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Dressing for your shape

Hi everyone,

As mentioned in my last post, my wonderfully chic personal stylist Zoe Lem is here to give some advice for dressing for your shape, even when that shape is changing during pregnancy. So here she is, Zoe over to you…

“Hello! I have been so pleased to start working with Laura as she has a great shape to dress and is lovely which always makes my job so much easier. I’ve dressed so many different body shapes over the last 15 years plus as a stylist. There is no wrong or right shape, it is about understanding your body shape and how to dress it to make the most it. You can play lots of tricks with clothing.


Over the coming weeks I am hoping to help all of you understand your shape and how to dress it whether pregnant or not. There are simple rules to follow to help you look and feel great. When you are pregnant, getting used to your changing body shape can make you feel a bit insecure and hormones can be charged, especially afterwards once the little one comes along (I say this from experience)! So it is important that you have a bit of an understanding of how to help flatter your body and give yourself confidence.

With Laura, as a new work relationship we are not only looking at how to dress for pregnancy and her shape but also we are doing a full wardrobe cleanse, so a complete style makeover. Laura is very sophisticated but in the past has worked on various children’s channels so I want to help her shake that image off. Laura’s wardrobe consisted of a few too many short skater skirts and wrong shapes for Laura’s great shape, so it was time for a big clear out, and that we did on a grand scale! It was a great benefit to the Children’s Trust shop in Banstead (a charity Laura supports) – we got rid of things that were wrong but also looked at the gaps.


I try to encourage any new client that I work with (celebrity or not) to start with a body shape consultation. It is not just about dressing someone and providing clothes, but also about helping them to understand what suits them and why. There is no point having lots of items in your wardrobe that you do not wear as it just makes the decision each morning even harder. You need to reduce the wastage in your wardrobe so that you have room to see the things that work for you.

Like many people, Laura has had a tendency to buy items rather than shop for looks. So we are now shopping in looks. This doesn’t mean matchy matchy and buying the whole outfit from one shop, but just considering what it would work with and the bits that you need to complete the look. You want to get versatility from your wardrobe so that things can work with more than one item.

When it comes to body shapes there are three main different types: hour glass, pear shape and straight up and down. Everyone in variation fits in to one of the three. Laura is hour glass, curvy with a nipped in waist. I will be including a post soon with full help and advice on how to identify your shape and what to wear, so watch this space! The important thing to remember is even during pregnancy you can still dress for your shape.


Colour is so important too, you need to look at your hair colour, skin tone and eye colour to work out the colours that work for you. If you are not sure, go into daylight and hold the colour up to your face and see does it drain the face, does it lift the eyes and brighten the face. You need to look to warm colours as it will flatter more. Cold colours can look cheaper and are harder to wear.


If you are not sure what colours to wear with patterns just look as the colours in the pattern rather than putting a standard black or white as this will make it look like two outfits stuck together. If you chose one the colours in the pattern it will both balance out the whole outfit and create a more organic look, all as one.

Underneath the bust is most women’s smallest bit. In pregnancy it is a great place to nip in the empire line, it can be really flattering. It looks fab on Laura as you see her tiny high waist and then the lovely bump. Don’t drown the bump in fabric as it will make you look bigger either fitter or a-line is the most flattering. Getting proportions right is important and if you are more petite you don’t want tops too long as they will make you look shorter. We have shortened the waist line on Laura and lengthened the legs just by raising the waist line.


Feel liberated by the tummy and the fact that you do not suck the stomach in and go for fitted if it suits with your balance. We have gone for lots of fitted longer dresses with Laura as that is a great length to suit and flatter her shape. We have also got some cute little belts to go under the bust to maintain the hour glass shape.

One great tip is no matter what you are wearing if you want a little coverage these leggings are great I wore them all through both pregnancies and still do as they give a Spanx style pull in and are high waisted so flatter and cover bump.

I will have more tips about both Laura’s new style and dressing for your body shape now and through pregnancy so don’t go away. I will also be giving you advice on great places to get different items of clothing to help you through your pregnancy and beyond. Til next time. Zoe x”.

Thanks Zoe! A great stylist who I’m very happy to say that I have in my life!!! You can see more of Zoe and her great work at

I’ll be back soon! Laura x

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“Dressing for your shape”
  • hi
    i am a size 20 and aged 47 and getting married in 2 weeks and i have not got anything to wear i have been married before but a dress just doesnt suit me because i have such a fat belly do you have any suggestions can you help.

    Kind Regards


    • Hi Nicola, I have spoken to Zoe and here are her words of wisdom…

      “It is very difficult without seeing a photo of yourself and with such a short deadline having something made is obviously out of the question. My advice would be, nip underneath the bust rather than the waist (empire line) and go for a gentle A-Line from underneath the bust. This will help to hide your tummy and to give more of an hour glass silhouette. You then need to balance out the shoulder so that you are in proportion. I think that you will find that trying to fit under the bust rather than on the waist will help you find a dress that both fits and suits. It’s most women’s smallest bit. BHS have a great range of bridal wear in a range of sizes. You could also try Debenhams and depending on your budget you could try Monsoon. I hope this helps. Good luck! Z x”

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