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Easter fun times with Bobby and Cole

Cole is doing great, he’s so much more responsive and engaged now which makes life a lot easier. He likes attention so as long as someone’s talking to him he’s happy! He’s incredibly smiley and giggles a lot now, I love it. On the down side the four month sleep regression is in full swing so we’re not getting as much sleep these days. I figure it will pass and as much as sleep deprivation is tough I keep reminding myself how quickly this stage passes and I just wanna enjoy him while he’s still so tiny, so I don’t mind the night time cuddles just wish they were a bit less frequent!
Easter has been fun this year and Bobby has definitely enjoyed receiving far too many chocolate eggs! I had to make my first Easter bonnet for Bobby to take in to nursery which was fun. I had no idea what an Easter bonnet was supposed to look like so we just stuck as many Easter related things on there we could find! We put some flowers, feathers and little chickens on there. Bobs enjoyed sticking things on there which was fun. He’s also just getting into playing dress up which is a new thing for him. He’s got a superhero outfit with his name on which he loves along with his Gruffalo outfit. He’s going through a real phase of watching fairy stories and loving playing the Big Bad Wolf in The Three Little Pigs so I definitely need to find a Wolf outfit next. I seem to spend most of my time these days playing the parts of the little pigs!
We had a family roast on Easter Sunday with my mum and my sisters and my nephews. I hosted for a change as it’s usually my older sister Sally that hosts our family gatherings cos her and her husband Joe love cooking. There were six adults including my mum and little sister Amy and myself and Sally’s five boys. We had a leg of slow cooked lamb with roasties, veg and cauliflower cheese, it was so good! I did a jam roly poly for pudding which is always one of my faves! I used the Hairy Bikers recipe because I think they do puddings really well and always keep things really simple which is what you need when you’re cooking with babies and toddlers around. It’s actually the first proper roast I’ve made since Cole was born and he is now 4 months old! It has just felt overwhelming up to now but I guess things are getting easier because I managed it and it was really nice to have everyone over for Easter.
We did an Easter egg hunt for Bobby and his cousins, they loved it! I don’t think Bobby could believe that there was an actual day dedicated to eating chocolate so he was in his absolute element! My mum made Easter crowns with them too and they played a “pin the tale on the bunny” game. I think when I was young I was just happy to get an Easter egg in the morning, we never did anything like that but I have to say it was so lovely to watch them all playing and having such a good time.

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