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Buzz is now THREE!

Because of the book I’ve obviously been looking back a lot to the early days with Buzz. The first time we met where I was taken aback by his sparrow-like tiny frame, crying because he wouldn’t stop crying in his newborn days, my heart melting at him first saying ‘Mama’, the first time he hugged me back, the first time he told me he loved me… it’s hard to believe that he is now three years old. It feels like he’s always been with us, that he’s always been a part of the glue that binds our family unit together.
Life has changed so much since Buzz arrived. Life is fuller. My heart is open and exposed to every single emotion that flies my way (I cry at adverts, songs, news stories of people I don’t know – anything that carries a little sentiment). I feel beaten, euphoric, like I’m failing and like I’ve won on an hourly basis. It’s nuts, but I love it.
Buzz is so funny. He makes me laugh every day. And he’s clever! He can count up to thirty and never stops talking. I’m often astounded by his willingness to learn. If I correct him if he says a word wrong, he doesn’t get frustrated. He repeats the word, feeling how it sits in his month, until he gets it right. He likes doing this. I can tell from the look on his face. If someone corrected me on my pronunciation I’d tell them to bugger off, this is clearly a perk of being three and wanting to learn and develop without realising that’s what you’re doing. There’s no pressure, just his own curiosity and wonder.
Buzz loves cars, Lightening McQueen, dinosaurs, Aladdin, drums, guitars, the Little Mermaid, Hugless Douglas, Mickey Mouse and co, and food – namely sausages, weetabix, bananas, melon, mango, carrots, toast, egg, pasta, pizza, curry, pancakes and vanilla ice-cream. Actually, he rarely turns any food away.
My little love makes me smile every single morning as he climbs over me to get into bed between us. He nuzzles into my face and I feel a swell. When he then says ‘You know, I love you Mumma’ my heart just bursts. I can’t bear the thought of him going to school next year and growing up, but at the same time I’m so proud to see we’ve raised such a beautiful, charming, caring and utterly bonkers little man. I’m one lucky mummy!
Also this week…
…I went to the Scummy Mummies book launch. I’ve been listening to their podcast and I’m so in love with these two ladies. It was an honour to be asked along to celebrate their book!
…I appeared on stage at Channel Mum’s Vidcon with Sarah Turner and Louise Pentland to talk about our books, being mums and sharing all. It was great fun. And all the women there were so lovely that I decided to stay out and get to know them a little better. I’m so glad I did. I don’t really have a social life outside of work, so it was great to just relax for a bit!
…Tom and I appeared on This Morning together with Phil and Holly. Ahhh… what a bunch. What a team! I had a fab time.
…we went to see Aladdin for Buzz’s birthday and he got to meet Aladdin, Jasmine and the Genie afterwards. He was transfixed throughout and was in utter awe afterwards! He gave them all hugs and then wouldn’t stop talking about it.
… we took a family trip into town and visited the Transport Museum. It was great fun. Both boys loved it!
I also went to the Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital with Tommy’s to hear more about the work they do – but more on that in the next couple of weeks. For now I’ll just say that the team blew me away.
Right, Monday (today for you, tomorrow for me while writing this) is Buzz’s actual birthday, so I better go wrap his presents.
Big love,
Gi. Xx


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