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HELLO!’s search for a Star Mum

Last week I took part in a photoshoot for HELLO! Their ‘Search for a Star Mum’ competition saw me judging a fantastic selection of entries alongside some celebrity mums. We whittled the public entries down to a short list of ‘Star Mums’ that the public will vote for. 


Normally I get ‘photoshoot ready’ which involves more exercise and watching what I eat but since I’m still recovering I drank more water, got more sleep in the days up to the photoshoot and that was about it! Every photoshoot is different depending on a number of factors; the cause, the publication and even the photographer but there was a fantastic atmosphere on set for HELLO! Our photographer was David Venni – the first person to photograph Eddie when he was just 3 weeks old!



I’ve got a lovely scar on my nose from where I cut it open on Valentines Day so I’ve been smothering it in bio oil. Getting ill has made me much more relaxed about my physical appearance. It’s really not that important. We had a fantastic makeup artist and hairstylist on set – it’s always fun going from mum mode to glam mode! The night before the shoot I stayed at the Sanctum Soho hotel. It’s my favourite place to stay in London. It’s just off Regent Street and is a real ‘rock n roll’ hotel.



I’ve spent many a night on their roof top terrace bar with good friends including my cousin’s hen party. This time I was given a room with a circular bed which was a first! I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for somewhere to stay in London. All the rooms are beautiful and the location is ideal if you want to be in the heart of London.




Reading through the entries on set was quite emotional – some people have showed such courage and love in the most difficult of circumstances. It was hard whittling down the entries but we were all in agreement as we chose our final five. It was Penny Lancaster’s birthday the following day and she was surprised with a delicious rainbow sponge birthday cake.


I sat on the sofa and ate far too much cake with Kimberley Walsh and we spoke about our sons who are the same age. It’s always lovely as a mum to speak to someone who knows exactly what stage you’re going through! The HELLO! stylist had chosen a gorgeous colour palate for the shoot, if it wasn’t so ‘unchild friendly’ I think I would spend the rest of my days wafting around serenely in ‘pale blush’ and ‘warm oat’. Alas it is not to be. I fell in love with my pink Littlewoods skirt and my divine dress from Go Lola but will be keeping them away from sticky toddler fingers. After the shoot I was on the train and back home to Eddie, just in time to put him to bed. It’s not often I feel like I get the mum/work life balance right – it’s a constant juggling act but this week, I can say that I managed it! 

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