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My beautiful Christmas with Eddie

This Christmas I deleted the twitter and Instagram apps from my phone for the festive period and, it was wonderful. A true break – no sneaky checks in between playing with Eddie, no wondering how many likes I had, no taking ‘Instagram perfect’ pics. I truly enjoyed each and every moment instead of partly wondering what the image would look like in a photo. Reducing the time I spend on social media makes me a lot happier: I find there are more minutes in the day and I’m present in everything I’m doing.jessica-a


I don’t normally make resolutions but this year I do resolve to make a simpler life for myself; less social media, more social life, less photos, more fun, less meals out, more cooking for friends, less worrying, more action. Almost half the time we live in a suspended reality of filtered photos and carefully chosen words and we judge how successful or popular we are by the response we get to them. There are a million quotes online about ‘living your life’ and millions of people, myself included, ready to show you how ‘wonderful’ their lives are. I remember when people used to think Facebook was invasive and now we share more details of our lives with more strangers than ever before. I don’t want Eddie growing up seeing me glued to technology and this Christmas was testament to how enjoyable life is without it.





I woke up with Eddie on Christmas morning in Gloucestershire with the sun glittering over a frosted lake, we rode our bikes through muddy puddles, we ate mince pies for breakfast and continued to eat all day and then we fell asleep and we woke up and did it all over again joined by lots more family on Boxing Day. The next few days were just as beautiful; we walked through fog on a ‘bear hunt’, we visited twinkly hotels and we saw more family and friends.




The moment that stands out for me, the memory that will stay with me from Christmas 2016 was the moment Eddie saw that Father Christmas had placed a present on the end of his bed; eyes wide open, he reached tentatively for the present whilst whispering ‘Mishmash!’ (Father Christmas). He picked up the present carefully before shouting ‘Nanny, Nanny, Nanny!’ and waking her up to show her what Father Christmas had delivered. Still wrapped, he carefully carried his gift all the way downstairs and placed it on the living room table where he continued to look at it in awe – the look of a child who is realising magic exists. I couldn’t have captured the emotion of that moment on film, or in a photo, the way that I will always remember it; that look of wonder, disbelief and joy on Eddie’s face will stay with me always. For that moment, and many more that we enjoyed this Christmas, I can happily say 2016 was the best ever.

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  • Wishing you the best of years. Your little boy is trulyscrumptious and is growing into a heartbreaker. Stay strong. Saw you at the #hotelinbath in November. Hope all worked out for the best .

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