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Wardrobe resolutions for 2017

Designer Tabitha Webb and blogger Emily Johnston are fashion-loving friends who don’t always see eye to eye. As we head towards the New Year, how will our columnists be celebrating and, more importantly, what are their wardrobe resolutions for 2017?



For US-born, London-based blogger Emily Johnston, a new year means a fresh start – giving her wardrobe a detox by clearing out the clutter

Here’s the thing about a new year. I feel like everyone is always looking at this day in the calendar as the “fresh and new” occasion. This can mean starting your diet over, your workout regime, or a vow to finally visit a foreign country on your wish list. Whatever the case may be, the newness of it all need not involve a complete overhaul. Sometimes it’s just as important to simply clean up instead of starting completely afresh.

A new year for me is all about the opportunity to re-evaluate. And of all the things one could concentrate on, I choose to concentrate on my closet. I find it’s an accurate reflection of your mind and current state of affairs. A total mess? It’s usually because your whole life is a mess. “Clean the closet and clean up your life,” is the rule I’ve always lived by.

After spending Christmas back in the States with family, I’ll, sadly, be seeing in the New Year from behind an eye mask, as I’ll be flying home to the UK – how glamorous! But on New Year’s Day, I will take out everything, everywhere, in every closet (I live in London – of course I have multiple closets… all the size of shoe boxes). I will look at whether or not I’ve worn things over the past year and if it’s not been used, it shouldn’t be in my life. Out it goes, making room for a new contender in the closet wars.

I like to think in doing such a thorough cleanse, I’ll come out on 2 January looking as put together as Elle Macpherson every time she leaves the house. I mean, honestly, how does that woman do it? She’s 52 and looks 20 years younger than me. I’m putting it down to the power of an organised wardrobe. Clearly I’m missing a trick!



British designer Tabitha Webb has no time for bad ideas and broken promises – not when there’s a new season of styles to invest in… just don’t mention the sales

New year, new you. We have all heard it a million times and attempted it hundreds of times. But this year, girls, we are actually going to do it. We are going to detox, have a minimalist and perfect wardrobe, train three times a week, go to the theatre more, be the best friend we can be and still be funny and amusing. And we are finally going to look like Cameron Diaz does in Charlie’s Angels.

Okay, no we’re not. That is obviously the dream. But someone I admire a lot said to me the other night: “When you have a big problem, break it down into small problems, then deal with each one separately.” Well it seems perfectly obvious to me that the best place to start is our wardrobe. Let’s go shopping! Nothing is going to cheer up a depressing new year more. My advice? Don’t hit the sales. You generally buy things you don’t want and they actually cost you rather than save you.


With spring just around the corner, a trench coat will be a great buy. Check out a new-season trench by Raey – a modern and sleek take on a classic – or head to APC for a more traditional one. Then add some bold stripes – try Sophie Hulme’s Albion striped leather tote – and a one-shoulder dress by Chloé and you’re all set for a few months.



Tip of the week? Don’t join the gym to beat the Christmas bulge – just buy yourself a Davina McCall workout video. It’s actually really fun… and one look at her abs will keep your motivation high.

I will be raising a toast to you all on New Year’s Eve from The Landing (owned by the gorgeous India Hicks) in Harbour Island, Bahamas, where I am going for some R & R. I will be sure to post annoying pictures of the sunsets. Happy New Year!

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