Ouch – I’ve got a slipped disc!


I hope you are well and having a good week?

So last week I found out that I had somehow managed to slip a disc in my lower back! No wonder I was in so much pain. For the last few months I had been thinking that the arthritis, due to my Lupus, had spread to my back and that things were getting worse. The pain got so bad that I decided to visit my GP. She referred me to a spine specialist who discovered the slipped disc. Before I knew it I was in hospital as a day case having a series of injections into my spine to take away the pain and inflammation. A week on and my back is feeling a whole lot better, now I need to start physio to repair the disc. I will let you know how I’m getting on!


Me looking pretty tired after he op!

I plan to start Pilates and Yoga once my back is strong enough to really build my core muscles and enhance my posture too! A whole new me by the time summer is here!


Two days after my op and I was back at The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead – no not me skiing, my Dad! It was his second lesson and this time it was a very early start! The Snow Centre opens at 8am on a Sunday so you can start the day with a refreshing run down the main slope if you wish.


The main slope at Hemel


Not for my Dad, he is still very much on the nursery slope, bless him. Being super early the snow was fresher, more compact which meant faster! Poor Dad ended up falling over a lot more this week! David, his instructor, said that being first on the piste means that your mistakes are not masked by piles of snow slowing you down and even though Dad spent more time on his bum than the last lesson he actually achieved more!

This time Dad was becoming more versatile with the snow plough shape and was introduced to changing direction! Woo hoo, go Dad!

Dad even looked better this week – style wise. Which to me is just as important – obviously! He wore black ski pants with a very cool red and black Spider ski jacket. You know, The Snow Centre even has a Snow and Rock shop in the same building so you can get some retail therapy after you have skied! Look out for great discounts as this time of year most ski shops will have a huge sale on!



Dad looking cool….kind of!  

Dad is really enjoying it and wants to improve so that he can come skiing with Nicky & I next year. I guess that all of a sudden it will just “click” and he will be main slop ready! #exciting! The Snow Centre is such a great experience for any age! Kids can start from three or four and I don’t believe there is an upper limit. My Dad is 60 and he’s just started! Such a fantastic idea for the school holidays! I truly recommend!

For more information on lessons throughout the summer visit www.thesnowcentre.com

Can’t wait to see how Dad is getting on after lesson three – will let you know!

I’m now having a relaxing break in Mallorca with Nicky…..will tell you all about it when i’m home.

Adios! xx

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My busy week and ‘Snow before you go….’


I hope you are well?

Since we last spoke I have been crazy busy getting my AW15 collection finalised ready to shoot my look book! Very exciting but hard work and stressful! I have been waiting on my bronze monkey tags and buttons – they are absolutely great! I’m even thinking of creating a bracelet or necklace with a monkey charm? What do you think?

rsz_img_7549 Bronze monkey tag.

 I also went to see Disney on Ice at Wembley with the family. My nephew, Teddy-Jack, absolutely loved it and there were so many kids dressed up as their favourite disney characters – so cute! If you have kids under the age of nine it is a must see! Its on until May 17th so make sure you get your tickets!


Snow before you go….

Continuing with the ‘ice’ theme, I visited the Snow Centre at Hemel Hempstead on Sunday. I gave my Dad ski lessons as part as his 60th birthday present! My Dad has never stepped foot on a piste before and I really want to be able to take my parents to the Alps next year….it’s something that I believe everyone should experience. Even if you don’t do much skiing, just to be in the mountains with that fresh air and breathtaking scenery is just amazing! If you can ski its an added bonus so I wanted to give Papa a head start!


Say cheese for the arrival pic! Nicky, Dad and Teddy looking excited!

We started with a two hour private lesson. Just to get the boots on was a total mission! I guess if you have ever worn ski boots you will know what I mean….there is a knack! Boots, snow suit and helmet on and we’re ready to go!


Collection of Boots!

It’s such an incredible concept – to be skiing on a real mountain, on real snow but indoors! It is so cold inside you feel like you are really somewhere far from the UK. It’s brilliant! Quite surreal when you walk outside to warm sunshine.


Dad mastering the snow plough turn!


Ooops! I guess everyone has to have a few falls!!



Dad looking pleased with himself after the lesson.

David, the instructor, said that my Dad did extremely well and he has already progressed to level 2! Well done! Go dad! He is developing snow plough skills, changing direction and he has used the trainer slope lift!

Next time he will be learning how to link his snow plough turns and encourage control of speed. I will report back!

Spectators can watch on a terrace over looking the slope, be sure to bring your hat and gloves, or from the warm & cosy restaurant watching out through the window. Even if you’re not skiing yourself its a wonderful day out.

It’s a Must Do!

Skiing and snowboarding are such great activities to do. Whether you visit the alps for a holiday or purely learn for the fun of it. The Snow Centre at Hemel has everything that you need. This summer they are offering some great discounts so why not take the kids down over the school holidays and give it a go! Highly recommended by my family and I. Details below:


Half Price Lessons at The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead!

If you’ve ever thought about learning to ski or snowboard now’s your chance! This summer, The Snow Centre Hemel Hempstead, London’s closest real snow, indoor skiing and snowboarding destination are offering Half Price Beginner Group Lessons to adults and juniors!

With Beginner one Hour Junior Group Lessons from just £17.50 and Adult two Hour Lessons from just £21.50, there’s no better time to find your ski legs! And it’s not just great prices that will add value to your visit, you’ll be making the most of the quieter summer slopes on your doorstep whilst learning on the largest lesson slope in the UK!

Enjoy Half Price Beginner Lessons until Sunday 30th August, but why wait, start your Snowsports journey now! If you can already ski this is the perfect time to make the switch and try snowboarding instead or vice versa and get all your friends involved too!

To get booked in for your first lesson visit thesnowcentre.com or call The Snow Centre on 0844 770 7227.

That’s all from me today. Until next time have fun and book those ski lessons!

Big love,

Kelly x

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instagram: Kelly_Simpkin

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Babies, babies everywhere – but what on earth do I buy….?

Hey there lovelies,

Hope we are well and had a wonderful Easter. Can you believe we are in April already? Crazy isn’t it? So nice that the clocks have sprung forward and we are now having lighter evenings – that means that summer is on its way!! The mornings are absolutely glorious too….so lovely waking up to the sunshine, puts a smile on my face!

I guess i’m at that age when my friend are pretty much married off, some have kids, some don’t but there are an awful lot that are having them right now! I have baby showers and first birthdays coming out of my ears! I also have the most adorable three year old nephew, Teddy-Jack. I am always on the look out for unusual gifts to buy for these little people. Whether its a cuddly toy for a new born, something for the baby shower or a fabulous birthday present for Teddy-Jack. I’ve trailed the internet, Facebook and instagram for new kiddy companies that supply something different, things with a little….’je ne said quoi’!

Believe me, I have found some beauties…….absolutely cannot wait until I have my own babies……they are going to be the best dressed, with the best accessories and cuddly toys!

One of my new favourites is Violet Emery.

Violet Emery Baby and Childrenswear was founded early last year. Violet Emery stock different and unusual footwear and accessories for little people from 0-toddler. Wanting to dress their own children differently, Violet Emery set out on a quest. After searching and searching and finding several items that they loved for their own children, Violet Emery had the thought that if they’d been having this problem then others must be also, so they decided to make these available to the general public.
Violet Emery love finding new and interesting items, and hope their customers love them as much as they do. I certainly do!
Here are a few of my favourite picks:
Girl’s leather snakeskin Mary Jane’s
Available in black and White.
Order No: 051. Sizes: UK9. £23.00 inc P&P. Other sizes available to pre-order on request.
Baby moccasins in “Grey Leopard”
Order No: 050. Sizes: 6-12 months and 12-18 months. £10.50 inc P&P.
Baby boy sky-blue leather lace-ups
Order No: 041. Sizes: 3-6 months, 6-12 months and 12-18 months. £16.00 inc P&P.
Mickey M backpacks
Available in the following colours:
Black with red trim
Black with gold trim
Navy Blue
Order No: 043. £25.00 inc P&P.
Leather bunny cutout summer shoes
Available in pink, baby blue and white. Perfect for next Easter!!
Order No: 049. Sizes: 12-18 months, UK5, and UK6. £22.00 inc P&P. Other sizes available to pre-order on request.
Toddler black rivet pumps
Order No: 047. Sizes: UK5 and UK6. £21.00 inc P&P. Other sizes available to pre-order on request.
Patent leather Mary Jane’s
Available in red and black. I love these, they remind me of Dorothy’s shoes in the Wizard of Oz!!
Order No: 042. Sizes: 12-18 months and UK5. £26.00 inc P&P. Other sizes available to pre-order on request.
Toddler heart Mary Jane’s
Available in pink and navy blue. Order No: 030. Size: 12-18 months. £21.00 inc P&P. Other sizes available to pre-order on request.
Leather baby moccasins
Available in the following colours:
Ruby Red
Peachy Keen
Cream Soda
Order No: 038. Sizes: 6-12 months and 12-18 months. £12.50 inc P&P.
Violet Emery have new items coming in every day so be sure to follow them to keep up to date!
Contact Violet Emery
Instagram @violet_emerybabywear
Another great present that lots of my friends with new babies will receive is the Cuddle Bear from Elks-Angels. They are absolutely beautiful.
Cuddle Bear Honey – £37.99
Gorgeous snuggly bear available in three shades of Australian Sheepskin. So soft & cuddly these bears makes a perfect new baby gift and an ideal baby comforter. These cute bears are available from www.diddywear.com
I hope I’ve been able to help any of you that need to buy a baby gift. If you need anymore information on any of the products that I have featured, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Have a wonderful day!
Big love,
Twitter & Instagram @Kelly_Simpkin

Looking good in the snow!

Hey there,

I hope we are all well and enjoying fashion week? I’ve taken time out and am catching up with the fall winter collections via social media this year, from the slopes!

The ski season is well and truly underway, the season was a little late but the snow has fallen in the bucket loads and the pistes are full. From Falke to Fendi, Moncler to Mover, looking good has never been so important in the snow. We want to hit the slopes in style and be warm and cosy at the same time. I have trailed the shops and online boutiques for those extra special pieces this year and I’ve found some winners!

I stumbled across a luxury ski e-boutique called winternational.co.uk This designer house has everything – pants, jackets, accessories and apres wear and what’s better is, it’s just for women! They have some absolutely stunning pieces and ship fast so its not too late to order for this season, or if you have already visited the alps then treat yourself for next year. Some of my favourites include the Fusalp Morzine Ferrari Jacket . This red creation just screams 1950’s elegance. The jacket is on sale at £849.00.The jacket features a four way stretch fabric which will be very forgiving and allow great movement. A beautiful Fox fur trim collar which can be removed should you wish. The sleeves have a knitted cashmere cuff with thumb opening to make sure that your hands stay toasty in your gloves. Team this jacket with any pair of the fitted pants on Winternational.co.uk for a stylish outfit that will turn heads on the mountains.


If you’re searching for a pair of ski pants that fit well but are absolutely different from anything else that you have seen then check out the Goldbergh Simone pants. They are a casual fit but still very feminine with stitching detail in the right places. Sports Luxe at its best! The brown and black leopard print almost looks slightly camouflage to me. At £199 they are a great price too.

Simone-Goldbergh-back_grande Goldbergh-Simone-side_grande


After a lot of decision making, I finally chose to go with the Sportalm Semiflumes jacket in Grey £749 and the Emmegi Hilla pants in white £299. So stylish! Fitted, flattering and beautiful colours. Gorgeous fur trim on the hood, handy zip pocket for your lift pass on the left sleeve – what more could a girl want? The trousers sculpt your legs brilliantly giving you the perfect silhouette. I felt like the queen of the snow!




Winternational source beautiful, international ski wear and bring it directly to you. Taking fashion and function to new heights! Be sure to visit them for your next ski outfit sensation. www.winternational.co.uk

Twitter @winternational1

I’m heading off to the spa after a long, hard day of skiing!

Big love,

Kelly x


Brass monkeys…..brrrr!

Bonjour my fashion monkeys!

I hope we are well and battling the cold well? Its absolutely feeeerrrreeeezzzzzing!!!! I just cannot warm up these days…..who knows what I will be like next week in the Arctic! Gosh!! With this cold spell that we’ve been seeing, I’ve been hunting for the perfect gloves, mittens or anything that will keep my fingers toasty!!


Mittens are great and probably the best thing when it comes to keeping those pinkies warm but not that practical if you are out and about and need to do stuff with your hands. Skiing or just walking yes, but everyday a little more tricky. However, I did find some beauties! I’ll be packing some of these for sure when I head off to the slopes this season….

Check out the below website for some absolutely stunning mittens and gloves. They come in all shapes, colours and furs including faux.


You could always treat yourself to a pair designed by moi! Luxury  Toscana sheepskin mittens by Kelly Simpkin London £60



These are super cosy and really do keep the chill out. They are timeless classics that can come out for winter every year!

If you prefer something a little more colourful, head to alexski.com for some great colours of the rainbow mittens. Alexski claim that mittens are 40% warmer than gloves – there you go ladies! At £285 a pair they are sure to attract attention on the slopes and look like they will stand the test of time. Investment buy I say! I want a pair…they are beautiful!




If its gloves that you are after the choice is pretty much endless. All of the large department store will stock gloves of all fabrics from leather to wool in a huge range of colours and patterns. Some of my favourite finds….


John Lewis Cashmere Gloves in Red £35


Accessorize Leather and Knit Driving Gloves £27


Hobbs Leopard Glove £56



If you just simply need a pair of fingerless gloves that will still allow your fingers that freedom, have a peek at these cuties I’ve found.


John Lewis Diamond Texture Knit Handwarmer Gloves £7.50


Love these fingerless gloves from Turtle Doves. Warm, cosy cashmere with your fingers free! Tons of colours available.


Baby Pink £22 

Want to give you all a sneak peak of whats coming next for Kelly Simpkin London. Brass Monkeys – quite literally! I have been working with a metal casting company to have buttons, zippers and studs made in the shape of my monkey logo! I received the first prototype yesterday! What do you think? Cute huh? Watch this space to see how I incorporate them into my designs!


OK that’s all from me today, I’m busy getting ready for my charity trek! Cant believe its next week!! I will report back soon on how it goes.

Until then, wrap up warm and have fun!

Big love,

Kelly x


Visit my just giving page to read about my challenge and sponsor me! Thanks x

Hey Stranger…….!

Well hello there,

Happy, very belated, new year to you all!

I hope you have all had a better start to the new year than i’ve had….. I was struck down by a terrible infection which left me in bed for 8 days. I did not even venture downstairs in the house. It was probably the worst that I have ever felt in my life. My fellow lupus sufferers will understand just how unwell we get when we get sick. Anyway, onwards and upwards! I’m feeling much better now and building my strength up for my charity trek in Lapland!

with only a few weeks to go i’m frantically trying to get organised. Most of all making sure I have the correct kit, the kit that will stop me from feeling cold in minus 22, YES minus 22!! (thats today’s temperature out there!). I’ve been scouring the internet looking at different arctic expedition brands and I can honestly say that there are not that many that do the job of keeping you super toasty but also that look good too! You know me, I need to look good! ha!

I really like the jackets from Canada Goose.

7950L_11The Chilliwack Bomber is one of my favourites!

I also need mittens to keep my hands warm and love these Camp Mitts!


Canada Goose Camp Mitts

I have been raising money and awareness for this trek too. The charity that i’m raising for is Lupus UK. Please feel free to visit my just giving page!


The lovely Anthea Turner is taking the challenge with me and you will be able to read all about our adventure in Hello! magazine. There will also be a diary version on Hello! magazine online.

Lots has been happening with Kelly Simpkin London and I am thrilled to announce that my High Waisted Blue Suede Shorts were featured in the brilliant new Hello! fashion Magazine. I absolutely love this magazine so the fact that my designs are appearing is just fantastic! These shorts are just perfect for any time of the year, team with tights and boots in the winter, and make your legs look like they go on forever with sky scrapper wedges in the summer! Just gorgeous!


I’m busy working on my AW 15 collection and I will be sure to share some sneak peeks as and when things are ready! In the mean time I will tell you that I’m going more ‘evening’ with this season! #exciting!

Just a short hello from me this time….will be back soon!

Until then…..big love

Kelly x


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Theatre, Fashion show and our four legged friends!

Hello lovelies,

Another week closer to Christmas….I can’t believe how quick this year has gone! Have you started your shopping yet? I haven’t, I don’t think its right to until Bonfire night is out of the way at least! So that was last night ….. I’ve seen a few of the big stores Christmas guide books, I do love flicking through those and getting inspiration!

Last week was an extra busy one for me. I was out so much and preparing for a fashion show for this week! I’ve been a busy bee!

One of the highlights for me was going to see Made in Dagenham. I saw the film a few years ago and remember liking it but now having seen the musical, I can honestly say its not a patch on the movie. The theatre performance was absolutely FANTASTIC!!!! One of my favourite musicals to date. The cast were brilliant and Gemma Arterton was just fabulous! It was a true laugh-out-loud performance, a real must see and perfect Christmas idea – everyone loves theatre tickets!



The following evening, Nicky and I were invited to the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Gala Ball. I love this ball!  Not only are there always great acts and entertainment but you get to walk the red carpet with the pooches themselves!! This year we had Milly and Molly, two Jack Russell’s, and were photographed with them! So cute! We are great friends of battersea and try to help them wherever possible, each time I visit the home I want to bring a four legged friend home with me!


Milly & Molly – not too interested in the cameras!

Nicky in his Tom Ford velvet bow tie and I wore my PPQ green dress – Fab colour!

This week I had my first major fashion show. I showed at the Alderley Edge Hotel in Cheshire and what a show it was. The models wore my AW14 collection with a preview of SS15. I opened with Grace Jones – La Vie En Rose! I collaborated with Rita Vandaele of Advanced Rejuvenation for the show and it was a huge success! We had a great turnout. Our guests ate beautiful finger sandwiches, champagne jelly and delicate fancies! They had a tuck shop on hand with the old fashion penny sweets and they drank tea and champagne. Delightful afternoon!

Yummy desserts

photo 2-16

Behind the scenes!

Me and my models!

Spotted! Great to see Kimberley Garner wearing my Metallic foil shorts in green this week – she looks stunning! These are from my SS15 collection but are a great shout for the party season with tights and boots!


This week i’m loving…. winter hats! From knitted bobbles to soft cashmeres, the time has come to dig out your winter woolies! On my wish list is the Johnstons Personalised cable-knit cashmere beanie. I’m thinking grey with neon yellow initials!!

That’s me done for now, until next time bunnies!

Wrap up warm!

Big love,

Kelly x



Big cuffs and a scent form the past….

Hello bunnies,

Its been a while since I last spoke with you darlings, huge apologies for that but i’ve been crazy busy with my brand and feeling pretty damn rubbish in-between. Lupus really does suck sometimes! Its Lupus awareness month so i’ve been seeing a look of coverage on twitter and Facebook. I’ve learnt so much, I thought I knew pretty much all that there was to know about the illness but I was wrong! Its such a complex condition and my heart really does go out to all fellow sufferers.

Since we last spoke I’ve had some great coverage in various magazines and the orders have been flooding in! I think that now Autumn has truly set in people are into wearing leather tourers and jackets again! My AW14 collection is doing fab! I’ve noticed a lot of sheepskin in the shops and designers have been going XXL on the cuffs too – just like my Collar & Cuffs coat! Bang on trend! I cannot wait to start wearing that this season, its a real show stopper!


Roksanda sporting a huge cuff! Love this! 

Spotted!  This week the gorgeous Sophie Anderton was spotted out and about in London wearing my Scooter Jacket from my ss15 collection. Looking beautiful in the spring green! Sophie managed to get a pre collection purchase in and obviously jet could not wait for spring to wear it!


Scooter Jacket in Spring Green

Scent of the moment. I was recently over at a friends house and he was burning the pomegranate noir candle from Jo Malone. Wow! Hadn’t smelt that for ages. Such a heady scent that send me crazy! I was straight down to the store on Brook Street to stock up! Its one of those perfumes that you can actually smell on yourself – that i like!


Perfect Christmas stocking filler!

I tried a new fitness craze last week – Aerial Yoga! OMG – I have never sweated so much in a yoga class! AMAZING! I was stretching places that i never knew could stretch and the positions that I managed to get myself into was just unreal. I felt as light as a feather when I walked out. Brilliant. I will be returning for more! The one-to-one class was held at Aerial Land in Hammersmith. www.aerialand.com

Must dash now….off to the hospital for yet another blood test! After I have a very exciting meeting with a lovely guy from Hispid Clothing! I will reveal more soon!

have a super day and try to stay out of the wind!!

BIg love,

Kelly x



Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015!

Hello ladies,

So fashion weeks are pretty much done now….did you keep up? There was so much going on, so many shows and endless parties! I’m letting you in on some of my fav movements!

We saw trends of fringes, metallics, athletic shapes and 70’s styling in New York. Cropped tops were also a main player.



Paris gave us mesh, subtle pastels along with black & white monochromes. There were long sweeping coats, and dresses too, which graced the catwalks. Skirts were embellished with beads which made sheer fabrics wearable.





Alexis Mabille



London saw colours of nudes, greys & muted lilacs, sheer and floaty fabrics. Feathers were featuring too as well as fringing and mesh. I was at the Daks SS15 show which was amazing! It was set in the Royal Opera house- what a space. Light, airy, vast – just perfect for a runway!

photo 3-13Nicky & I front row at Daks

photo 1-15

Feather laden skirt

photo 2-15

Amazing lilac pleated top

photo 3-14

Long floaty backless dress

photo 1-16

Fabulous sheer organza hooded blouse

So what are my trends from my SS15 collection? Well, I follow suit with most designers and have fringing or tassels in my designs. Fringes have always been a favourite of mine, from the flapper dresses of the 20’s to the navaho influence and the fringed t-shirts of the 80’s! It adds a little bit of something to an outfit and I love the way they dance when you walk! My colour palate for Spring Summer was Mediterranean tones, blues, turquoises, soft greys, gold hues and I introduced metallics to add a shimmery feel to the compilation.

I also used perforated leather for the first time so the theme of mesh runs through. Its perfect for summer as it will let air through the tiny holes keeping you cooler! It looks super too – very sporty! This was for a cropped vests which is bang on trend in more ways than one: Cropped, Mesh and Sporty!




SS15 trends from Kelly Simpkin London

All this talk of Spring Summer…..but we still have Autumn Winter to get through first!  I’ll soon be wearing the Collar & Cuffs coat from my collection. Can you believe there is a waiting list for this piece! Wow!



Collar & Cuffs Coat £2000 from Kelly Simpkin London

Hope you enjoyed the read, see you in a week or so!

Big love,

Kelly x

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Coats flying out and a wedding in the family!

Hello lovelies,

Autumn is just around the corner and it’s time to wrap yourselves in gorgeous throws and coats.

It was wonderful to see presenter Tess Daly on the front cover of Good Housekeeping this week, shot by the amazing photographer David Venni.

Tess reveals all in a heart to heart interview about everything that’s happened to her recently. She’s such a strong woman with a brilliant personality, I have so much admiration for her – to have her wear one of my collection is an honour.

You can see Tess Daly wrapped in one of my key pieces from the winter range – a gorgeous beige suede coat that flatters all silhouettes (available to order here)

The knee-length coat from my new Autumn Winter range comes in super soft suede, it perfectly compliments her figure and is the perfect throw over jeans or a roll-neck.


Tess Daly looking stunning in a Kelly Simpkin London Suede Coat £375

 photo by David Venni

Another fav is the Collar & Cuffs Coat. This now has its own waiting list for AW14 – its such a wonderful piece that will really stand the test of time. The suede is soft as butter with long Toscana hair on the reverse. The huge collar and cuffs give definition to the piece making it a real show stopper -a perfect way to make an entrance.


Collar & Cuffs Coat from Kelly Simpkin London £2000

I cannot wait to for the season to really change and I can start wearing all of the fab winter fashion. I love the start of a new season!

This week saw the marriage of Nicky’s brother – Michael Van Clarke to Gaby, now also a Van Clarke! The service was held at the Mayfair Library and was perfect! We then headed down to a favourite of mine – Novikov @NovikovLondon – and took the private room in the Italian restaurant. The whole day was lovely and just in time before their twins are born! Cant wait!


Michael & Gaby looking very happy.

photo-18Nicky and I with our matching green!

Nicky laughs when we colour match but I like to give both our outfits a little co-ordination.

London Fashion week starts tomorrow – very exciting! I will be reporting on that next week and keep you all updated.

Big love

Kelly xx



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