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The Joy of Podcasts

I feel like I’m late to the party here as Podcasts have been around for blooming ages, but I’ve recently decided to listen to a few and have become hooked. Actually, less hooked and more obsessed. I should’ve started listening to them sooner, I realise this now. For some reason the idea didn’t make sense in to my brain when I could’ve just listened to the radio or to some music. Don’t get me wrong, I loved listening to Fearne on Radio One or singing along to Coldplay and wouldn’t take that away from the last decade of audio fun – but podcasts have given me something other (plus I fear I’m now too old for Radio One and have made the transition to the more mellow Radio Two).


Podcasts have provided me with the little bit of intellectual input I need after hours with my munchkins. A little adult humour to make me titter as they take a nap in the car on the way to Essex or into town. Usually when we reach our destination I wait and finish listening to whatever has tickled my fancy that day and then wake them up, ready for an afternoon of fun and chaos. Feeling like my mind had been stimulated beyond pondering over the ball pit rules at softplay. Podcasts have given me a little something and it’s so utterly joyous to feel my brain revving back into action.


My current favourite podcasts are Emma Gannon’s Ctrl Atl Delete, Dawn O’Porter’s Get it On, Glamour Mag’s Hey, It’s OK!, The Pandolly Podcast and Desert Island Discs. I have also subscribed to My Dad Wrote a Porno, but feel I probably shouldn’t listen to that with the boys in the car. Ha! Tweet me if you can think of any others I might like!


As Tom’s been away writing with the McFly boys over the last two weeks (he’s made a few trips home to see the boys) I’ve been in full on mum mode – which isn’t the easiest thing to do when the house is in the middle of being renovated and it’s freezing cold outside (and inside – I’ve practically LIVED in my slippers), but it’s kept me on my toes and forced us to get out and do things. The best bit was going to Southend to see my dad and spend time with family. We had many cold walks along the sea front. Buzz loved looking for stones on the beach and declared it had ‘the best sand ever’.


I’ve also seen quite a few friends during that time which has been joyous, and have even had a little reunion with old school friends who I hadn’t seen in over a decade. As everyone has children now we organised a big playdate. It was wonderful and felt like no time had passed at all. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the old Essex gang with even more friendly faces joining in with the fun.


Big love!

Gi. Xx

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“The Joy of Podcasts”
  • I completely agree with the podcasts. I live in Denmark and I miss hearing English speaking stuff. Three of my top podcasts are:
    1. The Guilty Feminist. Amazing podcast, cracks me up. Brilliant.
    2. The Jillian Michaels show. I love her workouts, her show is brilliant
    3. MOHpod, a podcast by danish comedian Sofie Hagen (in english). Brilliant. Love her.
    Just thought I would share those :)

  • I really love podcasts and listen to them driving in the car more than the radio or music. I can’t believe there aren’t lots of comments here making suggestions!! My faves are all American – The Longest Shortest Time (about parenting); Death, Sex and Money (the title says it all); Happier with Gretchen Rubin (about everyday things we can do to make ourselves happier and habits); and How I Built This (about huge companies and how they grew from small beginnings).

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