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Giovanna Fletcher Giovanna Fletcher

Baby scan, knitting, panto and a festive party!

This week Tom and I ventured into London for a baby scan. I’m over twenty-eight weeks now and we have recently met our midwife team, but wanted to go see our doctor to get another look at our bundle. Well, our Sprout has grown loads since we last saw him/her on that little black and white screen – and now weighs approximately two pounds two! Bonkers.

I’m certainly feeling a lot heavier at this stage and can’t quite bend over or get up and down from a seated position with as much ease as I could before (and not without a vocal sound escaping my lips). I’ve decided it’s definitely time to take things a little slower and start relaxing more. Plus, I’ve learnt that I can’t rush around like I normally do, because it almost always leads to me injuring myself!! Ha!


Crazy to think the newest member of our family will be here in just a couple of months and that our family trio will become a quartet. I don’t think it’s quite sunk in yet as I’ve been so busy with work, but now that certain bits are starting to wind down I’m looking forward to getting organised. It’s time to get the crib down from the loft and wash all of Buzz’s neutral newborn clothes. Waaaah… Exciting times ahead.

Talking of Buzz, he’s certainly had a speech breakthrough this week. He’s suddenly started saying so much more. He literally woke up from a nap one day with four new words he could say. The sweetest word he says at the moment is ‘elbow’. He really pronounces the ‘o’ sound. It’s adorable.

Also this week…

…I went to knitting club and then tried my luck at Panto for Lorraine and Take 5. First up I joined the ladies (and men) at Love Knitting. I’ve only ever been able to knit scarves before and can only do a simple knit stitch (I’m not a knit one, pearl one type of girl – nor can I swap colours), but this group were so impressive with their skills and make it look really relaxing and easy. I’m certainly going to be getting my knitting needles out over the festive period… scarf anyone?



…Next up we joined the cast of Questor’s Theatre in Ealing who were rehearsing for their production of Dick Whittington and His Cat. Well, it’s hard not to fall in love with Panto! I even got into various costumes and learnt a quick dance routine with the company. I had so much fun and it took me back to my amateur dramatic days with the Young Expressions in Ingatestone. Ah, those were the days…



…The week was rounded off with a little Christmas party at our house with some family and friends. Each year we get to Christmas Eve and wish we’d have organized a festive gathering of some description. Well this year we did it! Sadly I completely forgot to take loads of photos – but I did get a snap of Emma Willis’s delicious crumble before it was scoffed by everyone, and a picture of me and my cat Leia lounging on the sofa once everyone had gone. I was knackered!



Next week we dive back into the world of hypnobirthing… I can’t wait to be reunited with my dear friend Hollie!

Have a jolly week!

Big love,
Gi. Xx

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