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Leaving baby Cole behind for the first time

I can’t believe that it’s been a whole year since Justin and I had our beautiful wedding in Barbados. It wasn’t your typical first wedding anniversary celebration. I ended up being sick so as I suspected, it was a quiet one this year! Justin made me a lovely breakfast in bed with all my favourite things and even an egg shaped as a heart, bless him. I had a lovely sleep in which is probably what I would choose over a dinner out these days anyway!


Cole had his 8 week immunisations last week which is never a pleasant experience, although I felt I was much stronger this time than I was with Bobby. I guess it’s always a bit easier with your second child. He was very brave but definitely seemed a bit out of sorts for a few days but he’s fine now.

I had my first day back at work last week to mentor one of the Boybands on ‪Gary Barlow’s “Let it Shine” programme. I met up with Nightfall to chat about their first live performance and their performance for ‪Saturday night. I watched the show last Saturday and thought they did a great job. Two of the boys in the band are actually from Bradford too and went to the same stage school I went to growing up, so we had lots to chat about. They had lots of questions about being in a pop band and also about musical theatre so hopefully my advice helped a little. We watched some videos of their performance and their dance break and it looked great.

It was interesting seeing the dynamics of the band because there’s a real mixture of personalities and ages, a bit like ‪Girls Aloud. It’s hard for them to bond as a band in such a small space of time because in reality it takes years but they were working really hard and you could see they’d started to work out what each of their roles were. I watched their performance on the edge of my seat and they nailed it!


Going to film the programme meant I had to leave Cole behind for the first time. It’s always hard leaving your baby for the first time but thankfully I could leave Cole with Justin so I knew he’d be fine and it was only a few hours. Justin’s brilliant with babies and Cole takes a bottle no problem so I wasn’t worried about that. It was hard trying to find something to wear as Cole is only two months old so I’m nowhere near back to being in my normal clothes yet! I opted for a navy blue loose fitting jumpsuit which I think worked. It was nice to get hair and make up done and feel a bit more like “myself” as I do spend most of my days with the boys in tracksuits, make up free with my hair scraped up. It was nice to ease my way back in to work gently, I really enjoyed it.


Congrats to my little sister Amy who announced her engagement to Bradley Jaden last week. Bradley was an understudy at Shrek The Musical when I played Princess Fiona in musical five years ago and I actually played Cilla and introduced them at my 30th birthday party. It’s amazing to think that five years later they’re engaged. I’m so happy for them!

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  • Very romantic Iove romance. I wish some one out they some where would sweep me off my feet and I accept me for who I’m not for what I have got. Congratulations Kim and congratulations to your sister on her engment.

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