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First family holiday with Cole!

So I just got back from my family hols and we had such a brilliant time! We went to Portugal to an area I’ve been to several times before. It was our first holiday with Cole so I wanted a bit of familiarity as it makes everything so much easier. We had a villa with our own little pool in a resort with another big pool and loads of things for the kids to do. Having our own pool at the villa meant we could make the most of the time to relax while the boys were napping which was great! Bobby has never been interested in the pool before and he’s still a little nervous but we made real progress by the end of the week and he started to really enjoy it and getting a little bit more confident. At the beginning of the week he would only sit on the first step and watch us all swimming but my the end he was jumping in and letting me catch him and loving it! He mostly enjoyed squirting me with his water pistol while I was sunbathing though unsurprisingly!
I was a bit nervous about how we’d cope on holiday with both of them as they’re still so young but we had Justin’s daughter Chloe with us too so it was fine. It’s still always challenging having to mess up their routine to go out for dinner though. I have to say most dinner times meant Justin and I playing jack in the box getting up and down with kids to keep them entertained. It’s tricky when they’re so young though as they get bored just sitting and having dinner.
Despite that we had such a fab time and the boys loved it too. Cole is doing really well with his food so it was nice that we could involve him in our dinner time a bit, he would sit and munch on his little baby crisps and Bobby loved ordering his own drink and food and feeling all grown up. He would usually be more interested in dessert than his meal though but I guess that’s true of most 2 year olds!
It’s always bittersweet coming home cos I never want holidays to end but I love my house and it’s so much easier when you have all your things around you especially for Cole. He definitely missed his Jumperoo and his baby walker. Bobby was so excited when we came back to our house too, it was very cute. He kept saying things like “Our sofas are back” and “my toys are back”.
I was more or less straight back to work to take part in the AOL Build Series London with Kate Thornton, Tamsin Outhwaite and Stacy Solomon. It was a filmed discussion on body image and body shaming and it went out live on AOL. It was lovely to be amongst so many confident and intelligent women and hear their thoughts on the issue. It’s more apparent than ever now with the addition of social media in our lives. It made me realise how lucky I was to go through my experience in Girls Aloud without the added pressure and influence of social media. Having your appearance judged in magazines was bad enough but to have hundreds of thousands of people able to comment on your appearance daily is far too much pressure for young people growing up in the public eye. In fact it’s not even about being in the public eye anymore. People have this to deal with in their daily lives now due to the impact of social media. Over the years I’ve always said that there is generally just too much obsession with people’s weight and appearance.
I’ve never understood why journalists search for negative images of people and plaster it all over a website or magazine? I just don’t get it and I never will. The way I’ve always looked at it is, if people find comfort in a bad image of me then I can take it on the chin and find a positive in the situation. It’s more damaging when it’s a young person who’s not even famous posts an image and receives negative comments about how they look. I honestly feel women should always empower other women and if you don’t have anything nice to say just stop typing!

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