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Buddy is ONE!

This week an unexpected, yet highly predictable, thing happened. Buddy turned one. More so than with Buzz, this seems to have really crept up on us. Obviously he’s been getting bigger, become far more agile and is keeping us on our toes a lot more (we’re permanently on our feet ready to catch him or retrieve him from danger) – but still, it seems so sudden for him to have reached that milestone already. An incredible amount has been packed into the last year, and Buddy has been a huge part of it all.

Buddy is such a thoughtful little thing. He’s an observer. He watches what everyone is doing (especially Buzz) and wants to do the same (especially when it comes to food). Whereas Buzz was using his baby signs quite a lot by this point, Buddy prefers the more forceful approach of grunting and pointing with a little frown on his face. He has started to use his signs too, but so far he’s making his wants and needs made very clear, so he isn’t becoming too frustrated just yet.


He’s up on his feet, tentatively wobbling around as he gets to grips with walking – although is still happiest crawling around as it’s far quicker. He climbs up everything. He likes to stand up on tall things. He loves food. Has a serious love for bananas, blueberries and avocados. He has four teeth, with two on the cusp of cutting through. He’s started dipping his head into my chest and really enjoying a cuddle. His favourite person is Buzz. He’s incredibly intrigued by cats and dogs and isn’t at all scared by them. He loves banging on the drums. He dislikes being put in his car seat, but loves being outside. He has worked out how to open doors. He’s just discovered that throwing unwanted food onto the floor means he won’t have to eat it. He’s still not sleeping through the night. He gives kisses. He says Mama. He’s an absolute joy to be around. He has the most magical smile. I feel very lucky to be his mummy.


Once Buzz was here I couldn’t remember life without him, and the same is true with Buddy. It’s not that those memories of it being just us two, or three, dissipated into something meaningless or that long forgotten nights out with my mates have failed to hold their fun, just that life is the fullest it’s ever been thanks to our two little guys having joined us. That’s why it’s difficult to picture a time when that fulfilment wasn’t there. Life seriously does feel complete on so many levels – and it’s all because of the love they’ve given us. We have a real purpose and drive now. We’re more determined and focused than ever. We’ve learned what’s important in life and have let go of the negative!

My boys have taught me so much. Long may the lessons continue.

Happy 1st birthday, Buddy!


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