August, 2014

21 August


Lights, Camera, Action!! SS15!

Hello lovelies,

I hope everyone is well and not been tempted to switch the heating on just yet? How cold has it been? Brrrr! I am writing this blog wearing a thick wooly cardigan…….In August!

As you know,  I’ve recently shot the campaign for my SS15 collection, and what a shoot it was! I wanted to give you an insight to the shoot, the collection and a little about what influenced me.

I was so excited as I absolutely love the pieces that I have designed. My inspiration was the sea and, in particular, mermaids. I love the greens, turquoises and beautiful blue colours that swirl in the sea. The golden hues of fish and mermaids that glitter under the sunshine. I have always been fascinated by mermaids and I was mad about the film Splash when I was a kid! I think I wanted to be one myself! This collection will be the closet I get.


I wanted to create a compilation that incorporated all of the amazing colours and textures that the sea gives us. I decided to introduce metallic leather into this collection to portray the shimmery tones that we see on the sea, among fish and not to mention in the mermaid tail! Metallic fabrics are a great way to make a design different and special without changing the style. I chose soft tones that are not brash so that the pieces are still very elegant and stylish. My new favourite piece is the Biker Jacket in metallic Champagne! It’s divine! Blush, supple and timeless. A real Century Staple.


I have also reworked my signature Desert Dress. My original inspiration for the Desert Dress came from a shirt of Nicky’s. The shirt is by Tom Ford and is black silk with laces that criss cross either side of a deep V-neck.  I used to wear this as an oversized shirt and would tie it at one side to make it cropped. I loved it! I wanted to create a dress with a similar style and Nicky showed me a picture of Verushka the 70’s. She was wearing a dress by YSL. I could not believe it! It was pretty much how I imagined Nicky’s shirt as a dress! I decided to rework what was called the ‘Safari Dress’, with my own interpretation, bringing it up-to-date with a modern twist. My own design is a nod to Saint Laurent and Tom Ford, two genius’ in the fashion world. I sketched a few ideas and came up with my take on the Safari dress. My Desert Dress was born. The Desert Dress will appear in one form or another in every collection of mine. I guess you could say it was my ‘DVF Wrap Dress’! I want this dress to be a future vintage item, a piece of clothing that will stay in your wardrobe for years to come. Longevity is the key, in design and by using natural skins.

For spring/summer, keeping with my niche ‘skins’ theme, I decided to make the dress in Goat Suede with metallic accents. The fluidity of the suede allows the dress to fall effortlessly over the skin and is a real treat to touch. The metallic laces and cuffs add a sense of playfulness to the original design.


Me wearing the Turquoise Desert Dress, with hints of Metallic, behind the scenes on the shoot.

I have also created the Navaho Tassel dress which is another adaptation of my Desert Dress. The motivation for this piece came from Jelly fish! The tassels around the bottom of the dress are like that seen on a jelly fish. I love the way that they move when you walk in this creation!


Navaho Tassel Dress 

Other pieces from my new collection include high waisted shorts, a silver coloured pencil skirt and a cropped vest in perforated leather. This vest works fab with the shorts and pencil skirt! Fabulous fresh summer look.


Cropped Vest


On set with the Turquoise Shirt and Silver Pencil Skirt

I truly am so proud of my SS15 collection and hope that my clients, friends an fans love it as much as I do!

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I wish you all a happy weekend!

Big Love,

Kelly x

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05 August


Summer time is here and i’m a busy bee!

Well hello everybody,

I hope all is well and you are enjoying the summer? I have been so busy over the past few weeks so apologies for not touching base! I was pretty unwell, as you know, then away in Mallorca and my feet have not touched the ground since being back!

To help with my Lupus, and also to relax Nicky, I decided to look into having some reflexology. I have had it once before but a long time ago. A friend of mine had some recently to help her with anxiety and it really improved her condition. She was so over the moon with the results that I thought i’d give it a go! I found somebody that did home visits which suited us down to the ground. We could book a late session and just get straight into bed after- Perfect! The name of our reflexologist that we are now clients of is Abi England and her website is: .

We had our first session just before Mallorca and it so interesting. I didn’t fall asleep or anything but I felt quite a bit of pain in different areas of my feet. Abi explained where these points related to on my body and they were spot on in terms of symptoms that I was having due to Lupus. Amazing! Its almost like a palm reading for your feet! Nicky fell straight to sleep as soon as Abi started, I guess it’s good that he was so relaxed! I am going to try and see Abi every two weeks to see if it helps improve the way that I feel on a day to day basis. It may just be that it helps with anxiety and depression, that I get with the illness or medication that I take, or just make me feel relaxed but to be honest just a lay down with no interruptions for an hour is heaven! Truly recommended! Abi is great!

Since returning from Mallorca we have visited Oblix in the Shard for dinner with Michael and Gaby (Nicky’s brother and Fiancé) and had a beautiful meal along with a stunning view!

photo 1-12

View from the Shard.

It was my nephews third birthday on the 1st of August, the same day as my Grandad’s was. It’s always a slightly upsetting day for me as I think about my granddad and miss him so much, but it has been made easier now that we have Teddy-Jack and can celebrate on this day rather than be sad. Teddy-Jack is such a funny little character, he is so cute! I cannot believe that he is three already! Where does time go?

photo 2-11

My Little Teddy-Jack opening some of his presents!

photo 3-10

Me and my Gramps ( I must be about three or four here!)

I have also shot my Spring/Summer 2015 campaign (I told you I have been busy!!). I absolutely love every shot that we have taken and cannot wait to get my look book complete! I love the clothes that I designed for this season, they all have a mermaid, sea-like feel. So fresh and bright! Some of my favourite pieces so far are in this new collection. I’ve used lots of shades of blues and greens, and metallics to really enhance that shimmery effect that you get from the sea and fish scales.

photo 3-12 photo 2-13 photo 1-14


A few pictures for a sneak peek!

I really must learn to rest more but my mind is always ticking away and thinking of what to do next! Its crazy! I’m off to bed now as I have a busy day in the salon tomorrow! Need as much energy as I can get. Night, night!

Big love,

Kelly x

You can view my current collection on my website and follow me on twitter @Kelly_Simpkin

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