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Our Welsh Adventure and The Best Thing About Being Single

The best thing about being single is spontaneity and freedom. The selfish ability to pack up the car on a whim and drive where ever your heart takes you – as long as they cater for toddlers. This weekend I packed up the car and me and Eddie took a three hour drive in the sunshine to Pembrokeshire. I feel like the holiday started as soon as we crossed Severn Bridge – it’s such a stunning piece of architecture.

Eddie is such good company but after an hour of being asked “Where we going mummy?” To which he would then himself answer, “Wales” I put on Paw Patrol. After two hours of Paw Patrol I could have done with a vodka tonic but as our first stop was Folly Farm Adventure Park & Zoo, I would have to make do with a soft scoop. On arriving you land straight into their gift shop with it’s impressive centre piece carousel, a nod to their indoor fairground; quite the negotiator Eddie reasoned that we would buy a penguin balloon on the way out so we didn’t have to carry it around with us. My argument that we, in fact, didn’t need a penguin balloon at all, fell on deaf ears. 

IMG_1910 IMG_1912

Life as a mum especially a single mum is a series of never ending decisions. So on days like Folly Farm when the sun is shining and we have no where to be – I throw the decisions over to Eddie and we go at his pace and see the things he wants to see. 


His first choice saw him playing in one of their large outdoor sand pits as I exchanged the obligatory niceties with others mums, starting with the well known mum ice breaker “How old is he?” After a while I tempted Eddie away with the promise of his first soft scoop ice cream only for him to be distracted on the way by the sight of The Pembrokeshire Wheel. He noted that it looked “very high” but was sure he wanted to go on it and, as I have no known fear of heights, I obliged. After all – it was his day out. 

IMG_1810 IMG_1909

No sooner than we had been let on and left to statically hang at the highest point I was silently sobbing like a baby, shaking and questioning every life decision I had ever made. Like, what sort of irresponsible mother takes her two year old on a Big Wheel, what if our carriage falls off. Eddie was unaware of my suffering and was twisting and turning in his seat to admire the scenery, making us tilt and sway even more. After we had a delightful view of Wales not once, but twice I practically ran off the Big Wheel and made a silent vow not to do it again. On the Big Wheel we had agreed that we would share a soft scoop when we touched ground but no sooner had I handed the cone to Eddie he declared that he did not wish to share. 


I just couldn’t catch a break it seemed.

We walked around and saw lions, meerkats and camels basking in the sunshine but Eddie decided he wanted to go on the ‘teeny big’ slide. The play grounds at Folly Farm are out of this world and we barely even scratched the surface. It was such a glorious day we didn’t make it into their indoor play area. We could easily have spent an entire day – probably two exploring all Folly Farm has to offer.

FullSizeRender IMG_1920

Eddie was really in his element and the play activities challenged children to explore, create and imagine. It’s been really well designed and is aesthetically beautiful. After an active day we said goodbye to Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo ( ) and started on the next part of our Mum Plus One adventure to Clydey Cottages in Pembrokeshire. Leaving of course with Percy Penguin. 

IMG_1794 IMG_1908

Did we manage the winding 40 minute journey through the Welsh countryside? How much Paw Patrol does it take to break a single parent? What is the most inopportune time for a toddler to poop? These questions and more will be answered next week as we fall further in love with Wales.

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“Our Welsh Adventure and The Best Thing About Being Single”
  • This is the funniest account of a visit to Wales I’ve ever read. I to, have suffered the same fear at the top of that wheel, questioning every choice I’d ever made and whether it was really my time to go! I think it’s films like Final Destination that put the fear of God into us! So glad you had such amazing weather for the weekend

  • I absolutely love your write up on my all time favourite place to go with my son.
    Like you, I am a single mum and I’m very lucky to have this place on my door step as I live in Pembrokeshire and grew up in Kilgetty.
    On Saturday the sunshine was glorious so I packed a lunch and using our annual pass we headed to folly farm, my son has just turned 3 and has been poorly lately so a day in the beautiful weather was much needed.
    Again, like yourself my son was in charge and we laughed and enjoyed our “Mummy and son day – as I call them on social media” we sat watching the penguins for ages whilst he talked about them splashing in the water and peaked in at the lions but we couldn’t hang there too long cause they were going to eat his ice cream! We headed to the outdoor play area and I’ve never stood back and been overcome with so much pride before that my son who has suffered so long with social anxiety felt comfortable enough in that enviroment to go straight up to other children and say name is…. what’s yours? It was a good job I had sunglasses on.. a few tears of joy might have slipped out.
    We headed indoors to the arcade type area and he played for ages on the fairground activities from 2p machines to the manned stations..leaving with many toys, he some how convinced me to buy dunking donuts and I now have a image in my head never to be forgotten of his first bite that he spat back out everywhere! So his nanny had a nice donut when we returned home.
    I can’t wait for next Monday where a few members from paw patrol will be at folly farm, that day will be an extra special mummy and son day!
    I hope you return to folly farm one day to continue your son’s adventure and another ride on the big wheel, you are much braver than i.

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