26 January


Celebrations and Getting Organised for a Big Adventure

As I said last week – I turn thirty this Thursday. So to celebrate me joining a new decade of my life, Tom gathered our families and some of our friends for a gorgeous Sunday afternoon roast at Bumpkin in Notting Hill. Usually we both have our birthdays at home – meaning we have to organise it all and then clear up afterwards, but this time we decided to go out for it and leave all of that in someone else’s hands. I chose the location (I’d been there before with some girlfriends) and Tom added all the finishing touches to make it extra magical… and it really was. As well as dozens of photos of myself decorating the walls, there were also mini personalised Nutella jars at each place setting (complete with a photo of me on the top) AND a giant cake in the shape of a jar of Nutella (made by Fancy Nancy – the same team who made our wedding cake). For those of you who aren’t aware (where have you been?), I’m pretty obsessed with Nutella and therefore it couldn’t have been anymore perfect. Spending time with wonderful folk was simply brilliant – I’m lucky to have such fantastic and giving people in my life.




This week the McBusted boys announced that they’re heading over to Japan and Australia next week… well, me and Buzz are going to be joining Tom in Oz! Hurrah! Unsurprisingly I’ve been scouring the internet for summer clothes for Buzz, figuring out how much I’ll need for three weeks (something I’m still not sure about) and planning how I’m going to keep Buzz happy on a twenty-four hour flight… It’s certainly going to be interesting, but I’ve read (what feels like) every mummy/daddy blog out there on the subject and am now compiling a bag full of tricks. I’ve just got to keep him fed, napped and entertained… how hard can that be?! Aaaaaah! If anyone out there has any words of wisdom on travelling with a baby on a long haul flight, I’d love to hear from you!



Also this week… Buzz has been trying out some cruisers to help with his walking. Funnily enough, when we were last at the physio with him we were advised to get him a pair to tempt him to lower his heels (he loves being on his tiptoes) – then I got home to an email from Bobux to ask if I wanted to test out their new Xplorers. They stayed on his feet longer than anything else has to date, plus they’re light and don’t get in the way when he’s crawling and moving around. Fair to say I’m pretty impressed.


That’s all from me at 29… I’ll see you next week when I hit 30. Eek!

Big love,

Gi. Xx

19 January


Looking back…

At the end of this month I turn thirty, a fact I’m totally fine about – unlike when I was about to turn twenty-six and had a serious meltdown. I wasn’t ready to be in my mid-to-late twenties… but now? Now I’m ready to join the thirty club – I’m even looking forward to it.

Inevitably when big milestones pop up, I’ve been thinking back over the last three decades in quite a reflective mood – so I thought I’d share those musings with you in this week’s blog…

Growing up I always loved to be the centre of attention. If there was a camera out – I would be in front of it, if there was a school production – I’d want to be the lead… I loved making people laugh, smile – or even cry. I loved moving them through storytelling. I loved being the entertainer. I’d say that the times that ping out to me in my childhood are the moments in which I was on stage performing – they played a big role in the person I am today.


However, after leaving drama school (and being flung out into the harsh reality of life as a jobbing actor) my self-confidence began to wane. I must point out that I’ve been lucky to have some amazing acting roles in the past, but the time in between roles used to be tough and affect me hugely. It’s surprising how not having an answer to the question ‘So what are you doing now?’ can really affect a person. For a long time I felt ashamed that I’d maybe failed in the area that I loved so much. I wanted to be on stage performing. So why wasn’t I getting anywhere with it? Why wasn’t I bagging every role I auditioned for? Why wasn’t I even getting auditioned? What was wrong with me?

There were many great moments during this time – lots. In fact, I’d say most of my personal and relationship highs occurred in my twenties. However, my career hopes led me to feel increasingly rubbish and unfulfilled. I took on various jobs while hoping for my dreams to flourish – with chaperoning for child actors and becoming a nursery assistant taking up the majority of my time. I’d openly say that in my mid twenties I lost myself. I always knew I was miles from where I wanted to be… and that sucked!

And then I started writing…

And then Penguin offered me a book deal…

And then life totally changed…


Since 2012 life has altered dramatically – I’m a published author, I’ve started this here blog, I’ve started vlogging on YouTube, I’m married to my best friend and we have an adorable little son.

Through my writing and vlogging I’ve found the voice I thought I’d lost and, likewise, my confidence. I now realise that life isn’t about achieving every one of your goals in that single moment – it’s about retaining your passion and love through all weathers, and finding other things that move your life forward as you continue to dream. I guess that’s the reason why I’m welcoming getting older – because this time round I bring with me a massive sense of achievement and future ambitions, rather than a long list of things I’ve failed to master. I’ve had a slight mind-set-overhaul.

My aim for my thirties?

To keep dreaming big, to allow myself to just be and to enjoy whatever life throws my way without overthinking or worrying about other’s perceptions.

Oh… and to have lots more babies and eat lots more cake. Happy times!

12 January


Writing my novel, a trip to the theatre and Celebrity Big Brother!

This week I’ve been lost in the world of my third novel Dream A Little Dream, as I will be for the next few months. I’ve established who my characters are and the world in which they live – so now comes the fun bit where they run free and explore the scenarios I’ve put them into. I’m really been enjoying getting my teeth stuck into writing after the Christmas break. What’s been even lovelier is that Tom’s been off and looking after Buzz at home – meaning anytime I’ve come out of my office for a pee (TMI?) or coffee, I’ve been able to see his little smile. I’ve not found it a distraction at all, honest. It’s been brilliant. A very productive week!


Like many things work related, it’s good to take yourself away from it each night and have some down time. So last Tuesday Tom and I went on a little double date to the theatre, with our wonderful friend Sav and her fiancé Nate, to see Women On the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. It was an extremely interesting performance as Tamsin Grieg and Willemijn Verkaik were both off sick, meaning their understudies were on instead. Sav and I both know what it’s like to understudy in the West End as Sav went on as Scarlett O’Hara in Trevor Nunn’s Gone With the Wind the day after press night, and I went on as Sasha in Michael Grandage’s Ivanov mid-show, with just three minutes warning. The theatre is a thrilling place – Tuesday night reminded me of that fact. The cast at Verge did an amazing job at keeping the show together (the director came out beforehand and informed the audience of the terror going on backstage). I’d love to go back again at some point and see the full cast.


I’ve also found another way to unwind this week – and that’s with the return of Celebrity Big Brother. What a corker it’s been already. I’ve always been a huge fan of the show because of the way it was first created and aired as a social experiment. For me, that’s still a huge part of the show’s appeal, even if people are entering the house with more of an understanding of the challenges they’re about to embark. No one ever acts how YOU think they will, they don’t even act how THEY imagine they will… it’s flipping great TV!


Oh, and I’ve started incorporating a little workout while I watch it. It’s actually inspired by Katie Hopkins’ program about being fat, funnily enough… My days are pretty manic, so I figured running on the spot and working up a sweat while watching one of my favourite shows is probably the best way to squeeze in a bit of fat burning… it totally takes my mind off what I’m doing. Especially when there’s so much drama to goggle at!

Right, I best get back to my book!

Big love to you all!

Gi. Xx

05 January


Hello 2015!

Hello 2015!
Last week the time came to say goodbye to 2014 and sail into the adventures of 2015, so I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on what has been a life-changing year in the Fletcher household.The main reason for that change is, of course, the arrival of my son Buzz – who we welcomed over two weeks early (much to our surprise) on 13th March. And so started my journey into motherhood with a screaming little being who couldn’t communicate his needs and desires. There were many sleepless nights, lots of tears and mini meltdowns (from all of us) as we worked out what we were all doing. Almost ten months on and I’m thrilled to say that life is not only easier, but it’s unbelievably enjoyable. Walking into Buzz’s room in the morning and seeing his big toothy grin as he waves to Tom’s paintings of Mickey and Minnie melts my heart every time. As he discovers the world around him and takes in every new adventure with a profound wisdom in his eyes, I wonder what he makes of us all. I have so many wishes for our little man and his future – but my main desire is that he leads a happy life chasing his dreams.



I’d say becoming a mum has taken over the majority of the year, but things have been happening career-wise too. I’ve had two further books published – one novel (You’re the One that I Want) and one novella (Christmas With Billy and Me), and signed a deal for my third and fourth novels with Penguin’s Michael Joseph. It’s been tricky learning to write with a baby in the house and, if I’m honest, I’m still learning the best way to deal with being a working mum when all I want to do is sit and play with the little dude every day. I’ve spoken about mummy guilt before – I know it’ll rear its ugly head forevermore now that I’ve joined the motherhood. Hopefully I’ll get better at coping with it. I’m in a very fortunate position that I can call something I love doing a job – and that I can do that job from the comfort of our home while Buzz is here.


Tom and I celebrated our second year of marriage in May – hurrah to us. I never realised that having a child was such a massive test on a relationship -  thanks to the sleep deprivation and walking into the unknown… blindfolded. It’s hardly surprising that it can all feel a little overwhelming at times. Even though there have been moments where I’ve taken my frustration out on Tom and wanted to throttle him (said in jest – no physical outlet has ever been used), being parents has definitely brought us closer. We created this little being and it’s now our joint mission to bring him up in the best way possible. I couldn’t have asked for a better wingman.




So, what do I wish for 2015?

To be more productive with the time spent in my office away from Buzz. I’m not writing all the time, but I need to make sure when I am at my desk I’m making the most of that time and not allowing myself to get distracted by the internet (I really must stop Googling mummy questions).

To have more date nights with Tom. We’ve actually just started making a point of dressing up for dinner once a week and having date nights at home. It’s much nicer to sit down for a candlelit dinner feeling glam in a dress, rather than frumpy and ugly in my well-worn pjs.

To make the most of my off time with Tom and Buzz. In the same way that I want to make the most of my work time, I want to make the most of my family time, too. I’ve realised how quickly time can slip away – before we know it 2016 will be getting ready to greet us and another year will have passed us by. I don’t want to look back in a few years and wished we’d done more as a family. The time is now.

I didn’t bother cutting out all the bad food in my life this year because I think I’ll save that one for lent – when I only have to stick with it for 40days and 40nights, rather than just until I totally lose all willpower and cave into the nutella jar calling to me from the cupboard. I am due to spend some time in my bikini in February though, so many I should start thinking about that… actually, I’ve got a book to write – now is not the time to concentrate on my wobbly bits!

On that note… check out my GORGEOUS new cover for my next novel DREAM A LITTLE DREAM – published 18th June. I flipping love it.




Hope the first few days of 2015 have treated you well. I’ve had a wonderful time with family and friends, but now it’s time to get back to work!

Big love to you all!

Gi. Xx

22 December


Getting ready for Christmas…

I can’t believe Christmas is upon us already. In many ways it feels like last Christmas was minutes ago, but in others it feels like it was years ago. Last year I was stroking my tummy and stuffing my face with chocolate while Tom ran around the kitchen cooking the Christmas dinner. But this year I have no excuse not to pull my weight in the proceedings – and we have our little Buzz to add into the mix too. I know he’s too young to understand that it’s a special time of year, however I’m sure he’s going to enjoy having me and Tom at home for a couple of weeks doing nothing but playing with him and showering him with love and attention. I can’t wait. It feels like Tom and I have been so busy in the past few months – it’ll be lovely to just regroup as a family again and shut the world of writing and band-life out for a little bit. Next year is set to be a crazy one – so it’ll do us good to get some chill time in before that!


In preparation for having fourteen over at our house on Christmas day, we’ve had a practice run with the dinner. The Judds and Willis’ came over at the weekend to try out our new brussels, parsnips, carrots and nut roast recipes. Judging by the fact that everyone was suitably stuffed at the end of it (having gone back for seconds AND thirds) I’d say the meal was a huge success. Hurrah. Roll on the big day…

Buzz update… It seems he’s only been crawling a short while, but this week that has progressed to him pulling himself up into standing with the aid of the sofa, my leg, or anything he can get his hands on. He’s having so much fun exploring his surroundings and seeing what he can do – it’s utterly gorgeous to watch. I think we’re finally saying goodbye to his cold – I’m so thrilled. Seeing him poorly was so horrible – and irritating! And the best thing about him being well again is that he’s started sleeping through the night again! Hurrah! This week he has slept 7 until 7ish. Fingers crossed it continues.

And that’s all from my days this week… the only other exciting thing to have happened was that I got chased by some swans and geese while having a little walk with Buzz. Petrifying and funny all at once.

giovanna fletcher

I wish you all the merriest of Christmases – whether you’re surrounded by family and friends, or having a quiet one.

Big festive love flying your way!

Gi. Xx

15 December


My first ever book event & Buzz meets Santa

Having written two novels and one novella, those lovely folk at penguin decided it was time to reward me with my first ever author event. So last Wednesday, Waterstones in Covent Garden threw me a spectacular evening to celebrate the release of Christmas With Billy and Me. It was suggested that I maybe read something from the book, but the very thought petrified me! I’ve never been confident at reading out loud – even if I’ve penned the words myself. Suddenly words aren’t words – they become a random collection of letters that make no sense. Thankfully everyone agreed that, with that in mind, it was possibly best to do something less formal and go for a Q & A. I’m so glad we did.



Writing books is a fairly lonely experience – I sit in my room in my PJs and let my imagination run wild, not really giving too much thought about the book actually getting read by someone eventually (possibly also in their PJs). And even though it’s amazing when I receive comments online about my books moving people, it’s a totally different feeling to have a room full of readers sat in front of me in appreciation for my work. And what a warm and kind bunch they were! I honestly felt like I was sat amongst friends – and I hope they all feel they were part of a special night. I know I’ll remember it for a long time to come.

Also this week…

· Buzz met Santa! Obviously it wasn’t the real one (it was one of his helper clones that he sends out while he is busy getting everything ready at the North Pole), but Santa’s double surprised us at a friend’s Christmas gathering at the weekend. I’ve heard that a lot of children are moved to tears by the mere sight of the jolly old guy in red, so I was a little worried that Buzz would have a meltdown – but he was more than intrigued by the grey bearded dude and wouldn’t stop staring… it was so cute! I have a feeling Buzz might be seeing Mr C again this week if Tom gets some time off.


· We took a road trip to see Tom’s sister Carrie play Beth in War of The Worlds. Tom and Carrie were played Jeff Wayne’s soundtrack a lot growing up – but I’d never even heard of it before. It was a fantastic night. I blooming loved the production and have found myself waking up singing ‘The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one,’ every morning since. Slightly disturbing and I now know why Tom has such an unusual fear of being attacked by aliens in his sleep. Needless to say, I was super proud of my sister in law Carrie (pictured with Tom, her castmate Jonathan Vickers and I). She was only six when Tom and I first met – it’s been wonderful watching her grow up and blossom into a ridiculously talented young lady.


· In further Buzz news… we have waving, pulling himself up into standing (with the help of something to hold on to) and… leaning in for kisses! Honestly that little boy knows how to melt my heart!

Festive love to you all!

Gi. Xx

08 December


Buzz’s First Tooth has Arrived!

I thought Buzz was going to be rocking the gummy look well into his teens, but his first tooth arrived and it had company… his second tooth! Yep, two bottom teeth have appeared from nowhere, much to our surprise and his indifference – seeing as we’re still ill, I don’t think he’s been able to fully take in the epicness that is teeth. He already loves his food, and I imagine he’s going to love it even more now that he has teeth to tackle it with.
So onto being ill… The hand, foot and mouth saga continued this week with me and Buzz both catching colds before I came down with a throat infection and lost my voice. Honestly, I’ve never been so ill as I have in the last month. And as for Buzz – I thought breastfeeding was meant to strengthen his immune system against all this stuff. Still, I can’t complain about the gorgeous mummy/son time we’ve had this week. Cuddling up on the sofa together has been actually delicious – even if we have both feel pants… and had to watch the first thirty minutes of The Muppets on repeat.  

Annoyingly, last week was one of the busiest I’ve had in a while. It was a crummy week to be ill as there was lots going on that I’d been really looking forward to. So instead of curling up on the sofa the whole week, I had things to do and places to be and people to see:
THE COSMOS: I was thrilled when, earlier in the year, I got asked to write an article for Cosmopolitan magazine about ‘finding the one at thirteen years old’. I was even more thrilled when I got invited along to this year’s Cosmo awards – an event I’ve always wanted to go to. Well, it always looks like such a glamorous affair – and to go along with that glamour, I decided to wear a dress from littleblackdress.co.uk called The Marilyn. Coming in at the waist before shooting out in a prom style skirt, the black dress was very flattering and totally took me out of mummy-mode for the night. Hurrah!
As Tom and the McBusted boys had won the award for Ultimate Men of the Year, he was also there – although we turned up and sat separately. It did feel a bit weird at first (I’m used to having Tom by my side at big occasions like that), but I was so in awe of the event that I happily sipped away at my wine and talked to the other guests at my table… and they really were VERY interesting folk – with most of them actually winning awards for their inspiring ways. Yes, my first time at the Cosmos certainly didn’t disappoint!

PRIMA BABY AWARDS: Now that I’m a mummy I feel I have a better understanding of some of the gadgets and gizmos that come with those crazy little beings. And this week I got to use my mummy-wisdom as one of the judges at the Prima Baby Awards 2015. The day was spent talking through and testing out various products from all aspects of mummy-hood – breastfeeding, toys, travel, food – it was all in there. I came out of that room feeling like I’d really learnt some valuable insights into what bits and bobs are needed as a mummy… and what aren’t.  Sometimes it feels we need every product invented, but, actually, we don’t… Saying that, there are some amazingly innovative ideas out there!

PENGUIN’S WOMEN’S FICTION EVENING: My publishers Penguin held a lovely event for their female fiction authors. Unfortunately I was majorly poorly and had hardly any voice, but it was still great to go along and spot some friendly author faces – and meet other book folk. My germs didn’t seem to put too many people off talking to me either. Fingers crossed I’ve not made anyone else ill!
Also, in the lead up to Christmas, I’ve decided to take part in a thing called Vlogmas on YouTube… My channel has effectively turned into a video countdown to Christmas with me posting something everyday until Christmas… It’s been a fun challenge so far. Let’s hope I can keep it up!
Big love to you all,
Gi. Xx

01 December


It’s Important To Mummy-talk

Being a first time mum can be a dauntingly lonely experience. I think friends assume you sit at home all day cooing and cuddling your bubba – but the reality, especially in the early days, is far from that… Well, it was for me. I’m sure I’m not the only mum who questions her every thought as a mother, and Googles to see what other parents have done before her in a quest to ‘get it right’. I’ve made a realisation – one that I keep rediscovering and reminding myself of – and that is that there is no RIGHT. The only RIGHT is keeping your bubba out of danger and happy… As well as yourself, of course. This realisation always pops up when I’ve spent time with other mums. We all have different methods to our madness, we all have different struggles, and it always feels so good to just offload when possible in a nonjudgmental capacity. Although, be warned – there are judgemental beings out there (I’ve spoken about them before) who will pull the scariest faces at your techniques due to them being so different from their own – just smile, nod, and take their views with a pinch of salt. Babies do not fit into a one size fits all method and every household is different.


But back to the happy stuff – talking to other mums and dads is great, and possibly one of the biggest perks of going to baby classes. Actually, even just talking to another mum in the park and having a natter can be equally as uplifting. Talking is so important (as is getting out of the house and seeing people) because it reminds you that you’re not alone. There are loads of mums out there and you can bet whatever you’re going through they are too. Yes, you might meet someone whose attitude makes you feel a bit rubbish, but you could also meet someone whose attitude is hugely uplifting – kick-starting a new friendship with someone you can text in the middle of the night about your child having a slight temperature… Or just to share in a I-have-to-laugh-or-I’ll-cry manner that they’ve just pooped all over your favourite top. You’re in a whole new phase of your life, so it makes sense that there are going to be new additions to your friendship groups. I love meeting other new mums… it turns out I love oversharing too. Oopsey!
Also this week…



It was Dougie’s birthday so we took a group trip to Gilgamesh to celebrate. I was thrilled at the amount of vegetarian dishes available. Usually we’re stuck ordering the only veggie option on the menu but instead we were surrounded by delicious yumminess and stuffed our faces. Happy times!



Buzz has been poorly… Again. Everything was fine and we were having a magical week together and then Saturday afternoon he woke up from a nap with a temperature and wouldn’t eat his dinner. Then his nose started leaking and the dribble started flowing in a way I’ve never seen before. He was very wet and slippery. And so followed a sleepless night (typically when Tom was away) in which I gathered my pillows and blankets and tried sleeping on Buzz’s floor to see if that would help at all. It didn’t. When he started getting a blistery rash the following day on his body (especially his hands) I knew it was time to get a doctor’s opinion. I’d already been Googling his symptoms online and was fairly certain that he’d managed to catch hand, foot and mouth disease, but a late night call to NHS direct and a visit to an out of hours doctor confirmed that. With it being a rash and a fever it was worth checking it wasn’t anything more sinister than the common virus. Thankfully it wasn’t. He’s still super poorly (as I write this he’s asleep in the back of the car while we listen to some Adele). Being poorly yourself sucks, but when it’s your child who can’t communicate what they’re feeling (they can only look at you with a pained expression while they whimper) it’s a million times worse. Needless to say we’ve had lots of cuddles while watching The Muppets… on repeat. I hope he gets better super quickly! 
Time to go mop up some more dribble!
Big Love,

24 November


Christmas shopping and Buzz’s new piano

You might recall that four weeks ago we were referred to a physio to make sure that Buzz’s flat head (something that is very common thanks to the guidelines that babies sleep on their backs) was not a cause for concern. Thankfully it wasn’t, but we were relieved to have it checked out by a professional. This week we returned to Physio Gill to see how Buzz is developing. She was extremely impressed with his crawling and sitting… I felt like a very proud mummy! Now that he’s moving around a lot more, and hardly ever flat on his back, his head has really started to round out. The only thing we’re keeping an eye on now are his feet – he likes to go up on his tiptoes a lot when we hold him in a standing position. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about at all – but we’ll be helping Buzz keep his feet firmly on the ground before going back to Gill in six weeks.

Following that appointment we took Buzz into town for a family day out… he happily sat through two meetings, two restaurant trips and some late night shopping without even a whimper! What a star! And yes… we’ve finally started our Christmas shopping! Not long to go people.




Also this week…

· I’ve discovered Pinterest! I’ve had it for a while, but never really understood it… I still don’t understand it, but am loving pinning lots of pretty/ inspirational images and quotes. It’s great fun! Following this discovery, my friend Joe pointed me towards Etsy… Oh gosh, I can tell I’m going to spend so much time and money on there. It’s a den of hidden treasures.

· Tickets to my first ever book event went on sale AND sold out! I’ll be having a little Q&A/signing at Covent Garden’s Waterstones on December 10th. It’s a ticketed event – which is great as it means I’m guaranteed some guests… Can you imagine if I did something like that and no one turned up? I’d be so embarrassed!

· I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here is back and I’m in reality TV heaven! Yep, I’m a huge fan of the show and genuinely get excited about it every year. So far I’m LOVING Kendra and Jimmy. I used to watch Girls of the Playboy Mansion and was a huge fan of Kendra back then as she’s nothing like what you’d expect from one of Hefner’s ladies – it’s nice to see she’s exactly the same on this show too. I had no idea who Jimmy was at first, but he’s had me in stitches since day one. I love all the adventure in camp – it’s definitely one show I think I’d enjoy doing myself… although do you get out of the eating challenges if you’re a veggie? I’d hope so!

· Buzz got sent the most adorable tiny piano from Korg! Tom was trying to tell me that there was a chance Buzz would sit down and bash out a symphony of some kind – well, it’s just a collection of notes – but I’m pretty sure the tune Buzz created wasn’t like anything I’ve heard before on Classic FM. Still, he’s highly enthusiastic with his bashing.


· We took a group trip to the cinema to see Interstellar… I really enjoyed it… although (I’ll be totally honest), I was a bit baffled when it finished. In fact, a few of us turned to each other and said, ‘I THINK I get it’… which is possibly not the best reaction to be left with. BUT, I did thoroughly enjoy it. I think it’s one you have to roll with and not think about TOO much, otherwise your head might implode. Yep… that’s a scientific fact.


Right, I’m off to try and not think about Interstellar!

Big Love,

Gi. Xx

17 November


Buzz Becomes The Fastest Crawler Who Ever Lived…

Okay, I might be slightly exaggerating with that title, but our cheeky little monkey has been flying across the room with the biggest grin on his face this week. He’s loving exploring and wants to touch everything that he can put his hands on. It’s amazing to witness him loving life, but it’s also a little bit terrifying! Everything in sight has become a potential hazard waiting to happen… Let the baby proofing commence!

With that in mind, it won’t come as much of a shock that we’ve visited the idea of a playpen. I’ll be honest, I was in two minds about putting Buzz in something that resembled a cage, but seeing as he can dart across the room very quickly now (making doing anything impossible) I thought it was worth having a little Google. After all, Christmas is just around the corner and they’ll be lots of shining things around that he’ll want to put in his mouth… and a Christmas tree for him to pull down. So, on my search to find something that wasn’t oppressive, boring and depressing, I came across the TikkTokk range. Made for nurseries (yes, I know… I went big and bold), the colourful plastic is fun, strong and extendable. So I bought to kiddykare pen and an extension pack to make Buzz’s play area as huge as possible. It’s so flipping easy to put up that it really is possible to just get it out when needed.



Also this week…

We’ve been sick! So sick! Last week I mentioned how Buzz had been vomiting over the weekend and that the doctor had said it was due to teething…. However, I think the fact that me, my mum and brother Mario have all graced our toilets with our heads this week would suggest otherwise. All I could think was ‘poor little bubba’ at the thought of little Buzz going through the same thing. I can’t lie – I’m pretty glad that week is behind us!



But in better news… WE’VE ORDERED A DISHWASHER! I agree, mundane info that you probably don’t want/need to know… but it makes me so happy to know we’re finally on the way to replacing our old dishwasher that broke several months ago. Three cheers for the new dishwasher that’s on its way – hip hip, hooray, hip hip, hooray, hip hip… HOORAY!

Yep. Other bloggers give you updates on their glitzy outfits to snazzy celeb-filled events – I tell you about kitchen appliances we’ve ordered. I lead a riveting life sometimes.

Thanks for sticking with me and reading this blog each week. Your support and kindness really is wonderful.

Big love!

Gi. Xxx

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