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12 July


Low white blood cells and memories of our sunny Henley Regatta!

Hello lovelies,

How has your week been?

I have been cooped up in bed most of this week due to a significant drop in my White Blood cells. Normal levels of WBC is four to ten and mine is just one point six! Not good. As a result I have swollen glands, mouth ulcers and feel so weak. I have to stay at home and rest. I try to do a little internet browsing and social media for my business but it just completely wears me out. So forgive me if this weeks post is a little shorter than usual! Has anybody else suffered a drop in WBC due to Lupus or any medications? There are so many complications and side effect with this disease and the medications for it. Its amazing how serious a small cut can be if you have basically no immune system. I have a small cut at the side of my finger nail, which has become infected, and due to my immune system being so low at the moment (low white blood count) I cannot even take antibiotics! I have to be careful that the infection does not start to travel around my body….scary!!

Anyway, more pleasant things to talk about! Last week we had a mini ‘Jump’ reunion at the Henley Regatta. It was our first time to the Regatta, and Henley come to think of it, and it was beautiful. The weather was stunning and the place was gorgeous. Previous to the event we were sent tickets, car park badges etc and also the dress code. Oh my god, I didn’t realise how strict it was! The ladies had to wear a dress with the hem line past their knee! Anything above will not be allowed entry. Now being five foot, nine and a half (don’t forget the half!!), its not easy to find a dress that has a hem line below the knee but is not frumpy looking. Unless you go for a pencil skirt, which is too tight to wear in heat like last week, you can be a little stuck! Or at least I was. I had this lovely ‘tea party’ style dress from Betsy Johnson that I was planing to wear but it was just on the knee. Nicky was ensuring me that It will be ok and I cannot surely be that strict – can it? I was a little nervous so I took a back up with me. A long maxi dress from my online market place ( by 4G by Gizia. I am so glad that I did!! As we arrived and drove the car into the car park I was checking out all of the other outfits on show. There were quite a lot of long dresses (I guess people had the same problem as me?) and other than that, everyone had a dress that was just below the knee. Now I was panicking but pleased that I had my maxi! I made a quick outfit change in the car park and could now relax!

After a pleasant lunch with fellow jumpers, we headed off to a private enclosure to watch the races. Pimms and champagne were on tap (not for me as this was when I was starting to feel unwell unfortunately) and the boats were passing. Sir Steve Redgrave was so kind to organise for us all to go out on a boat. We took turns and each experienced the Regatta ‘Track’. It was so lovely, so English!

photo 4-6

Jason Gale, Nicky, Sinitta, Henry Conway and myself!

photo 3-9

Nicky, me and Sir Steve!

photo 2-10

Aww, me and Tash (Natasha Hamilton) looking fabulous with her bump!

photo 1-11

Me showing off my fav Stephen Webster ring!

I absolutely loved our day at Henley and hope to return there soon, it’s such a wonderful setting.

I must go and get some more rest now as I can feel my temperature rising. Hopefully I will have some more white blood cells when we next speak!

Take care bunnies!

Big love,

Kelly x


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