Week 6: Family holiday

TV presenter and mum Jenni Falconer

Jenni, her husband James and their two year old daughter Ella are taking the plunge and are embarking on a very public potty training.

Week 6: Disneyland Paris
We booked our trip to Disneyland Paris before we decided to potty train Ella, the timing probably isn’t perfect but Ella just couldn’t wait any longer to meet Minnie Mouse! Minnie is her favourite character and her favourite cuddle toy is a Minnie Mouse.

Our trip was certainly very interesting. It was the first time we travelled a really long way during potty training. We drove to Eurostar, spent two and half hours on the train, and arrived at the hotel with no accidents – how good is that!

Jenni Falconer-BLOG1

I actually packed a huge suitcase for all of us, which had a few clothes for James and I and then nearly the whole of Ella’s wardrobe, we didn’t use half of it in the end. James did say ‘how many accidents do you think she is going to have?’ I just wanted to be prepared.

Obviously Disneyland Paris was hugely exciting for Ella, but she was brilliant at telling us she needed a pee and the Dry Like Me pads were really handy. She did have one false alarm when we were queuing for the Mad Hatters ride and we left the queue and went to the toilets and nothing happened – so we had to queue up all over again – better safe than sorry though. My fear was that Ella having an accident on a ride and not being able to do anything until it stopped.

It was so amazing for her that she had some long naps during the day as we were up at 7/8am until 11pm as there was so much to do. One evening we were out for dinner and there were loads of children there, Ella was playing with some boys who were slightly older than her and one ran over to me and said ‘pooie’, Ella had gone but not even realised, very funny.


We did have some confusing moments, Ella calls Minnie – Mimi; Mickey – Mick and Pluto – Pooh. It’s very cute but pretty confusing when she’s been potty training and suddenly screams ‘poo poo poo’. I get ready for action seeking out loos and getting a change of clothes out of the bag only to realise she has seen Pluto nearby.

Back home
Things have changed at home now, Ella is now much better with her ‘number twos’, but has had a few ‘number one’ accidents which haven’t been a problem for a couple of weeks. I think as our normal routine has resumed Ella is continuing to learn for herself her body’s signs that she needs to go to the loo. I do count myself lucky though as some of my friends have told me funny stories about what their children do and one of them keeps on pooing behind the sofa which is hilarious.


I have now come to an end of my six week potty training blog and I am so proud of what Ella has achieved, she is going a bit back and forth in her successes at the moment, but she is going in the right direction. I think she has done brilliantly and there have been some very funny moments I can embarrass her with when she is older.

I have found writing the blog invaluable, it gave me strength to continue and not to back track or give in or say to myself that Ella isn’t ready. I think it has been really beneficial for Ella as if I hadn’t been doing the blog I might have been less committed, I found the support of the ‘How To Potty Train’ book and the Dry Like Me pads really ensured our successes. I hope my experiences and views have helped others not to panic and to keep going. It has been a great way for me to support Ella at this time in her life and I hope you have enjoyed it.

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