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Hi all,

It’s incredible that the sun is still continuing to shine – I can’t remember when I last experienced a summer like this in the UK! It’s even more exciting that the arrival of the royal baby is imminent and Kate is in hospital as we speak!

I had a reasonably chilled week last week which mainly involved shopping and prepping clothes for this week, when I am out and about on location with Daybreak. Last Wednesday I attended the ITV Summer Party, which was great as I got to catch up with Emma Bunton, Robin Cousins and Jayne Torvill from Dancing on Ice and there were lots of other famous ITV faces there too. Lots of people commented on my bump which was nice. I wore a mint green maxi dress from New Look, cream peep toe shoes from Hobbs, a nice black plunge bra from Bravissimo and some funky black earrings from Top Shop. Jo Adams did my make-up and we decided on a fresh but glam look. She used the new hourglass mineral veil primer (which is great for helping your foundation stay in this heat), Georgio Armani luminous silk foundation with their blushing fabric, and then Cover FX Concealer to help even out my completion where I have slightly more freckles than usual! Touché éclat is always fab and she used this to contour as well as brighten up my eye area. We went for a low maintenance natural lip, using the naked lip pencil from urban decay (

Me with the lovely Louie Spence

Me with the lovely Louie Spence

Louie Spence was a gentleman and carried my luggage (whilst he posed for the paps) as I was leaving!

In terms of my pregnancy news update, I’m now at 24 weeks and I’ve been feeling the baby move lots. Usually people can feel the baby move from 18-22 weeks but if it’s your first baby, like me, you might not realise it until a bit later on. Alex felt it kick for first time too and I got really emotional – it must be the pregnancy hormones!

This week we purchased a monitor with earphones that I can put on stomach so you can listen to the baby. It’s a bit of fun and you hear the babies heart beat. This is a prime time to feel the baby move because as it gets bigger, there won’t be as much room for it to tumble and wriggle inside my womb!

We also are starting our NCT Antenatal course next Saturday and lots of people recommend going to NCT classes for your first pregnancy. We have opted for a three day intense course costing just under £300 which includes the breast feeding class. I am due to start filming A Place in the Sun in September, so we are having to take the course a little earlier than we would have liked but I am sure I will have lots to report and it will still be incredibly useful.

When you become pregnant, if you are like me you will commonly hear people say “you need to eat for two now”… This isn’t actually the case! As I’ve discovered, you only really need around an additional 300 calories in your third trimester. However, everyone is different so if you are hungry and your body is telling you to eat, you do need to listen to it. The most important thing of all though is that you eat the RIGHT foods and I have been chatting with diet expert and top nutritionist Amanda Hamilton who has offered some words of wisdom. For anyone who has recently given birth, Amanda and her team have devised a safe diet for women looking to shift pregnancy weight. Oh and we aren’t related, its just a coincidence we have the same surname!

Nutrionist Amanda Hamilton

Nutrionist Amanda Hamilton

“Thanks Laura. Hi, I’m Amanda and I’m a nutrition expert and consultant. Laura is now entering into the third trimester so with less stomach space, nutrition is now more important. If you are currently pregnant, any weight you gain during this time is for a purpose – to grow and then feed a healthy human being. Eating enough (of the right foods) helps to ensure that you’ll have enough energy for labour (the real marathon in my opinion) and, as long as you are eating healthily, this will ensure good quality breast milk.

Common issues in the third trimester include anaemia, tiredness, swelling, sleeplessness and gestational diabetes – so, it’s not a good time to overdose on sugar. In the third trimester you need to think about the fact that you are eating to provide baby with it’s first food. Whatever you eat during this period will have a direct influence on your baby’s stores of essential nutrients like calcium, iron, protein to help build baby’s body and the healthy DHA omega fats that are vital for baby’s brain development. Laura has been taking supplements throughout pregnancy which include the pregnancy care drink WaterBaby as well as Pregnacare vitamins, but she needs to check she is including the all important fats too. Consuming nutritious food will also help to fend off cravings – if you can’t pronounce what it says on the label, you shouldn’t eat or drink it! I remember craving red meat from 20 weeks onwards so even though Laura may not have craved it before, she shouldn’t be alarmed if she feels the need for a steak. Spinach, broccoli, seeds and beans are a good source of iron but squeeze lemon onto dishes such as summer bean salads to maximise iron absorption.

Laura has spoken to me about concerns with cellulite. Less well known is the fact that pregnancy hormones make cellulite which is an unwelcome visitor on legs and bums – I told her not to worry, she didn’t suffer with it before so it will go away afterwards.

Lastly, as a mother of two very active kids myself, I recommended that Laura tries to really enjoy these last few months of peace and quiet! The idea of some romantic breaks is great – but, time at home nesting and getting her head around this new phase of life is probably where the next few months are heading!

I will of course be on hand throughout the rest of Laura’s pregnancy and beyond and will be offering lots more advice. So if you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them below. Amanda x”

Thanks Amanda. For more info you can check out her website

In addition to Amanda’s nutritional tips, I thought I would give you the details of some phone apps and websites that I have signed up to that offer other bits of advice.

The Bump – iPhone App
You can use this app as a ‘quick look’ check to keep you updated on the size of your baby. It uses fruit and veg comparisons which is funny. – Bounty Club run a website where you can get some helpful tips and if you sign up there are useful samples to try, you can pick up a pack in most Boots. – NHS Pregnancy Information Service have a very informative website that will explain what is happening development wise with baby and you week by week. Some bits won’t apply to everyone and although they need to mention negative things that can happen, its down to you whether you want to read it or not. has information on NCT courses in your area as well as lots of other useful info.

That’s it from me for now. The new series of A Place in the Sun on Channel 4 starts this week at 12:05 so you might catch me on that and I will also be live on Daybreak every morning this week with suggestions of fun things to do over the Summer.

Until next week, have a good one…

Laura x

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