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Feb 14

The La Durbin 15 Minute Tips for Yummy Mummies Everywhere!

How to be a Yummy Mummy in 15 minutes!!


Zara Philips, Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian, Laura Hamilton are all new mums and super glamorous, but any new mum will tell you that time is a luxury and finding time for yourself is hard whether you have a new born or a toddler.  So this week in our blog, in honour of all the lovely Yummy Mummies,  we wanted to share some tips and tricks for looking gorgeous in 15 minutes… perfect if you are heading out to a romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day.

La Durb


We created two looks for Torty, both simply need hair spray a hair band and a couple of kirby grips to put in place… they also work best on hair that isn’t just washed so perfect if bath time for little ones takes over…


What you need!


What you need



Look One


To start take a small section of the hair about two inches wide at the front of the head and backcomb gently leaving the top layer smooth  – to do this all you need is a comb!


Smooth over into a quiff and hold in place with a kirby grip. Now take the rest of the hair and gently sweep to the side into a loose pony tail and again backcomb to create volume.




Next using more kirby grips, lightly pin the ends of the hair under and around the hair bobble, using north south, east and west directions to create the perfect messy bun.



Finish off with hairspray and voilà! You’re ready to go for drinks in less than 15 minutes.


Look Two


If you prefer your hair down then this is a great style for a romantic dinner for two.


Start by parting the hair on the side and backcomb the side with the most hair about two inches away from the parting to create volume and lift (a great way to hide hair that has gone a little flat). Smooth over with a soft brush.




On the other side of the hair take a section of hair from around the top of the ear and, holding the hair, low plait and pull round to follow the shape of the head. Tuck the end of the plait under hair to hide it and pin with a kirby grip to keep in place.




On the other side of the hair, use straighteners to gently wave the hair around the face to create soft movement and curl.


Curls on the side


Finish with hairspray.


This creates a simple but elegant look for the evening.


Make up – The icing on the cake!


To complete the look we used light make up all done in the 15 minute time frame with the essentials being foundation, mascara, eyeliner, a smoky eye palate and a sweep of blusher.


We hope you enjoy these quick and easy looks and that you have a romance filled Valentine’s Day!


Until next time… La Durbin xx

Nov 13

How to get Kate Middleton’s trademark beautiful bouncy hair

How to get Kate Middleton’s trademark beautiful bouncy hair

Kate Middleton has gorgeous hair, full of volume and movement. This party season if you want to re-create one of her classic looks here are some easy-to-follow steps on how to look like the Duchess herself!

– Heated rollers are the best way to achieve Kate’s hairstyle. Firstly, start with freshly washed hair and using a soft styling product (depending on hair type), blowdry with a large round brush for naturally frizzy hair or a paddle brush for smooth hair.

Blow dry your hair straight using a paddle brush

Blow dry your hair straight using a paddle brush

 – Next, take each section 1 inch apart. Stay consistent with the size of the heated rollers throughout the hair, starting at the top and moving away from the hair line and section down the sides. Then, section down the back of the head towards the nape of the neck.

Section the hair

Section the hair and add the rollers starting from the top

 – Leave the rollers to cool down for as long as you can to make it last – the longer you can leave the better bounce!

Keep going until you have added all the rollers

Keep going until you have added all the rollers

– When you remove the rollers, twist them out and let the hair fall into place. Then, when all the rollers are out, glide fingers through the hair to avoid roller marks (this is very important for perfect bounce and movement).

Run you fingers through the hair to remove roller marks

Run you fingers through the hair to remove roller marks

– Finally use a drop of serum on the fingertips for added smoothness and voila! The hair should be full of movement and bounce.

Beautiful Bouncy Hair

The finished look!

– Alternatively, if you do not have rollers to create Kate’s look, a large curling tong will also work. Simply section the hair after it’s been blow-dried, starting with 2inch sections going in the direction from the nape of the neck up, curl the ends of the hair throughout, starting at the back. When all the ends of the hair have been curled all over, run fingers through again to achieve Kate’s trademark look!

Let us know how you get on creating your own Kate Middleton look and check back soon for more great styling and beauty tips; let’s get glamorous girls. Love La Durbin xx

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