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Summer jackets – love them or hate them?

2017-06-01 (1)


US-born, London-based blogger Emily Johnston reveals her top tip for banishing bingo wings this summer in the season’s hottest cover-up

I am the proud owner of bingo wings – that extra bit of flesh that hangs in your underarm area. It’s an unfortunate turn of events that has come about through a combination of growing older and eating too many burgers. Hey ho, it happens. But it means that these bits of my arms don’t ever get exposure. As a result, finding perfect summer jackets has become not only a necessity for me, but a sort of art form entailing a great hunt. Yet my purchases always include one particular jacket – a crisp white blazer.

A white blazer is the cornerstone of my summer wardrobe and it can be your best friend, too, whether or not you are sporting bingo wings. This is the chic layer that takes your outfit to the next level. I could sit here all day and talk about the different colours and patterns available in the jacket world, but white is the one essential that will see you through good times and bad, sartorially speaking.

Picture this: a grand floor-length maxi dress that needs a little dressing down. Throw on a white blazer and a chunky necklace and the deed is done – evening to casual wear is achieved with the help of your seasonal staple. It has the potential to dress up an outfit, too. Jeans and a neutral tee instantly become chic when you throw a white blazer in the mix.

No doubt you’ll start to think this is an item that you should buy to keep – meaning it’s designer all the way. It’s true that designer cuts can make an outfit look more expensive, but this season the high street has an unsurpassed offering of white blazers. A trip to the tailor and your high street buy will look as if it’s straight off a catwalk.

 Emily’s summer find: 

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 Double breasted patch pocket blazer, £59, M&S; visit


British designer Tabitha Webb isn’t a devotee of the summer jacket. Or is she? A wardrobe-full of pastel leather jackets suggests she may be a closet fan

I honestly don’t know why, but even hearing the words “summer jacket” gives me the chills. Emily, however, who loves a jacket, couldn’t wait to write about the topic. I gave into her, because she is quite scary. You see the thing is, I can’t imagine a situation where I would wear a summer jacket – it seems like a pointless purchase to me, so I always work around it.

2017-06-01 (2)

Gigi Hadid steps out in an IRO leather biker

That is, of course, unless you call my leather biker jacket obsession a summer jacket. I have a black one for the winter. And a light blue one, a cream one and a light pink one for the summer. Yup, that is absolutely true. Because just tell me, when doesn’t a biker jacket work?

It is awesome with your jeans, it’s cool as hell over your floral summer dress, it’s perfect for an evening spent sipping a glass of rosé at the pub and I truly believe you can even wear it over your favourite frock to a drinks party or a wedding.

People may stare, but only because you are the coolest looking person there. And before you try to tell me leather is too hot in the summer, my answer is simple – if it’s too hot to wear a leather jacket, then it’s too hot to wear a jacket full stop.

Pastel biker jackets are all over the place, but head to All Saints for their Balfern biker – it’s a classic, although the old ones are always the best. Pick it up in burnt coral or light blue, pair it with your summer tan, and then make a wish that Tom Hardy turns the corner on his motorbike to pick you up. If you want to steer clear of leather, Zara has a great faux suede pale pink biker that is worth a look. And I promise you will never feel the need to don a dodgy summer jacket again.

Tabitha’s summer find: 

2017-06-01 (3)

 Balfern leather jacket in sky blue, £318, All Saints; visit


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