will work best. He will be changing plenty of nappies too and has had lots of previous practice with his niece and nephew so he will probably be more of a pro than me!

The one gadget that I will be investing in whilst using disposable nappies is the Tommy Tippee nappy wrapper. Lots of my friends have used these and say they are a brilliant as they help minimise smells and compress the nappies too.


The Hevea dummy

The Hevea dummy


Something else that has been on my mind a lot for a while is the idea of letting the baby have a dummy (or pacifier, as they are also known.) We have friends that detest the look of dummies and others who say that using them has been a life saver when the baby is screaming in the middle of the night. I have actually decided to buy some pacifiers from They are designed naturally for Eco babies and they seem to have a bit of a celeb following with the likes of Orlando Bloom using them for his newborn – check them out. I want to leave you with a little thought before you judge me on my decision. You can take a dummy away from a baby, but you can’t take its thumb away. I’m not ashamed to admit that I sucked my thumb until the age of 15, as I couldn’t get to sleep without doing so. It then cost a lot of money to put my teeth right! If my Mum had given me a pacifier, would this issue have been solved?…

Right on that note, that’s it from me. Tonight I’m hosting the Teen Queen awards at Alexandra Palace and this weekend it’s my baby shower so make sure you check back at next week’s blog to see how it went. My friend Haley has organised it all with a vintage tea party theme – I can’t wait.

Until then…

Laura and 30 week old bump! X

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