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My Top 5 Fitness Tips For Mums

Eat For Health and Beauty Not For ‘Diet’.

Deprivation never works – choose foods that will nourish you. For example; avocados will provide you with good fats that will help your nails grow and blueberries will release antioxidants and give you beautiful skin. Food has fascinating properties – don’t be afraid of it! Learn more about it so you can make the best decisions – instead of building an anxious relationship around eating. Food is a privilege and a joy – don’t let it become a source of stress.


Make The Most Of Your Time

The last few months have meant zero time to go to the gym so I fit in exercise where I can. Some days I put my trainers on and run everywhere with Eddie in his buggy – I don’t necessarily cover more ground than I would have done on any other day but I get my heart rate up, my lungs works harder (and therefore getting stronger) and get my circulation going! Plus Eddie thinks it’s great fun. You see the results from this really quickly!

Involve Your Child

You don’t have to wait until your little one is napping to work out – Eddie dances as soon as he hears the music start up on a Davina McCall DVD – I encourage him to copy some of the simpler moves as it helps with his balance and coordination but if he wants to go off and play that’s fine. Equally if he’s been playing by himself for 10 minutes nicely then I pause the DVD and reward him with some play and lots of fuss then I finish my workout. If he wants me to pick him up and carry him whilst I jump about – I treat it as resistance training.


Health Starts With Happy

Your motivation should be how you FEEL so whilst I promise you that exercise will make you feel better – if it makes you happier to use your time to meditate, call a friend or read a magazine then that’s what you should do. A happy you will make healthy choices and as a result you will be kind to your body. No one controls you but you – do what feels great.

You Are Gorgeous

Not so much a tip but a mantra – be kind to yourself. As women we are constantly given comparisons of what the’ perfect ‘ woman looks like, what she does, eats and how she juggles family life – you don’t know the battles people are facing and quite often ‘picture perfect’ Instagram images aren’t quite what they seem – people could take a weeks worth of photos in a day – no one has the ‘perfect’ life. Do ‘you’, do what works for you and your family and be happy. You owe it to yourself and your family!


(Bonus Tip for New Mommas)

First up congratulations – you incredible human being! You just made a beautiful little person but it look 9 months to create your beautiful bundle of joy and it will take AT LEAST that for your pre baby ‘happy weight’ to come back – it seems like such a badge of honour these days to drop weight and tone up but it’s more important that you eat well, rest lots and don’t push yourself. It will all come back but there’s no rush – all in good time. When you start – start slow. 10 minute YouTube routines are a great place to start!

For more MumPlusOne fitness inspiration see my Instagram (@jessicaroseknowles) for photos and videos of me and Eddie working out!


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