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Introducing baby Cole!

I’ve had a few weeks off from writing my blog to settle in our new addition but I’m back now! Our little baby Cole is six weeks old already. I can’t believe how the time has flown. It’s strange but it already feels like he’s always been here. The first few weeks with a newborn always knocks me for six a bit but I feel so much more relaxed second time round which really helps. I forgot how many feeds and nappy changes you can do in one day! I do love the newborn phase though, it’s so amazing having this new little person to get to know and the cuddles are just the best. Don’t get me wrong, having two children under 3 is definitely challenging, but I’m getting into my flow a bit now. It still takes me an hour to leave the house but that’s normal right? I haven’t ventured very far with them both yet, just to see family and friends and for some nice walks in the lovely sunshine we’ve been having.
We did our first photo shoot for HELLO! as a family of 4 last week and got some gorgeous pictures of the boys. The pictures look pretty calm and serene but the reality of the day was of course rather different! It was actually really fun but a little challenging getting my two year old Bobby to play ball at the same time as newborn baby Cole. Bobby loved posing for the pictures, he was cracking us up. He’s definitely destined to be in front of the camera that’s for sure. Our lovely photographer Dave did a great job keeping him entertained, letting him press the flash on his camera and Bobby was loving it! Dave actually did our first ever magazine shoot for Girls Aloud over 14 years ago and I’ve worked with him lots over the years. We were laughing on set saying who’d have thought he’d be shooting me and my kids all these years later and mopping up my baby’s sick for me with a muslin! My younger sister Amy had a rare week off from filming Emmerdale so she came over to help with the boys. She’s amazing with babies and is like a child’s entertainer for Bobs, he thinks she’s hilarious. She was doing a gag where she pretended to walk in to the door frame and bump her head and he literally made her do it a 100 times, he was cracking up. It was so brilliant having her there to help. Baby Cole seemed to enjoy his first shoot, he had his eyes open loads and was looking straight into the camera. It’s so lovely to get some nice pics of us all together while he’s still so tiny.
I took Cole for his 6 weeks weigh in and he’s putting weight on nicely which is always really reassuring to hear when you’re breast feeding. You can never be sure how much milk they’re getting so it’s great to see all your hard work is paying off! He’s 9lb 3 now which is still very small I know, but he seems so much more solid now and he’s getting really strong lifting his head up and standing on his little legs. We’ve also had some brilliant smiles this week. At first I thought it was just wind but he’s done it a few times now in reaction to me, Justin and Bobby so he’s definitely smiling! There are so many little milestones in the first year it’s so lovely seeing Bobby get excited about them too. I’m loving having another little person to look after and it’s definitely a full time job with two that’s for sure!

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