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Not going to lie – I love my food!

I’m not going to lie to you guys but I love a big ol’ bowl of food…

Some people think that dancers don’t eat because they need to keep a perfect body. Well you’re wrong….

As I am writing this blog I’m eating the largest dish of lasagne and I’m loving it.


Food is one of the most important things a dancer needs to keep in shape, have energy and actually be in a good mood. It can get very very very messy when I’m hungry. So if you encounter me when I haven’t eaten I do apologise in advance and please throw me a piece of bread or an oversized burger…


I burn so many calories throughout the day that I definitely need a big steak with potatoes and carrots on the side at the end of the day.

Aside from eating vegetables, chicken, fish, lean red meat (don’t worry this is not all in one serving), I dance about 10 hours every day and sometimes with no day off which really kills. I still manage to maintain a healthy diet but I do love cakes, chocolate spread, milk chocolate, cereal and sweets. Can’t deny your body of what it wants as long as it’s in moderation.

During rehearsals I bring my small stash of goodies to snack on… Almonds, chocolate, a mix of fruits, biscotti, gummy bears, water and orange juice are my pick for this week…

Here is one of my favourite quick, easy and healthy meals.

-Sautéed prawns
-Mix of your favourite veggies
-Salt, pepper
-I like to add a hint of balsamic vinegar with olive oil and a splash of lemon juice to give it extra flavour.


I always get a bit shy about my abs. I get some lovely compliments on them but there are plenty of people that have more super amazing enviable flat bellies out there. I always feel like I have a puppy’s belly especially after I eat a lot.

Kevin’s abs are quite the treat even though he looks a bit scary in the face. My baby always makes me laugh. Girls take note “Grimsby grows them well!!”


Core strength is key for me.

Here are some of my favourite core exercises that you can do while either watching Strictly or while listening to your favourite tunes. There’s no time limit on how long you hold them for. It can be 15 seconds to a full minute or more. You can always pace yourself. The key is to keep the correct alignment and keep your tummy tucked in. Stop if you start feeling any strain or pain.


As a dancer our bodies are the first thing people look at. Our posture and the cat-like way we transfer our weight around while walking pretty much gives us away. With this body I express all of my emotions, communicate when words are not enough and it keeps me in great shape.

Remember to be kind to yourself and keep a healthy mind, body and lifestyle.


Keep smiling,


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