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I have to set the record straight

I can’t believe I’m sitting here at home on Sunday evening writing the blog again, I don’t know where the weeks are going at the moment. It’s been another busy couple of weeks but I wanted to start off setting the record straight on a story which I very rarely do but it annoyed me last week.

When I was on the red carpet at the Everyday Heroes awards a few weeks ago I was chatting away to the press about bodies post-baby. I was saying how I still needed to lose a bit of weight to get back to my normal size and then as a joke, I said my best friend Alix was able to fit back into her jeans a week later and it ‘makes me sick’. I was laughing as I said it as did the journalist. It was very clear I was joking. I then saw a magazine run the story saying ‘friends snapping back into shape makes me sick.’ That was not what I said at all.


I’m so happy with how I am right now and the progress I’ve made and I would never be envious of any other woman’s body, that’s not how I am. We’re all different sizes and shapes and there shouldn’t be any pressure on mums about the weight they haven’t lost or have lost. Every woman’s body adjusts differently. I don’t normally get wound up by stories but this got to me as it made out I was critical of my best friend, Alix, when I was clearly joking and just pointing out how different we all are as women.

My Dad came down from Bradford to visit at the weekend so me and my siblings all got together with the kids and I made a big roast dinner. It made me realise how lucky me and my sister Sally are having five gorgeous boys that are so close in age. They have the best time playing together and it’s so special. Don’t get me wrong it’s loud and there’s never a dull moment but I wouldn’t change it for the world. We spent about half an hour trying to get one decent picture of them all together which was extremely challenging and very funny.


I recorded an episode of Denise Van Outen’s The Show for Matalan last week which was fun. George Lamb was also on the panel who is such a lovely and very funny man. He was promoting his documentary where he and his Dad Larry cycle around England. He visited some parts of Yorkshire I’d grown up visiting so we were reminiscing, I’m going to have to watch it as it’s just started on TV. It was lovely to catch up with Denise too as we find it more and more difficult to get together these days as we’re both juggling looking after kids and work.


I’ve just started reading Katie Kirby’s new book The Daily Struggles of Archie Adams. Her first book Hurrah for Gin was totally brilliant and I’m loving this so far. It’s basically the perspective of life from a 2 year old and it’s hilarious. Bobby has only just turned three so I can definitely connect with this book right now. Toddlers are totally irrational and extremely challenging but reading her book actually helps you see their perspective on things and find the humour in it all. Parenting is tough and we need people like Katie who give an honest and funny account of what we all go through to keep us sane!

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