Mallorca Spending spree, Shh we’re in a library!

Hello beauties,

It’s been a while since we last spoke, I have been mega busy and away in sunny Mallorca!

Nicky has a place there so during the summer we are backwards and forwards spending lots of time with our friends that live on the Island. We are so lucky to have friends with boats and we get to go out with them at least three times a week! Its amazing! We usually go to a little bay called Porto Vells and eat at a beach side restaurant. Its nothing fancy but great food and we can sit and drink white sangria in the warm sun! The sea and beach is beautiful there, you would think that you were on a Caribbean Island!


There is always a crowd of us and it is such fun!


Our Friend Uli with the girls! Aka Charlie’s Angels!

Whilst in Mallorca I always have a bit of a shopping spree in Palma town. I tend to head for Zara as, in my opinion,  it’s a great place for basic staple pieces that you can mix up with more expensive items and no one would ever know! I have been looking for some silk blouses to wear tied up in a knot at the front. I love this 40’s look and its one that I sport often! I found some in Zara that were pretty good quality for the money, and that would get me out of trouble! If I wear a lace top or a camisole sometimes I just need a little extra cover up as I feel the cold! They also are nice tied with high waisted trousers and a fancy bra underneath.


I also spotted this stripy number that I thought was very cute! Again, a dress that doesn’t necessarily shout Zara and pair with the right accessories and you can make it look very expensive! I would wear with flat ballet pumps during the day and dress up with a pair of wedges for a summers evening! Perfect Wimbledon dress!

rsz_img_4962-2Last week Nicky and I attended the launch of the new club on St Martins Lane – the Library. It was such a packed event that I didn’t really get to see the place itself! We barely got past the entrance and bumped into so many faces that we knew! We saw our friend Jonathan Ross and had a catch up over a glass of bubbly with him!

rsz_img_4944I was wearing my desert dress in Royal Pink and had so many compliments! Always good to hear good words about my own collection! Makes me feel so proud.

This week we are off the the Henley Regatta so I will tell all next time. I am trying to find a dress that ticks all of the right boxes on the strict dress code! Wish me luck!

Enjoy your week and lets hope the sun shines!

Big love,

Kelly x


Butterfly Ball and tea with the Queen!

My holiday feels far in the distance now. i’m fully back into the swing of London living, the weather and work!

We’ve been pretty busy and I just don’t know where the time is going? June already….half way through 2014! Unreal!

Aside from working hard with my label, Kelly Simpkin London, getting the final SS15 pieces ready, our social lives have been busy as usual.

Our first event since we got home was the Cauldwell Children’s Charity, Butterfly Ball. This is such an amazing event. The Cauldwell Children Charity provide equipment, therapy, treatment and support services to disabled children and their families. I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever been to a ball that raised more money. It was fantastic! A total of £2.5 million was raised in one evening! We had a great table including friends – Sinitta, Simon Cowell, Melinda Messenger and Emeli Sandé. The evening was truly star studded with Peter Andre as host and headline entertainment from non other than Kylie Minogue!

I was wearing a gorgeous green dress from PPQ London. I cannot tell you how many compliments I had on the dress, I felt a million dollars!


sinitta-caudwell-children-butterfly-ball-2014_4196906 images-14



So out next event was the opening of the new Gina store and 60th anniversary in Mount Street. I had no idea that Gina had been going for so long!! The store is absolutely stunning with a beautiful dove grey silk carpet! The store had a glittering tunnel that led through to a showcase of iconic pieces. Shoes that had been worn by Kylie Minogue and Madonna!



Nicky and I arrive at Gina.


Gorgeous summer sandals by Gina. 

Nicky and I were lucky enough to be invited to the Household Calvary Standards Parade  followed by a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace! How very exciting! I had to buy a hat for the occasion and searched many places from Fenwick to boutiques in Covent Garden. I ended up with a black organza hat from good old M&S. I did, however, customise this myself! I added some cream webbing, netting like fabric and two black flowers. I wanted to tie in with my outfit – a cream silk organza dress, with a tiny black polka dot, from Betsy Johnson with a black leather handbag and shoes. I also wore my Great Nan’s Vintage jacket to complete the look! Its not often that you get to wear a hat so I felt very special.

photo 1-10 photo-15


At the garden party we drank tea, apple juice or iced coffee. We ate traditionally english sandwiches and the best cakes you have ever tasted! Truly Scrumptious! It was so amazing to be in the garden of Buckingham Palace and to see the Queen along with Prince Phillip, Princess Anne and Prince Harry. I have always been a true royalist so to see the Royal family that close, in their own environment was such an experience!

This week I visited my Professor for Lupus at the UCH. I am so pleased as I have been feeling much better since my holiday to Antigua. He had good news for me, my C3 levels in my blood have gone into normal territory for the first time ever!! This means that the cocktail of drugs that I am taking have finally kicked in and I am feeling the benefits! I have been exercising a little more which I believe have also helped me feel better. Today I am trying ‘Hot Yoga’ at Fierce Grace in Primrose Hill! Wish me luck! I will report back next week.

Until then, enjoy your weekend.

Big love,

Kelly x

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Lupus C3 level

Antiguan diary continued….

I hope you enjoyed the first instalment of my diary, here is the rest……

Day eight.

We awoke early and headed off to the gym, for a quick work out and a light breakfast, before meeting our boat driver and his assistant, Owen and Irwin. Today we were being taken out to a reef for some snorkelling and then onto Prickly Pear Island for brunch and swimming. The sea was a little choppy today so the snorkelling, for me, was a little scary! (I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to the sea!) Nicky dived straight in and I watched for a while, lounging on the back of the ‘Monteray’. After persuasion from the crew and Nicky I decided to give it a go. Wow! How amazing it was to see all of those fish! There were hundreds of them. Only about three or four species but so many! They were all around us. You didn’t really have to swim out to see anything, you could basically just stick you head into the sea! It was like Disney Land! A whole other world going on. Amazing! After returning from our fabulous trip onboard the ‘Monteray’, Nicky and I lazed by our pool floating on a lilo and watching a wedding take place in the distance. So romantic….

photo 2-8


Owen, Irwin and myself in front of the Monteray.

photo 1-8


Lounging on the boat.

Day nine.

Another early start – this time due to the fact that we were water skiing – no not me, Nicky had a session booked. I was going along to be the photographer! We met the skipper on the beach and jumped into the speed boat. A few minutes around the corner and we wherein Dickinson’s Bay. A super calm, flat bay perfect for water sports. After our energetic morning (taking photos is hard work!! haha!) we decided to stay in the privacy of our own villa and listened to music relaxing by the pool. We had another game of chess too!

Tonight we ate at the Cove, it is becoming a favourite with us. It’s probably something to do with the perfect setting, above the rocks, overlooking the sea with BlueWaters in the view to our left and the vast sea out in front of us. Not to mention the fabulous food and service!

Day ten.

We didn’t have the usual sunshine beaming into our bedroom this morning, it was looking a little grey outside? We wandered down to breakfast, taking our time today as it didn’t look like we would be missing any sun on the beach. It soon started raining, light at first then heavy rain and then a tropical storm! There was something quite cosy about it though, sitting in a bikini and a summer dress with it raining cats and dogs! As the rain seemed to not give in we decided to take a trip to St Johns again. A great day for wandering around the shops, picking up a few souvenirs! It was much quieter in own today as there was no cruise liner in. Cooler too, so perfect for exploring. We went into a local cafe for a drink to rehydrate – Hemingway’s. Such a cute place above the shops on a busy Antiguan street. It was a real hit with the locals and guys were coming in and their favourite drinks would be put in front of them without them saying a word to the waitress. I love places like that, a table reserved for you every day and your favourite drink served as soon as you walk in! A real life ‘Cheers’ bar!

Day eleven.

We woke to more rain today, it was still very warm but wet spells. We caught up with some friends over breakfast and we decided to take a road trip around the island as the weather was not that great. We drove towards the south taking in the sights of Jolly Harbour. We ended up at a trendy beach club called ‘Jacqui O’s’. As we arrived the sunshine was coming out and the heat rising. We sat down and had a much welcomed bottle of Rose wine! Lunch was delicious and we then move to the beach. It was pretty windy so every now and then we were exfoliated by the sand! It was like we were in the desert in a sand storm. The sea was pretty rough here too due to the wind, but at the same time that made it fun! We lay in the sun taking in the rays wondering if the rain was still falling at BlueWaters?

photo 4-4



On the beach at Jacqui O’s

Day twelve.

Today the rain had eased pretty much to nothing, a few clouds in the sky but overall a pretty nice day. We decided to stay by our pool today and catch up on a bit of fashion and gossip in the magazines. Nicky went sailing in the afternoon and I watched from our terrace. It really is paradise here….

photo 5

Day thirteen.

After the gym and a delicious breakfast of healthy porridge and fruit we headed to the beach for a walk hand in hand. The sea is so crystal clear at BlueWaters, just how I like it! Powder white sand under foot and the warm sun on our skin. Bliss! Back at the villa, Nicky was flower arranging with the Bourganvilla and we had vases full of it everywhere! There is so much around the resort in fabulous pink and oranges. We were having a chef come to cook for us this evening on our terrace so I think Nicky wanted to make an effort and make the house look even more special than it already was! Dinner was a tasty BBQ, prepared and cooked for us by head chef – Jason. We had mouth watering meats served with Corn, salads and spicy Caribbean sauces. I love a BBQ, deliciously healthy!

Day fourteen.

Oh boy, it was a hot one today. Absolutely burning! Trying to stay cool, I spent most of the day in the pool on a lilo and in the sea. Nicky was sailing quite a lot today and eventually persuaded me to try it. It was just a hobby cat sail boat but still pretty scary to me! I really am not in love with the sea when I can’t touch or see the bottom. I must be brave though – I thought! Nicky had been on at me the hole time to try this so I needed to shut him up! On with my life jacket and onto the boat. Not the most lady like manoeuvre to get on but I was on. I went with a friend that we had made, Zsa Zsa. Zsa has been sailing since a chid and knew exactly what she was doing. I felt safe. We started heading out towards Rock Cottage and it was clam and we moved slowly, this was day I thought! Once around Rock Cottage we needed to turn to come back the other way. In order to turn we had to sail into the wind to pick up speed. The sea was a little choppy out this far and waves were crashing over the side. I was now feeling a little nervous! Never the less, we got the speed that we needed and made the turn safely, ducking under the sail each time it changed sides. I can see why people get into this sailing lark but I am not too sure that t was for me! I was glad to be heading into the beach but also secretly pleased with myself for doing it! Also Nicky would stop nagging me now too!

Before dinner we had arrange a photo shoot on the beach with Gwen and Daniel. They wanted us pictured  by the Hugo tree. Nicky and I love to take pictures as the sun is setting, the light is so soft and thus makes the pictures look so professional. Some of the best shots of me have been taken by Nicky on the beach at this time of day!



Our last evening meal was eaten at the Cove, our favourite. It was hard to imagine that we had now been at BlueWaters for 2 weeks – the time has flown by! We headed back to our home, for one last night, and watched the film ‘Gravity’ in bed – Well, Nicky fell asleep and I watched it!

photo 2-9

I can truly say that I have never been to any other resort where the staff are so friendly. Everybody remembers your name and nothing is too much trouble. We were looked after like a king and queen. It was truly magical. I will be recommending this hotel to everyone that I know and would absolutely love to return. Thank you BlueWaters! xx

photo 4-5


I hope you all enjoyed our stay at BlueWaters Antigua as much as we did! Thank you for reading my diary.

Catch up with you next week.

Big love,

Kelly x



My Antiguan Diary …..

Hello again, it seems ages since I last blogged but its only a week! Must be something to do with being sooooo relaxed!

As I am away on holiday, in Antigua, I thought that I would keep a diary for you all to read! Here goes….

Day One.

We arrive in beautiful Antigua! After a great flight from London with British Airways we touch down on the island. Its only a short taxi to the final point and the aircraft doors are open! Wow, the heat just hit us both as we walked down the large steps onto the tarmac. It was hot with the sun beaming down and a warm breeze in the air!

We soon cleared customs and a porter at the airport had somehow miraculously picked out our luggage for us, all 6 pieces! How he knew it was ours I don’t know – hmmm?? He escorted us to outside the airport where we met our driver and were chauffeur driven to our hotel – BlueWaters.

Once inside the hotel lobby we were given a refreshing cold towel and a glass of Rum Punch (what else!). Anderson, the hotel manager, greeted us with a warm Caribbean welcome. Next we were taken to our room, or cottage I should say. This was the bit that I was waiting for! The photos looked outstanding on the website but I couldn’t wait to see it in person! So exciting! Turtle Cottage was enclosed in a cute white picket fence with bourganvilla creeping over its top. We opened the small wooden gate and there to meet us was Gwen, our concierge. Gwen gave us the grand tour and what a tour it was! This place was something special. Stunning! The great room was vast and finished to such a high standard. There was everything that we could possibly need on hand too. The master bedroom had the most spectacular view, as did most of the villa to be honest! We had our own private BBQ and area, pool and beach! We were in heaven! We soon unpacked and felt at home.

photo 2-6

Our gorgeous bedroom complete with four poster bed!


Our lounge




Our Pool

photo 1-3

Stunning view from Turtle Cottage.

Day two.

After quite an early night – Jet lag of course! – we had an early wake and headed down to the main part of the hotel for breakfast. It was a feast. Everything that you could have wished for was there, omelettes, fruit, pancakes, champagne, cereals and much more! Breakfast is our favourite meal of the day!

After breakfast we headed back to Turtle Cottage to relax by the pool. We love having the privacy of our own pool and the 180 degree view was great for creating a warm breeze.

photo 1-7

 How lovely this was, listening to the birds and the sea lapping at the beach down below us. Perfect. After lunch Nicky showed me how to play chess. I have never played in my life and he was teaching me which part could move where and so on. Once I thought I had the hang of it we kicked off my first ever game! Ok so Nicky did some 4 move special and had me in check mate as fast as I could blink, but hey, this was my first ever game! I think it was a little mean of him to play so hard straight away! Our second game, however, was a different story, I beat him! OK so he gave me a few little tips and probably missed a couple of vital moves that he could have made to beat me but I STIL WON!! That evening we ate at Bartley’s, one of the hotel restaurants. It was lovely, Italian food, but Nicky was almost asleep at the table. Home to bed for another early night!

Day three.

Wake up time was a little better today, we were getting into the swing of Caribbean time, and we started our day with a Pilates session. We set up in the great room and had my favourite Pilates DVD on! Even just ten minutes of this and I can feel that i’ve worked out. Today we just chilled by the beach and pool, taking in the fresh sea air. We played my second game of chess over afternoon tea – very quintessentially English! We spent our evening at The Cove restaurant with a setting on the rocks over the bay. Beautiful.

Day four.

It was time to see a little of the island, after breakfast we set off for English Harbour. English Harbour takes its name from the fact that the British Navy established its base of operations for the area during the eighteenth century. It is a wonderful historic sight full of sail boats and yachts. After our walk around the most famous part of the harbour, Nelsons Dockyard, we headed down to Pigeon beach for a bite to eat. We were booked at a place called Catherine’s, which was a spot that I can only describe as ‘Ibiza meets the Caribbean’. Such a chilled vibe. The food was delicious, mostly French with a Spanish twist! Something different!


Day five.

Today was my cousin’s birthday back in the UK so I decided to write a message in the sand and send the photograph to her – she thought this was quite cute and original!

photo 2-5

What a canvas!

 Whilst walking along the beach I spotted some shells being washed up with, what looked like, beads attached to them. It was some kind of seaweed that had grown onto the shells. I found a way of using them a fashion accessories! New shoulder tassels….Michael Jackson style!

photo 3-6

Strike a pose!

This evening we went to the famous ‘Shirley Heights’ Sunday party. Overlooking English and Falmouth Harbour, the amazing panoramic view takes in its neighbouring islands of Guadalupe and Montserrat. This is the home to the most happening parties on the island. Steel bands playing, rum punch being served and the smell of a bbq in the air. That’s all before you even look at the view! Hundreds of people gather to watch the sunset. Its like Antigua’s answer to Cafe del Mar in Ibiza. Once the sun goes down, the live band kicks in and the party really gets going. We were lucky enough to see a whale in the sea just off of the cost below, I could not believe it!


What a view!

Day six.

We experienced a cloudy day today, a little overcast, but to be honest is was much welcomed. The weather here is divine but boy is it hot! A day with intervals of sun was quite refreshing. Just relaxing by the pool, catching up on some gossip in my magazines and totally resting. We extended the relaxation into the evening and had room service! Yes I know, but room service here is unlike most other room services. We have the ‘great room’ with a table fit for eight people to dine from. Candles burning, music playing softly in the background, looking outside to a million stars in the clear sky… romantic!

Day seven.

Our day started with our regular trip to the gym before breakfast, we are so disciplined! ha ha! We followed with a trip to the Island’s capital, St Johns. Many souvenirs to buy from conch shells to cigars, T-shirts to Caribbean Rum. Our driver, Chamouy, was fantastic he gave us a whole history lesson on the island including soaking up the atmosphere of the back streets. He seemed to know everyone in town.

There was a cruise liner in today so the place was a little busy but this just added to the atmosphere. Everybody on the Island is so friendly, its nice to just talk to the locals and hang out!

photo 2-7

Stretching out after the gym!

I hope that you have enjoyed my first week in Antigua as much as I have. Believe me it is total paradise and I will definitely be returning. All of the staff are so friendly and nothing is too much for them. You couldn’t ask for any better!

I’ll catch up with you again next week for the second instalment of my Antiguan Diary……

Until then, take care.

Kelly x

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Antigua bound!


And so it begins…… sitting in the BA lounge at Gatwick North Terminal. The sun is beaming through the window, now that the fog has burnt off, and I’ve just had my healthy bowl of porridge topped with raisins! The airport is super busy with business men and women, couples going off on their romantic trips and families with kids in tow. The holiday season has started.



My view from the lounge!

I have everything packed – my new bikini’s, new floaty skirts, flip flops, sunscreen, virtually my whole summer wardrobe and a couple of hats to choose from! I like to have a choice when i’m away!!

Ive had extensions on my eyelashes so that I don’t need to worry about mascara when i’m around the pool. I had them done by Luxe Lash @luxelashlondon and they are fantastic! I have only really had extensions on my lashes twice before and I really didn’t like the feel. They were itchy and I could feel the glue on the lashes. As they stared to be come twisted and fall out I picked at some of them and, yes you’ve guessed it, pulled half of my own lashes out too! Not a good idea! These lashes are great, I can’t even feel anything on my own. I’ve had so many commets too!


My lashes!


I cannot wait to get on the beach tomorrow, or even this afternoon given the time difference, and let the sun warm my pale skin! It feels like it been ages since i’ve been on a two week beach holiday – a proper one where you get waited on and  don’t need to worry about a thing!

I will be reporting to you from Antigua showing you all of the beautiful sights, the hotel, our room and of course my vast collection of bikini’s!

Until then, have a good day and chat soon! I’m off to fly!


Kelly xx



Easter egg hunt, more bikinis and feeling poorly….

So last week I was looking for some brogues and I can confidently say that I have found a really great pair for a really great price! I ended up in Dune, not a shop that I usually go to but I will be going back for sure! The shoes are really reasonable and can look pretty damn high end. The brogues that I bought are white (for the summer!), although they have a greyish pinky tinge to them, and are made of super soft leather. They will be perfect with trousers, shorts, skirts and dresses! They cost £99 and are called Helen.



As my holiday is drawing near I am still searching for a few extra additions to my swim wear wardrobe! I’m a sucker for swim wear, to me your bikini is your day outfit so I like to have a different one each day! Here are some of my fab finds….


Sirena wrap top & Antibes ruched hipster. $94 (top) $85 (bottoms) by Vitamin A


Tunnels Top $110 by Acacia


Adriana €160

Last Tuesday night Nicky and I attended the Baileys Easter Egg Hunt at Harvey Nichols. The launch for the world-first immersive theatre performance and dining experience. The audience will be immersed into a witty and playful world where they will join, follow and interact with a stellar cast, each on their own beguiling search for a Baileys Chocolate Luxe Easter Egg. We drank the new Baileys drink which was delicious but I could only manage a few sips as it was quite rich and chocolately! We caught up with our dear friend Brix Smith-Start who was looking fab as always!


Other guests included Helen Flanagan, Pixie Lott and Olivia Inge.


I have been really suffering with my Lupus this week. My joints have been hurting so bad and I am suffering from extreme fatigue. Its horrible to wake up in the morning, after eight or nine hours sleep and still feel exhausted! I am really struggling to work in the salon and do my clients, I just feel like laying in bed all day. Its so miserable, I can’t tell you. Nothing that I do seems to help. When the pain is there I just have to ride it and hope that it goes away. I swim as I feel that will keep my joints supple and also keeps me a little fit. I would love to go to one of these crazy boot camps, that are all of the rage, but I just know that my joints would not be able to cope. Even just ten lunges on each leg leaves me in pain the following day. One of the hardest things to sea with is the fact that I look fine. I guess it’s a blessing as I would rather look well that sick, but sometimes, when i’m hurting all over I wish I didn’t look so healthy! It sounds a strange thing to say but people look at me with that “theres nothing wrong with you!” type of look because, quite frankly, I look fine. Anybody with Lupus will know exactly what I am saying here! No one but Nicky and my family see me struggling to get out of bed in the mornings or not being able to brush my hair as my fingers are too swollen to hold a hair brush. This disease completely sucks and it frustrates me that there is no cure. I have been thinking of some other ‘alternative’ help that I can take to relieve some pain and deal with some of the other symptoms, such as depression and fatigue. I was thinking of reflexology? A friend of mine has recently been having some health problems and she has found great relief in this. It has helped her immensely. Has anybody with Lupus tried this approach before? If so I would love to hear from you! Give me all of your reflexology stories!

I am so looking forward to my holiday, I think my body is telling me that I need a rest! In less than two weeks I will be writing my blog from a warm beach in Antigua!! Cannot wait! I will be sure to show you some of the gorgeous new bikinis that I have brought too!

Until next time, have a lovely, hoppy Easter! I hope the Easter Bunny is good to you and try not to eat too many eggs!

Big love,

Kelly x

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Easter comes early, Grecian dresses and a jam packed photo-shoot!

Hi guys,

I hope you are doing fine and had some fun since we last spoke? I certainly have! What a busy week its been!

Meetings, haircuts, photo-shoots and more! I am desperate for a rest! Good job I have my holiday in a few weeks – cannot wait! New bikinis on order and the healthy eating plan continues. As I type, I am eating a late breakfast of porridge, sliced banana and honey. I actually really enjoy being healthy. For me its so important what you put in to your body. No one looks that good if they live on junk food and never exercise. It’s just not possible.

So my week kicked off with an Easter, Afternoon Tea at The Dorchester Hotel. The event was held by Shooting Star Chase Charity, one which Nicky and I support year on year. The charity is a children’s hospice charity for children with life-limiting conditions. It supports the children as well as their families and are there for them 365 days a year. Its such an amazing charity and I am so glad that Nicky and I can help in some way. Shooting Star Chase is a wonderful organisation that do the most amazing things for families with poorly children. It is supported by many famous faces whom, most of which, come along to the tea party to talk to the children and have pictures taken. We were even all given an Easter egg named ‘Eric’ after Simon Cowell’s baby – so cute!


Made In Chelsea star Hugo Taylor and Natalie Joel


Myself and Nicky leaving the tea party.


Simon Cowell attends the afternoon tea every year.

We also attended the Soldiering On Awards last week along with a few of the ‘Jump’ contestants. It’s always nice to catch up with them – we really made such good friends out in Austria! Joe McElderry was performing, Donal MacIntyre was presenting with Anne Diamond and our table consisted of others from the ‘Jump’ team and a couple with their gorgeous dog!  The event is the main Soldiering On Through Life Trust event of the year and we heard some amazing stories from the soldiers about their lives after battle. It really was moving and just makes you appreciate what you have. Those guys risk their own lives to keep us safe. Truly tremendous. The dress code was Black tie and I wore a powder pink dress that I bought in the states before custominsing it myself! It was quite floaty and had a massive train so I shorted the train and tacked in some of the excess chiffon to give me a waist and more shape to the dress. The gown is finished off with a number of flowers around the bust, delicate and subtle. It really is quite ‘Grecian’. I wore my hair in soft floaty curls to complement the look.


We didn’t have a late night as the following morning we had to be up bright and early for a photo-shoot for my AW14 collection to feature on my new website, I was so so tired and could have done with more sleep. My joints were aching and my tablets were not having any effect at all. My Lupus is really hard to live with at times, I just want to live a normal life and feel ok after seven or eight hours sleep but I don’t. It doesn’t matter how much sleep that I have, I am still tired and ache somewhere. Never-the-less, I don’t let it stop me! What a day we had, 18 different looks all of which were amazing! My make up artist, Louisa Day was absolutely fabulous and the photographer, Rachell Smith was out of this world! I cannot wait to get the final images back, I will be sure to show you too! I did get a few behind the scene shots to share with you now – just for a taster!

photo 1-2

Make up – check!

photo 2-2

Looking serious and into it!photo-9


photo 4-1

Quick hairstyle change by Nicky.

photo 3-1

Thats 70’s look!

Kelly’s Collectables

I am looking for some white brogues or loafers this week for Kelly’s Collectables.  I want something that will go with trousers, jeans as well as dresses. A flat shoe with a small block heel is a timeless classic that will always shout sophistication. A great staple to add to my growing collection. I always like to be comfy as well as looking good too! I will report back next week on what I find! Let me know if you have any ideas! I will probably head to Selfridges or Topshop as they will both have a huge selection I am sure!

Thats all from me this week, I’m off to discuss mittens with my leather factory! Have a super day and enjoy the sunshine!

Big love,

Kelly x

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Celebrating with friends, Toning for the summer, Bikinis and Wicked!

Well hello there readers, I hope you are fine and have had an amazing week?

I’ve had a pretty creative week and have been working on some fabulous designs for Ss15 . I cannot wait for them to be produce! I am using some great metallic lathers throughout the collection, it’s going to be amazing! Anyone wearing ‘Kelly Simpkin’ will shimmer in the sunshine next spring/summer. My inspiratin for the collection is the ‘sea’ and it’s going to dazzle!  As well as working on my new collection I have been finalising some accessories for AW14 – I absolutely cannot wait for them to be placed in magazines for you to see! I am so proud and excited! WATCH THIS SPACE!

On Saturday evening we were at the Soho Sanctum hotel celebrating the birthday of our friend, Jason Gale. We had such a great time and caught up with most of the gang from the Jump!


Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman attended.


Anthea Turner also attended.


Myself and Nicky sporting a black duo!


Amy Childs looking lovely and summery in her pink dress!


 Sinitta looking gorge in her gold ensemble! 

Last night Nicky and I were treated to see the show WICKED by my aunt and uncle. Along we went, to the Apollo theatre in Victoria, with my cousins, Abby and Elle, and watched the show. Ive seen the Wizard of Oz but never before Wicked – I didn’t even know the story. What a show it was, absolutely fantastic! The set, the music, the lights and not to mention the actors – WOW. Hats off to Willemihn Verkaik and Savannah Stevenson – they were both brilliant! My mum is a huge Wizard of Oz fan so I know she would love this show, I must take her to see it! I am not sure if i’ve even even been to the Apollo before? Its such an amazing theatre, opened in 1930 as a cinema originally. I adore its art deco design. No wonder its now a grade 2 listed building!

photo 4 photo 3

My cousins, Abby and Elle, and myself at WICKED!

I’ve been trying to get a little more fit this past week and have been swimming quite a few times. I feel that with swimming you can achieve quite a lot in a short space of time. In half an hour I can swim a good number of lengths, my heart rate is increased and I feel refreshed. I like to finish off with a steam to clear my head and make my skin super soft. I think its so important to take time out from ones busy schedule and relax. With swimming I really find that I can do this.

One of the reasons that I am trying to tone up and get fit is that I have a holiday coming up. I actually cannot wait to get my skin in the sun, lay on a beach and do not very much for 2 weeks! I am counting down the days! I would love to get a few new bikinis to take with me. I have looked around the stores but it still seems to be a little early and no where is stocking them just yet. Therefore I have taken my search online. Below, in kelly’s Collectables, I have listed a few of the treasures that I have found!

Kelly’s Collectables – this week I am searching Bikinis! For me, the triangle shape is the most flattering and tends to work on all shapes and sizes.




PilyQ Smocked triangle bikini £145


Navy 3D embellished Bikini £29


Bright graphic print lattice bikini from £34

(Cute but not sure about all those straps – tan lines?!!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed the read this week, must dash as i’m off to my factory for a fitting and to look at some new patterns of my latest designs! Until next time,

Big love

Kelly x

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Come rain or shine, a scarf is all you need!


I hope we have all had a lovely week?

Well its that beautiful time of year again when the daffodils are poking there little heads up through the grass, the blossom is on the trees and we know that summer is on its way! Yes its spring! I love it when I wake up in the morning and the sun is just beaming through the window. It looks so glorious, so warm, so “white jeans weather” but don’t be fooled! Most of these sunshine days are still quite freezing. I don’t know about you but its pretty damn hard to know what to wear? You could leave the house with your sunglasses on, bare feet in your ballet pumps and by lunch time, the weather has turned and, you now need your wellies and a brolly! Good old English weather or is it just spring? One accessory that I believe is absolutely perfect for this type of, unpredictable, weather is the “scarf”. Wear a scarf around your head, wrist, waist or as most would do – your neck. You can wear a scarf undone to add a hint of colour, or texture, to your outfit and then when the wind blows and the clouds set in, wrap it up tight for extra warmth!

A scarf can basically be worn all year round. I even like to have one in my beach bag incase a huge cloud comes over whilst I’m laying sunning myself on holiday . There is nothing worse than having goose bumps on the beach whilst you are laying there in your bikini! A scarf is the perfect “beach wrap up”. Some even double up as sarongs too!
Celebrities love scarves too. Kate Moss can always be spotted with a scarf as can Nicole Richie.

lindsay-lohan-st-barts-bikiniLindsay Lohan keeping it simple here with a black bikini and red silk scarf.

Celebs-wearing-scarves-akkidokie-4Nicole Richie showing us how to wear a scarf around the head as well as neck!

4997a5bf4e0c030c_kate-mossBlack on black for the winter from Miss Kate Moss.

What scarves are out there on the high street for us? Accessorize is always a great place to start as you know there will be lots of variety and at a reasonable price.

8938501210142Mirrored Oriental Silk Digital Square Scarf

8945749327902Neon Border Can Can Stole

I have designed a silk scarf, for my own collection, this year. I chose to print my signature monkey logo over the whole thing. One monkey on each corner is in orange rather than pink. I wanted to create a little quirky touch! I love Pink on Red, it’s great all year round – whatever the season. I wear this scarf around my neck or as a belt. These scarves are limited edition so make sure you get your fast!
resized scarfSilk Scarf from Kelly Simpkin – London available on £65.
This week I designed my logo for my label, Kelly Simpkin – London. I am really pleased with it. I have incorporated my unique monkey logo. I love the way it looks and can’t wait to get the clothes labels made up! Let me know what you think!

Kelly Simpking Final Logo - Low ResI received some superfood powders from OrganicSuperBlends this week too. I cannot wait to try them in my Nutribullet blasts! I have Alkaline Green, Energise, Skin Food and Omega 3! I love being healthy! Calgary Avansino has a great recipe for a Green Smoothies using the Skin food powder, yum – will be making that one soon, for sure!


Kelly’s Collectables – This week I have been searching for a pair of shoes for the spring/summer season. A pair that I can wear all day and still be comfortable. For that reason, they cannot be completely flat but not a large heel either. I want cream or white and they need to go with skirts, trousers and shorts. I think I have found a pair that tick all of the boxes! They are from Tory Burch and cost £255.



These are the Sadie patent slingback. Elegant and chic. I love them and want them in my wardrobe!

Thats all from me this week. I hope you all enjoyed the read and remember to take your favorite scarf wherever you go! You never know when you might need it!

Big love,

Kelly x

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Football, Photo-shoot and my Nutribullet!

Hello again everyone,

I hope you are well and have a good week? What a busy one its been for me again! It started with the football last Saturday – Chelsea Vs Spurs. Poor Spurs, as a huge Tottenham fan, Nicky was not impressed! I kind of don’t mind who wins – its a game after all right? Nicky never seems to agree somehow. The Chelsea grounds are great, a couple of hotels and a few restaurants and a great health club. Its so  nice being in town also, we whizzed there on the Vespa in no time! Looking forward to my next visit there!

Sunday was my Dad’s birthday so we had a nice day, in the glorious sunshine, wandering Columbia Road Flower Market and Spitalfields. I think the rest of London had the same idea! It was packed – everywhere!! We enjoyed a relaxed lunch at Wagamama’s before heading home for a quiet evening in front of the TV – Perfect.

An early night was in order as I had a photo-shoot on Monday along with a couple of meetings. The photo-shoot was fun and the clothes were gorgeous! I was wearing a lot of huit lingerie covered by slouchy sweatshirts! I like the bright colours of the huit lingerie latest collection a lot. Great for the summer! I think they are nice when they can be seen under your clothes too or slightly popping out. Sexy but not revealing in any way.


Manhattan Abricot Soft Bra from £37.00


Tandem Holly Green Half Cup Bra from £42.00

Tuesday saw a very early start as we headed down to Kempton Race Course for the antiques market. I absolutely love rummaging around trying to find gems amongst peoples unwanted furniture! There were some great things but sadly not what I was looking for.



I love this one – She Wears A Crown!!

I did manage to find a gold metal Victorian cross pendant that matches one that Nicky has. It wasn’t what I was looking for but its always nice to buy something!

Wednesday and Thursday were busy days in the salon for me. Its always nice to catch up with my clients, some have been coming for over six or seven years so a great relationship has been built. It never seems like work, I get to wear what I like, do what I enjoy and chat all day long – great job satisfaction.

This week I received my Nutribullet. I was so excited when this parcel arrived and I just could not wait to rip open the packing and get juicing! Nutribullet is the world’s first Nutrition Extractor. It is such a great way to stay healthy and make sure that you get the nutirents that your body needs. The Nutribullet came with its own recipe books and a quick start guide. There are so many different recipes to choose from depending on what you want to acheive. There are recipes for cleansing, slowing down the ageing process,  beauty, preventing cardiovascular problems and most interesting to me – preventing immune issues. When the immune system  is overworked, protective responses may even harm the body causing issues like chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases. Lupus is an autoimmune disease. Certain fruits help reduce inflammation in the body. Spinach, blueberries and cherries contain high levels of flavonoids which are known to reduce inflammation. Papaya and pineapple belong to the bromeliad family which also has shown to reduce inflammatory responses. I am trying to use these ingredients, among other inflammation reducing fruits and vegetables, in my Nutribullet juice every day.



I would highly recommend the Nutribullet, one great aspect is that there are only ever 2 pieces to wash up!

Whatever you do this weekend, have fun and enjoy the sunshine!

Big love,

Kelly x

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