July, 2013

31 July


4am starts are good practice…

What an exciting week it has been with the arrival of Prince George Alexander Louis.  William and Kate have chosen such gorgeous names.

It seems as though there is a bit of a baby boom at the moment.  My fellow Place in the Sun presenter Jasmine Harman has just announced her pregnancy, Holly Candy is rumoured to be expecting and Peter Andre and his girlfriend Emily have one on the way too – so congratulations all round!




Last week I was on the road with Daybreak, live every morning around the UK with some great ideas of where to go with the family over the Summer.  I visited Tree Houses, Castles, Farms and Holiday Parks.  To find out more about what I got up to you can visit itv.com/daybreak.  I love it when I get the opportunity to film their live features as it is such a lovely team and getting up at 4am is actually really good practice for when the little one arrives.




The team on the road included Daybreak‘s weather presenter, Laura Tobin, Christina the lovely Producer, Rav the Director as well as a brilliant crew. Christina’s sister is also expecting so there was a lot of baby talk.




Alex and I have decided to keep the gender of our baby as a surprise, but there is a part of me that really wants to know.  So whilst on the road with the team, myself and the girls decided to do the ‘ring test’.  If you have never heard of it, it’s an old wives tale that supposedly reveals if you are having a girl or a boy… All you have to do is tie a piece of cotton around a ring and dangle it over your pregnant stomach.  If it moves in a circle, you are having a boy.  If it swings backwards and forwards it is a girl!  I’m not too sure if I believe it but it was certainly very entertaining conducting this test at a service station on the motorway on the way to location. I think other customers thought we were crazy.




So…according the test, I am having a boy – only 14 weeks to go to find out…

If you have ever tried this test I would love to hear from you as to how accurate it was. Or do you know of any other wives tale that are supposed to reveal the gender of your baby? Let me know.

We have now started our 3 day intensive NCT course so I will be reporting on that next week. I will also going to be looking at how much your baby can hear and how important it is to talk to them whilst you are pregnant so be sure to check back in a week or so.

I hope you have a lovely week.

Love Laura xxx

22 July


Food glorious food

Hi all,

It’s incredible that the sun is still continuing to shine – I can’t remember when I last experienced a summer like this in the UK! It’s even more exciting that the arrival of the royal baby is imminent and Kate is in hospital as we speak!

I had a reasonably chilled week last week which mainly involved shopping and prepping clothes for this week, when I am out and about on location with Daybreak. Last Wednesday I attended the ITV Summer Party, which was great as I got to catch up with Emma Bunton, Robin Cousins and Jayne Torvill from Dancing on Ice and there were lots of other famous ITV faces there too. Lots of people commented on my bump which was nice. I wore a mint green maxi dress from New Look, cream peep toe shoes from Hobbs, a nice black plunge bra from Bravissimo and some funky black earrings from Top Shop. Jo Adams did my make-up and we decided on a fresh but glam look. She used the new hourglass mineral veil primer (which is great for helping your foundation stay in this heat), Georgio Armani luminous silk foundation with their blushing fabric, and then Cover FX Concealer to help even out my completion where I have slightly more freckles than usual! Touché éclat is always fab and she used this to contour as well as brighten up my eye area. We went for a low maintenance natural lip, using the naked lip pencil from urban decay (getyourfaceon.co.uk).

Me with the lovely Louie Spence

Me with the lovely Louie Spence

Louie Spence was a gentleman and carried my luggage (whilst he posed for the paps) as I was leaving!

In terms of my pregnancy news update, I’m now at 24 weeks and I’ve been feeling the baby move lots. Usually people can feel the baby move from 18-22 weeks but if it’s your first baby, like me, you might not realise it until a bit later on. Alex felt it kick for first time too and I got really emotional – it must be the pregnancy hormones!

This week we purchased a monitor with earphones that I can put on stomach so you can listen to the baby. It’s a bit of fun and you hear the babies heart beat. This is a prime time to feel the baby move because as it gets bigger, there won’t be as much room for it to tumble and wriggle inside my womb!

We also are starting our NCT Antenatal course next Saturday and lots of people recommend going to NCT classes for your first pregnancy. We have opted for a three day intense course costing just under £300 which includes the breast feeding class. I am due to start filming A Place in the Sun in September, so we are having to take the course a little earlier than we would have liked but I am sure I will have lots to report and it will still be incredibly useful.

When you become pregnant, if you are like me you will commonly hear people say “you need to eat for two now”… This isn’t actually the case! As I’ve discovered, you only really need around an additional 300 calories in your third trimester. However, everyone is different so if you are hungry and your body is telling you to eat, you do need to listen to it. The most important thing of all though is that you eat the RIGHT foods and I have been chatting with diet expert and top nutritionist Amanda Hamilton who has offered some words of wisdom. For anyone who has recently given birth, Amanda and her team have devised a safe diet for women looking to shift pregnancy weight. Oh and we aren’t related, its just a coincidence we have the same surname!

Nutrionist Amanda Hamilton

Nutrionist Amanda Hamilton

“Thanks Laura. Hi, I’m Amanda and I’m a nutrition expert and consultant. Laura is now entering into the third trimester so with less stomach space, nutrition is now more important. If you are currently pregnant, any weight you gain during this time is for a purpose – to grow and then feed a healthy human being. Eating enough (of the right foods) helps to ensure that you’ll have enough energy for labour (the real marathon in my opinion) and, as long as you are eating healthily, this will ensure good quality breast milk.

Common issues in the third trimester include anaemia, tiredness, swelling, sleeplessness and gestational diabetes – so, it’s not a good time to overdose on sugar. In the third trimester you need to think about the fact that you are eating to provide baby with it’s first food. Whatever you eat during this period will have a direct influence on your baby’s stores of essential nutrients like calcium, iron, protein to help build baby’s body and the healthy DHA omega fats that are vital for baby’s brain development. Laura has been taking supplements throughout pregnancy which include the pregnancy care drink WaterBaby as well as Pregnacare vitamins, but she needs to check she is including the all important fats too. Consuming nutritious food will also help to fend off cravings – if you can’t pronounce what it says on the label, you shouldn’t eat or drink it! I remember craving red meat from 20 weeks onwards so even though Laura may not have craved it before, she shouldn’t be alarmed if she feels the need for a steak. Spinach, broccoli, seeds and beans are a good source of iron but squeeze lemon onto dishes such as summer bean salads to maximise iron absorption.

Laura has spoken to me about concerns with cellulite. Less well known is the fact that pregnancy hormones make cellulite which is an unwelcome visitor on legs and bums – I told her not to worry, she didn’t suffer with it before so it will go away afterwards.

Lastly, as a mother of two very active kids myself, I recommended that Laura tries to really enjoy these last few months of peace and quiet! The idea of some romantic breaks is great – but, time at home nesting and getting her head around this new phase of life is probably where the next few months are heading!

I will of course be on hand throughout the rest of Laura’s pregnancy and beyond and will be offering lots more advice. So if you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them below. Amanda x”

Thanks Amanda. For more info you can check out her website amandahamiltondiet.com

In addition to Amanda’s nutritional tips, I thought I would give you the details of some phone apps and websites that I have signed up to that offer other bits of advice.

The Bump – iPhone App
You can use this app as a ‘quick look’ check to keep you updated on the size of your baby. It uses fruit and veg comparisons which is funny.

bounty.com – Bounty Club run a website where you can get some helpful tips and if you sign up there are useful samples to try, you can pick up a pack in most Boots.

nhs.co.uk – NHS Pregnancy Information Service have a very informative website that will explain what is happening development wise with baby and you week by week. Some bits won’t apply to everyone and although they need to mention negative things that can happen, its down to you whether you want to read it or not.

nct.org.uk has information on NCT courses in your area as well as lots of other useful info.

That’s it from me for now. The new series of A Place in the Sun on Channel 4 starts this week at 12:05 so you might catch me on that and I will also be live on Daybreak every morning this week with suggestions of fun things to do over the Summer.

Until next week, have a good one…

Laura x

16 July


Love the sun and love your skin!

Hi guys,

I hope you all had a great last week and a nice weekend. I spent a couple of days down in Cornwall filming with ‘Daybreak’ which was beautiful, the beach was idyllic and the port in Padstow was so lovely. It will be on screen August 12th so you will be able to see it for yourself – it really didn’t feel like we were filming in the UK!

Me and bump at the beach

Me and bump at the beach

I know I touched on it briefly in my last blog but I have noticed that since being pregnant, my skin is more sensitive to the sun, and it’s more susceptible to burning. I’m trying not sit out in the sun too much but, let’s face it, everyone generally feels better after a dose of vitamin D! So in attempt to avoid the rays, I decided to treat myself to a Vita Liberata spray tan which is not only safer than sitting in the sun but it’s also completely non toxic and organic, (so not harmful during pregnancy or at any other time). It looks so natural, I love it! Kat, the lady who applied my tan, was 20 weeks pregnant so it was lovely to have a chat with her and share stories.

Now last week I introduced you to Zoe Lem, a fashion stylist. This week as I am focusing on skin, so I thought I would introduce you to Marie Reynolds who has been working in the beauty and holistic field for over twenty five years. Her treatments not only tap into skin concerns but also how emotions, environmental factors and lifestyle can affect the body’s biggest organ. Here she is with some top tips…

Beauty expert Marie Reynolds

Beauty expert Marie Reynolds

“Thanks Laura! I have had the pleasure of working with Laura a couple of times with a treatment I created called ‘The Fifth Concept’ . It is a treatment that looks at the body as a whole. It’s so important to take into consideration not only topical products on the skin but also to look at what we eat, when we eat and how we eat. Believe it or not, these all have an effect on the skin too. Pregnancy effects the skin in many ways. The second trimester brings a change in the sense of smell and taste, so certain aromas you might have enjoyed before may trigger nausea. Cravings for certain foods are also common and these can play havoc with the skin, depending what on what you are craving!

The skin may break out with an increase of oil so its good to use an exfoliator twice a week to remove dead skin cells and to reduce the build up of congestion in the skin. Using a clay based cleanser will help – Dermalogica’s daily micro foliant is great as a gentle daily exfoliator.

One of the main problems during pregnancy is pigmentation, or ‘the pregnancy mask’, which is a veil of brown discolouration over the cheeks, forehead and sometimes chin. It is so important to use an SPF anyway every day, regardless, but even more so during pregnancy. The melanocyte cell receptors are in overdrive from hormonal influence and any exposure to UV light can increase the pigmentation (this explains why Laura’s skin is feeling more sensitive to sun exposure). I recommend using a reputable daily moisturiser, with none of the nasties that can be ‘photosensitive’. Image have a great product, free from artificial colours, fragrances that gives a fantastic coverage with hydrating qualities – their Daily Hydrating Moisturiser with an SPF 30 is fab. Origins also do a great product, one that I use every day and it’s lovely as a ‘tinted moisturiser’, it’s called Vitazing (with an SPF of 15) and it has an intelligent technology where the product adapts to a light tinted moisturiser when applied to the skin. It gives a gorgeous natural glow, enhancing the one from pregnancy.

Skin pigmentation

Skin pigmentation

Finally, watch out for stretch marks. The skin will benefit from daily hydration from vitamin E, and EFA (essential Fatty Acids) and I know Laura is a big fan of Bio Oil and Palmers, who have a stretch mark prevention product range. She also loves MRL massage candles which are high in essential fatty acids and vitamin E – the Serenity candle is ideal to use during pregnancy. It has a 2% blend (so very safe and gentle) of Lavender, geranium and sandalwood in a gorgeous concoction of butters from avocado, argon oil and soy. It is very calming, soothing, relaxing, good for insomnia, leg cramps and of course stretch marks! (Available from mrlcandles.com)

I have told Laura to blend pumpkin seeds, linseeds and sunflower seeds into a powder and sprinkle two tablespoons on to food throughout the day. This increase in essential fatty acids are great for the skin. This is actually something that everyone should do as it acts as an internal revitaliser that reflects on the skin and its really great for regenerating cells and giving energy.

Finally, stress is another factor that can effect the skin, so make sure you take time out for some well deserved ‘R&R’. Yoga, swimming, guided visualization and some holistic treatments will reduces cortisol and increase ATP (the happy hormone), but I’m sure Laura will focus more on this later in a separate post!

Well thats it from me, I hope it’s been useful for you. Have a lovely week! Marie”

Thanks Marie! I can’t wait to see her for another ‘Fifth Concept’ treatment soon, I thoroughly recommend it.

I’m off now to prep clothes for a big ITV party I am going to on Wednesday and I also need to prep clothes for a week of live features with Daybreak that I will be doing from next Monday.

I’ll be back with another blog soon…

Love, Laura x


09 July


Dressing for your shape

Hi everyone,

As mentioned in my last post, my wonderfully chic personal stylist Zoe Lem is here to give some advice for dressing for your shape, even when that shape is changing during pregnancy. So here she is, Zoe over to you…

“Hello! I have been so pleased to start working with Laura as she has a great shape to dress and is lovely which always makes my job so much easier. I’ve dressed so many different body shapes over the last 15 years plus as a stylist. There is no wrong or right shape, it is about understanding your body shape and how to dress it to make the most it. You can play lots of tricks with clothing.


Over the coming weeks I am hoping to help all of you understand your shape and how to dress it whether pregnant or not. There are simple rules to follow to help you look and feel great. When you are pregnant, getting used to your changing body shape can make you feel a bit insecure and hormones can be charged, especially afterwards once the little one comes along (I say this from experience)! So it is important that you have a bit of an understanding of how to help flatter your body and give yourself confidence.

With Laura, as a new work relationship we are not only looking at how to dress for pregnancy and her shape but also we are doing a full wardrobe cleanse, so a complete style makeover. Laura is very sophisticated but in the past has worked on various children’s channels so I want to help her shake that image off. Laura’s wardrobe consisted of a few too many short skater skirts and wrong shapes for Laura’s great shape, so it was time for a big clear out, and that we did on a grand scale! It was a great benefit to the Children’s Trust shop in Banstead (a charity Laura supports) – we got rid of things that were wrong but also looked at the gaps.


I try to encourage any new client that I work with (celebrity or not) to start with a body shape consultation. It is not just about dressing someone and providing clothes, but also about helping them to understand what suits them and why. There is no point having lots of items in your wardrobe that you do not wear as it just makes the decision each morning even harder. You need to reduce the wastage in your wardrobe so that you have room to see the things that work for you.

Like many people, Laura has had a tendency to buy items rather than shop for looks. So we are now shopping in looks. This doesn’t mean matchy matchy and buying the whole outfit from one shop, but just considering what it would work with and the bits that you need to complete the look. You want to get versatility from your wardrobe so that things can work with more than one item.

When it comes to body shapes there are three main different types: hour glass, pear shape and straight up and down. Everyone in variation fits in to one of the three. Laura is hour glass, curvy with a nipped in waist. I will be including a post soon with full help and advice on how to identify your shape and what to wear, so watch this space! The important thing to remember is even during pregnancy you can still dress for your shape.


Colour is so important too, you need to look at your hair colour, skin tone and eye colour to work out the colours that work for you. If you are not sure, go into daylight and hold the colour up to your face and see does it drain the face, does it lift the eyes and brighten the face. You need to look to warm colours as it will flatter more. Cold colours can look cheaper and are harder to wear.


If you are not sure what colours to wear with patterns just look as the colours in the pattern rather than putting a standard black or white as this will make it look like two outfits stuck together. If you chose one the colours in the pattern it will both balance out the whole outfit and create a more organic look, all as one. http://www.zara.com/uk/en/woman/blazers/loose-printed-jacket-c436451p1468031.html

Underneath the bust is most women’s smallest bit. In pregnancy it is a great place to nip in the empire line, it can be really flattering. It looks fab on Laura as you see her tiny high waist and then the lovely bump. Don’t drown the bump in fabric as it will make you look bigger either fitter or a-line is the most flattering. Getting proportions right is important and if you are more petite you don’t want tops too long as they will make you look shorter. We have shortened the waist line on Laura and lengthened the legs just by raising the waist line.


Feel liberated by the tummy and the fact that you do not suck the stomach in and go for fitted if it suits with your balance. We have gone for lots of fitted longer dresses with Laura as that is a great length to suit and flatter her shape. We have also got some cute little belts to go under the bust to maintain the hour glass shape.

One great tip is no matter what you are wearing if you want a little coverage these leggings are great I wore them all through both pregnancies and still do as they give a Spanx style pull in and are high waisted so flatter and cover bump.

I will have more tips about both Laura’s new style and dressing for your body shape now and through pregnancy so don’t go away. I will also be giving you advice on great places to get different items of clothing to help you through your pregnancy and beyond. Til next time. Zoe x”.

Thanks Zoe! A great stylist who I’m very happy to say that I have in my life!!! You can see more of Zoe and her great work at zoelem.co.uk.

I’ll be back soon! Laura x

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09 July


Feeling hot, hot, hot…

The weather is amazing and I am loving it, but I think that’s because my bump is not that big at the moment. I can imagine that the heat is a struggle for others who are further along in their pregnancy, so I feel for you. One thing I have noticed is that my skin is far more sensitive to the sun, and I’m more susceptible to burning. I have discovered that when you are pregnant the chemical balance of your skin is different due to your hormone levels. So although vitamin D is good, make sure you wear sun block as too much of it isn’t good, and burning your skin is dangerous. I’ll be investigating skin and beauty in a few weeks time, but as promised, this week it is all about dressing for your shape.


I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to the fact I am feeling a bit insecure about my changing body shape. During pregnancy, cellulite can develop and stretch marks are common too. It is the first time in my life that I’m gaining weight and I have no control over it, but I realise the wellbeing and health of my baby is the most important thing of all. I found the first three months particularly tough as I didn’t really look pregnant, I just looked like I was enjoying married life! My boobs grew ridiculously fast and are so heavy. I can’t say I am looking forward to how heavy they will become later down the line and when I’m breastfeeding!

In the meantime, I have invested in some fantastic bras from Leia in Bluewater. The girls in there are fantastic and there is actually some nice underwear out there for pregnant women. Because my boobs are so heavy I have to wear a bra in bed at night and the best tip the girls gave me was to take the wires out of an underwear bra and wear that. You don’t want wires digging in your milk ducts as you can get uncomfortable infections. If you get an underwired bra that fits correctly you CAN still wear them during the day whilst pregnant. And let’s just remember, just because you are pregnant it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to look fabulous. To help me, and you, out I have enlisted the help of my fabulous personal stylist, Zoe Lem, who has some wise words for us to dress well for our body shapes. Over the coming few posts Zoe will be giving us some fantastic tips and advice on how to identify our shape and then how to dress for it in the best way.

In other news this weekend Alex and I had a great weekend away in Paris. We stayed in the Four Seasons George V, had a fantastic meal in Hotel Costes (Alexa Chung sat behind me!) and we went to see The Crazy Horse. Probably not the best show to watch when I’m getting bigger and there are half naked women on stage! Nevertheless the show was incredible and unsurprisingly Alex loved it…

That’s it from me for now, don’t forget to read my next post in which my stylist Zoe will be helping us dress for our shape! And don’t forget to leave your comments on any of my posts.

Laura x

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05 July


Pregnancy: Friday facts and tips

Hello all!

Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine! I’m really enjoying my pregnancy – and had much to talk about last week with my former Fun Song Factor co-star Polly Parsons who is also expecting (we are pictured below with our fellow Fun Song Factor performers Chris Till and Aston Merrygold).

I’ve written some tips for those who are pregnant, or hoping to get pregnant. Let me know what you think – I’d love to hear your tips, too!


1. Did you know you are entitled to free dental care treatment and prescriptions when you are pregnant and within 12 months after giving birth? Your doctor needs to complete a form for you and then you will receive a card in the post to confirm your entitlement.  Looking after your teeth in pregnancy is really important – you are more susceptible to plaque and bleeding gums. If you look after them well enough you won’t suffer.

2. Did you know not everyone suffers from morning sickness?  Many people think that feeling sick in the first trimester (12 weeks) is the norm. Pregnancy effects everyone differently and if you don’t feel sick it doesn’t mean the baby isn’t healthy – it means you have just been lucky!

3.  Lots of people will advise you to take folic acid before falling pregnant and then for the first three months after you conceive. Folic acid is good to take throughout your pregnancy to help reduce the chances of your baby getting spina bifida. It won’t do the baby any harm. Pregnacare do a great vitamin which I’ve been taking throughout my pregnancy so far.  I have also discovered a great product called WaterBaby.  It’s a delicious citrus-flavoured water than contains all the vitamins you need throughout your pregnant and a fantastic way of staying hydrated. It comes highly recommended if you are suffering from morning sickness and is supplied by a mum and dad team with their own toddler! www.mywaterbaby.com

4.  Did you know when you fall pregnant you might have more frequent trips to the toilet for a ‘wee’? I first suspected I was pregnant when Alex and I were in Venice. I must have only been one week pregnant and I wanted to go to to toilet every 30 minutes.  After reading up I found out this is perfectly normal and apparently it only gets worse!

5. Did you know during pregnancy, the ligaments in your body naturally become softer and stretch to prepare you for labour. This can put a strain on the joints of your lower back and pelvis, which can cause backache. There are several things you can do to help prevent backache from happening, and to help you cope with an aching back if it does occur. Avoid lifting heavy objects, bend your knees and keep your back straight when lifting or picking up something from the floor, and move your feet when turning round to avoid twisting your spine. Wear flat shoes where possible as these allow your weight to be distribute evenly. Work at a surface high enough to prevent you stooping.A firm mattress can also help to prevent and relieve backache. If your mattress is too soft, put a piece of hardboard under it to make it firmer. Massage can also help.  I’ve been seeing a great osteopath www.raj-osteo.co.uk who is amazing!

Laura x

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02 July


Back from Fort Boyard with my bump!

Hi All

So I’m back in the UK after a week away filming series ITV of Fort Boyard Ultimate Challenge for ITV. It went really well and will be on your screens later in the year, by which time I will be looking somewhat round! If any of you haven’t seen the series, it is action-packed which lots of extreme dares. I can assure all of you that despite being the adrenalin junkie I am, I did not partake in ANY of the challenges.I present the show so I was perfectly safe and I wouldn’t do anything that would put the baby at risk.

I managed to film the series without any of the contestants knowing I was five months pregnant (even though I am sure you’ll be able to tell when the show is televised). laura-1I mentioned in my first post that I am going to be working throughout my pregnancy, right up until the last minute. I know everyone feels differently about this, but I have been extremely lucky to avoid any sickness, I’m feeling really well and therefore more than capable to work. Of course I am putting on weight and I realise the bigger I get, the harder it will be, but I also think that staying active can only benefit the baby and will also make it easier to lose the baby weight afterwards.

As this is my first pregnancy, I’m certainly no expert, so I am doing as much research as I can about everything you can possibly think of including: disposal nappies versus washable ones, breastfeeding, dressing for your shape as it changes over the months (including wearing the right underwear), diet, exercise, skincare and beauty, the nursery and everything you need, baby routines, baby showers and labour!

Each week as well as updating you on what I have been up to work wise, I’m hoping to be able to tell you what I’ve found out and what my opinion is on that particular topic of the week. I appreciate that some of you may not agree or might even have your own opinions and advice for me, which will be gratefully welcomed, so please be sure to leave your comments.

Next week, the first topic I will be tackling is “dressing your shape in pregnancy” with help from my fab stylist Zoe Lem. Zoe styled our recent photoshoot in HELLO! magazine and has worked with lots of different people of varying shapes and sizes. She says “Dressing for ones ever-changing body is hard in both pregnancy and post-baby. Your body changes but your shape beyond the bump remains the same. These days you don’t need to dress in smocks and feel like a big sofa. You can still look great and actually it can be so liberating not having to suck you tummy in for nine months. She will be speaking from experience with a three- and a four-year-old, helping me dress my bump and offering some top pregnancy fashion tips!



In terms of my pregnancy progress, at the end of last week I reached a big milestone. Soon after returning from filming in France, Alex and I had our 20-week scan. So we are halfway. This scan is probably the most important scan you will have during your pregnancy. It’s at this point the sonographer is able to check the development of the baby. This includes the spine, the limbs, the heart and its chambers, the brain and all the other organs. The scan can’t check things like sight and hearing but it is as in depth as it possibly can be. I’m pleased to be able to report that the baby is currently growing nicely. It’s about 20cm head to bottom (or crown to rump as they say), and it has longer than average legs which is unsurprising since his or her daddy is 6’4. In the last week, I also felt the baby move for the first time. The best way to describe it is like a washing machine, it feels like the baby is doing somersaults. When it kicks it feels like a popcorn machine with a sudden pop! And I’m not describing my food cravings – as of yet I haven’t actually had any.

After our incredible scan experience, Alex and I went to Theo Randall’s restaurant with some very good friends. We also enjoyed a chilled weekend together in the sun. Even though things will change when the baby arrives, we will still make sure we have “us” time. However, we are most definitely going to be making the most of spontaneous nights out and weekends away over the coming months! Anyway that is it from me for now. I hope you all have a great week and the sun continues to shine. Don’t forget next week is all about pregnancy style so make sure you check back then. Until next time…

Laura x

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