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13 June


Joe Tracini talks about returning to the show


Joe Tracini (Dennis Savage)

Hello HELLO! See what I did there? Yep, brilliant. I’m Joe Tracini, and I play Dennis on Hollyoaks. I’ve had a break from the show for six months, and now I’m back!! Excellent stuff.

It’s all kicked off while I’ve been away, and Dennis barely has time to put his bag down and go to the loo before he finds out that the love of his life, Leanne, has been charged with murdering her best friend. He doesn’t waste much time in setting out to prove her innocence and get her out into the big wide world again. Bless him – and they say romance is dead. I’ve never actually heard anyone say that by the way, I’ve only ever heard people say that other people have said it.

Me with Danny Mac

Me with Danny Mac


It’s all changed up here while I’ve been gone, that Irish lot, you know, the one with the Tash, The Brady Bunch or something, well, they’ve probably gone back to Ireland, so there’s nobody to knock off people anymore. It’s alright though, because my onscreen cousin Will seems to have taken up the mantle. Interesting acting fact, I know Will’s a killer, but my character doesn’t, which makes for a tough day at the office for me.

We also have the Roscoe family here, who are a lovely bunch. What’s good about them is that they’re all so overly attractive, and we don’t have enough of that round here!

Me with co-star Charlie Wernham

Me with co-star Charlie Wernham

I’m one of those lucky people that gets to do a job that I love everyday. Lime Pictures in Liverpool, where we film the show, is a lovely place to do it. One of those places where you actually want to stop and say hi to everybody in the morning. I say everybody, there’s a couple that don’t like me – they’re probably just jealous of my height. 5’4, thanks for asking.

I’ve attached some quirky little photos with this post, there’s one of me and Danny Mac, he’s the sexiest man in soap. I like to hang around with Danny because the direct comparison between my face and his makes him look even better. I’m nice like that.

Also one of me, Emmett J Scanlan and Fabrizio Santino at the Soap Awards. Good Times.

Me with Fabrizio Santino and Emmett Scanlan

Me with Fabrizio Santino and Emmett Scanlan

I have a habit of putting my face on stuff, and there’s a picture of me putting my face on Charlie Wernham.

It’s just become very clear to me that I work in a building filled with some of the most attractive women in the world, and neglected to have my picture taken with any of them. I’m an idiot. On that note, there’s one of me and Joe Thompson.

Me with my co-star Joseph Thompson

Me with my co-star Joseph Thompson

I/Dennis (same guy) am/is back on Hollyoaks on Friday 21st June, Channel 4 at 6.30pm. Do give it a watch. I’d like that, and the more people that watch, the prouder my nan is of me.

Hugs etc,

Joe x

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