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Recording my Christmas audiobooks

This week I recorded the audiobooks for my two Christmas novellas CHRISTMAS WITH BILLY AND ME and DREAM A LITTLE CHRISTMAS DREAM. I was pretty nervous before heading into the recording booth as I’m not the most confident at reading out loud – even if it is just my own words. I usually have to really familiarise myself with the text or (even better for me) learn it – although that was obviously pretty impossible when working with so many words… I’m thrilled to report that my nerves eventually left me (after me having a big old case of the sweats) and I really got into telling the stories that I’d poured so much love and time into…


I’ve never listened to a full audiobook before, just because I love the actual act of reading, but I think the experience of recording my own books might’ve sparked a new interest for me. The thing about them that I find so intriguing is that someone else sets the pace for you and dictates how long you take over each moment. I think it’s easy to skim read sections of books (for me, I always read descriptive passages quickly to get back to the drama between characters), but one thing Roy, the wonderful man guiding me through the two days, reminded me was that the words are on the page for a reason… I didn’t write them for people to skim over so they warrant a bit of time to breathe, enabling people to soak them up and enjoy them in the way I’d intended…

And emotional scenes?! Wow, wow, wow… When sitting down to create those chapters I can’t actually pen or re-read them without getting teary anyway, but being in that booth and speaking the whole thing out loud, as if I’m actually experiencing and sharing it with a friend… It was so powerful and moving.

The audiobooks are being packaged as a bundle called CHRISTMAS DREAMS and will be available on the 8th October – the same day the novella is available as either an ebook or in physical book form (exclusively through Waterstones). I’m feeling very festive now… Very excited for the man in red to arrive.

Me and Tom also headed into London this week for a baby scan – I wanted to get one before we went away, as it always relaxes me to see our little one kicking around. I’m just at the point now where I’m starting to feel a little movement – I know I’ll feel much calmer when I feel that more often. Happy to say everything is going well so far! Hurrah.


It’s been lovely to have the sun back with us again! We’ve enjoyed some great walks with Buzz, who’s been in his element whilst jumping in muddy puddles. He really dances his way around now – it’s so funny.



I’d love to say the rest of the week was equally as thrilling, but in truth I’ve been trying my best to spend time on my next novel. My deadline is slowly approaching and will be here before I know it – so it’s time to focus and get creating!

I’ve got a very busy few days coming up before heading to Sardinia so I’d better go finish my packing!!

Big love to you all!

Gi. Xx

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