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Karen and Kevin Clifton Karen and Kevin Clifton

Express Yourself

When Kevin and I dance together it feels amazing. We feel every step, breath and touch. We make our own little world in which you get to peek into. We are storytellers. We tell a story through our movement and connection towards each other.


We have so many images of ourselves dancing and the first thing we notice are our facial expressions. They can sometimes be very truthful, quirky, fun or simply ridiculous… Everything happens so quickly when we are dancing. You are feeling one thing but your face is showing a completely different story. Hehe.

I try to keep a calm face. Not too over the top but not completely blank. All depends on the dance and how I’m feeling on that particular day. But when it comes to Kevin’s face. Oh boy!! You are in for a special triple chocolate with a cherry on top treat.

This is me acting all cool and trying to be somewhat kinda sexy and hoping not to trip over my own two feet, tho what I’m actually thinking at this point is , “if I put the roast into the oven for 50 minutes it will give me enough time to stir fry some vegetables, mash some potatoes and have Kevin take the laundry out and make sure to remind him to hang up all the towels and not leave them laying on the bed”…

How’s that for some major auto pilot multi-tasking!! Tada!


Now we have my wonderful husband. The first time I watched Kevin dance was when he was performing on Broadway. I thought he was the best male dancer I had ever seen. I specially loved the way he moved his hands (I tend to notice the strangest things). His hands tell a story on their own.


His facial expressions are a completely different story. See for yourself.


Hmm… Think in this picture (above) the opposing football team scored.


Or…. In this picture Kev looks like he is about to sneeze as he is plucking one of my hair strands with his left hand and I’m trying to stand as still as possible with a look of intense concentration on my face.

Funny enough when I’m looking at him when we are dancing he doesn’t make any of these faces..

There’s so much commitment behind every step that sometimes we can get a little carried away. Kev seems to always do the “my football team is losing today” shouting expression.


Now I wasn’t trying to be cheeky in this picture (above). I was simply just holding on to kevin for balance but my hand was perfectly placed in a no no area. And smile!!!!
Here he is again shouting and I look like a chipmunk.


Dancing brings out the good , the funny, and the bad of facial expressions..

The great thing is that you get to be who you want to be. When we dance we don’t ever hold back. We enjoy every second and always have a good giggle or a lovely tender kiss (my favourite).


Keep smiling,

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