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Jan 14

What to replenish in your make-up bag this January….

Kate Middleton is not only the Duchess of Cambridge but also the queen of thriftiness and well known for recycling her favourite outfits. Here at La Durbin we know that January can be a long month and after the Christmas party season your make-up and beauty bag can be running on empty, so this week we thought we would share some tips for how to look good on a budget and get that Duchess of Cambridge glow.


Homemade sugar scrubs are the perfect way to exfoliate dry rough winter skin and get rid of dull, tired skin to reveal a glow that the Duchess herself would be envious of. To make your own sugar scrub we recommend mixing a cup of brown sugar with ten drops of vanilla essential oil or essence with some warm water and rubbing into the skin weekly. Whilst you do this use your toothbrush in small circular movements to help improve chapped lips to create the perfect base for your make up.



What to replenish in your make up bag this January:



Mascara is without doubt our beauty essential in the salon and finding the mascara that works best for you ensures you’ll always have enough to spark up your eyes for maximum flutter. The secret to good mascara is definitely the wand- you don’t have to spends lots of money on a brand to create that flutter you want, find a wand you like and look for the shape amongst a range of beauty brands.



Whether it’s an essential for you or just used in emergencies, having a foundation on hand means you can ensure an even skin tone, and glowing skin at any time. BB cream is a great foundation that adds a medium coverage to the skin and gives that glow that makes Kate shine.



Bronzer is an easy way to update your daytime look for a night out, and it’s also perfect for hiding your cheeks if you start to blush! A good bronzer is all about the colour, not about the price tag. If you have a cool skin tone you want a cool brown, and if you have a warmer skin tone you want to use a warm brown. This will stop you looking orange which is never a good look amongst the pale faces in January!



Lipbalm, especially in these winter months, is essential to give you a fresher look. There is nothing worse than dry chapped lips. Tinted lipbalms also work great to add a bit of colour to your lips, such as a nude colour, or rose pink. Vaseline is a cheap and brilliant brand that offers a range of different types of colours.


January is often a time when we hide away but we hope that these simple tips to help you stay gorgeous mean that you will be enjoying a little bit of fun at thestart of the year!

Have a great week, until next time… La Durbin xx

Nov 13

Vintage Makeup: recreate Rachel McAdams’s beautiful look from The Notebook

Here at La Durbin we love old style glamour, one of our favourite concepts is vintage hair and make-up. It is a great look for the party season.

This week we are showing you how to re-create the beautiful 1940’s look  as seen on Rachel McAdams in The Notebook.


Getting the perfect base

  • Start by cleaning the face thoroughly and remove the hair from the face
  • Apply light foundation and power to the face.  Don’t shy away from powder it is the best way to keep your foundation in place throughout the day.
  • Before applying the eye shadow- always make sure you have really powdered the eye- to help keep the shadow in place for longer. This helps stop the shadow from separating over the eye due to the oil


Elegant Eyes

  • With a round socket brush using a ‘top’ or ‘tea stain’ colour, apply the eye shadow in the socket line of the eye, using the natural shape of the eye to guide you. Blend in evenly.
  • editphoto-7
  • With a liquid liner get a good consistency on the brush, and apply on the base line. Always close your eye for this first step.
  • editphoto-1
  • Open the eye and bring the liquid liner into the corner of the eye, using an ultra fine line.
  • With the eye open again do the outer corner on the eye, and using the crease line of the eye bring the eye liner up to create that ‘flick’ finish at the end.
  • editphoto-9
  • Repeat on other eye. BUT REMEMBER eyes are not twins but sisters, so you will never get them identical. SO DON’T PANIC if you are not completely accurate and the eyes are not exactly the same
  • Once liner has been applied you can add a creamy colour with a ‘tope’ or ‘tea stain’ colours, ever so slightly over the eye to brighten it up ever so slightly.
  • For the final touch add your mascara to create beautiful full lashes


Lovely Lips

  • To create the true vintage look always use a red lipstick/colour to really emphasis that vintage look. Lady Danger from Mac is a brilliant red to use but there are lots of others and it is important to find one that you feel comfortable with
  • Keep your blush in the same colour of your lips and apply on the ‘apples’ of your cheeks.  A really important tip to remember is that you want to use warm reds for younger skins and cooler red for more mature skins.
  • editphoto-8
  • To complete the look we recommend a head of tumbling curls.

Vintage makeup look

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