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A Yummy Mummy…

Hey all,

Have you ever heard the term yummy mummy? When I googled it this week the definition came up as, “a young, attractive, wealthy mother who dresses fashionably and appears well groomed”. Well I might not fit in to every category but I would like to think that as a new mum I will endeavour to dress fashionably and appear well groomed.

Me and Alex on our HELLO! photoshoot

Me and Alex on our HELLO! photoshoot

As a pregnant lady I still want to look glamorous and feel fabulous but it is getting hard… I’ve now got the linea negra (the pale brown line that runs from the pubic bone to the belly button), that people commonly get in pregnancy and the dreaded time has also come to get a maternity bra.

My 'linea negra'

My ‘linea negra’

I have touched on it before (and I know from speaking with lots of other women), the choice of maternity underwear is really limited and quite frankly unattractive, especially for women with smaller frames and big chests. In fact, despite my best efforts of looking in many well known high street stores, they just don’t seem to cater for people with this problem at all. I am seriously considering designing my own range and am currently in the process of working on this. In the meantime, I have only managed to find one company that have maternity/nursing bras that 1. FIT and 2. LOOK NICE. If you check out they have some nice underwear and I have purchased two in their range which will hopefully see me through the next 12 weeks of my pregnancy and beyond, when I hope to breast feed. I’m pretty sure I will need to invest in some more, but for now two will suffice.

Something else that I want to be stylish is my baby changing bag. I figured that I will be carrying this bag around all the time like my handbag, so I want it to be practical but also to be quality and look nice. There are lots of bags out there but the one I have ordered is from a company called Lin and Leo. The company was set up in 2003 by two style-savvy mothers and if you want a gorgeous, yet practical bag you should definitely check these out – I’ve chosen the Tan Leather Baby bag which looks lovely – maybe I won’t need to carry my handbag too!

My Lin and Leo Tan Leather Baby bag

My Lin and Leo Tan Leather Baby bag

I think having a nice maternity bra and baby changing bag will most definitely make me feel more like a ‘Yummy Mummy’!

This week I was really happy to review a wonderful website – It’s a maternity one-stop shop for advice, as well as a selection of products online. The site is new so I’m sure the catalogue of products available will grow in time. It is run by a lovely lady and mum-of-three, Laura Whitmarsh, who set it up to raise money for ‘The Lullaby Trust’ and I really recommend you check it out.

My top tip this week from friends was regarding baby milk. I’m intending to breast feed if I can, for as long as I can. However, should I for any reason need to give the baby formula milk, a couple of my friends have said it isn’t necessary to warm it up. To give the baby it’s milk at room temperature it is perfectly fine and the baby will only be used to whatever you give it. Three friends suggested this to me and said it made their lives easier. I thought it sounded like a great idea but when I told my mum she completely disapproved! I googled it and many websites say that women only warmed up their babies milk because it’s what their mothers did…so I really believe it is down to YOU and what works best for YOU and YOUR baby. Everyone will have their opinion…

As I said, I am going to try and breast feed but isn’t for everyone and I don’t think people should be made to feel bad for not doing it. I met with another friend this week and she was unable to breast feed her baby because, unbeknown to her, he was allergic to dairy. By giving him breast milk she was actually poisoning him – on this occasion breast definitely wasn’t best!

Me with my great Sassy Bloom delivery!

Me with my wonderful Sassy Bloom delivery!

A lot of my friends are about to have babies or have just given birth, I guess we are all at ‘that age’! If you know someone who is expecting or who has just had a baby, I’ve got a great little present suggestion. This week I received a beautiful box from one of my best friends who is unable to attend my baby shower. It was delivered from a company called Sassy Bloom. They offer a service where you can put a personalised box together for the new mummy/mummy-to-be. The box it is presented in is gorgeous too and after looking at their website I have seen that their boxes can be completely tailored to the receiver! You can get gifts for new daddy’s too which I thought was nice. Check them out at

I’m really keen to hear your thoughts on all of the above so don’t forget to leave your comments and opinions.

Are you a ‘Yummy Mummy’? Or do you plan to be one?

Laura xxx

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  • I had my baby girl 6 & 1/2 weeks ago, unfortunately I couldn’t give birth naturally as my little one was transverse so a C section it was! After an operation like that you certainly find it difficult to be a ‘yummy mummy’! for the first few days i wasnt interested in looking nice or doing my hair etc i had more important things to deal with! However, my little girl is now in a routine & my partner is very hands on so i manage to dress well, make sure my hair is done etc, I also have nice things for me & baby but to me that doesn’t make me a yummy mummy, making sure my daughter has everything she needs does!!

    I breast fed for the first four days, i thought that my little girl was feeding very well, turns out she wasnt, in the first week she lost 11.3% of her body weight so I wasn’t producing enough, had no choice but to go to formula, now she is thriving so formula was the right thing for us!!

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