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It’s getting colder out, the sun doesn’t really stick around for too long and I’m feeling extra tired with really long days of rehearsal. All I can think about is that week that Kevin and I spent in Mauritius just a couple of months ago on our honeymoon.

The blue sea, the beautiful sand and a fresh drink by my side.

This was my view…


We don’t really have that much time to go on holiday. We are constantly working and really pushing to make all our dreams come true. So when we were able to actually take sometime off, we really went for it.



karenclifton2Our honeymoon was one of the best times we have ever had as a couple. We were finally married! We didn’t have to work! We could put away our phones and we had lots of food and wine!! But most important we had each other..

A lot of people ask us if we find it hard working in the same show as a married couple? Do we get on each others nerves? do we get jealous?

We have a very simple answer and that is, we are like every other couple. We laugh together. We cry together. We fight and we make fun of each other. We are used to being by each others side. Kevin doesn’t usually get angry… It’s usually me that’s screaming and gets a bit Latina New Yorker crazy on Kevin. He is an absolute angel. (Unless you press the off button on the remote when the football is on). But I’m the crazy one. Kevin is very laid back, understanding and he makes everything right. Me on the other hand I am a firestarter, hard headed but have learnt to compromise when I know I’m losing the battle. We sometimes get on each others nerves but it mostly has to do with us being absolutely exhausted and not wanting to deal with taking out the trash or putting the milk back in the fridge or my pet peeve is making sure the toilet seat down. That usually drives me nuts if he forgets to put it down..

We absolutely love working together. It’s an extra special bond that we have built . We trust each other and communicate. Without those two little key words we would be lost.
We have lot of fun dancing together. We get to travel, create and share the same experiences which makes our bond even stronger.

Best thing is that we both get to be ourselves around each other. He lets me be who I want to be and as you can see from below I can get very emotional sometimes so he lets me have a little cry on my friend Gertrude the mannequin.


And when I’m back to being myself he rewards me by giving me a big hug. “Cheeky face ”


I’m not really the jealous type. But don’t get me wrong if I see something that makes me feel uncomfortable I am the first one to mention it. Kevin doesn’t get jealous either. We respect one another and believe in what we have.

We are very alike but different at the same time. He likes Porridge, I hate porridge, I love cheese, he hates cheese. I say tomato, he says tomato.
I love chocolate and coffee and guess what so does he!!! It’s a win win!!

The best thing is that I have actually found my other half. He is my Prince Charming in a white horse from Grimsby. I do love fish.
I’m his wild Pocahontas that goes a bit crazy when I have too much coffee and talks too loud sometimes.

At the end of the day we love each other for who we are and for what we create when we are together.

Keep smiling,
Mrs. C

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