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Buzz starts walking

This week has been manic. So manic that I’m in shock that I’ve managed to find time to write this… But I have to keep you guys posted on what’s going on in my life, don’t I?!



The start of the week was spent on tour with Tom and the McBusted boys – Glasgow, Newcastle and then Leeds before heading back home. I’ll be honest, I was so happy to be heading home and knowing we’re going to be based here for a few weeks. Buzz hasn’t got back into his regular sleeping pattern since getting home from Australia, which I’m guessing is because he’s been poorly (teething and a rotten cold – blurgh), but also because we’ve been staying in different hotels every few nights and he’s not been in his own room. I know I shouldn’t say this as I’ll totally jinx the situation, but he’s slowly easing himself back into sleeping through the night in his own bed… Yes, that’s the other appalling habit we’ve fallen into – bringing him into our bed. How dare we?!? It’s just so tough when you’re jetlagged/tired and just want to sleep yourself, especially when you know that all he wants is your company because he’s woken up somewhere scary and new. To be honest, I don’t think a snuggle with your mummy and daddy is a lot to ask… But I’m so glad he’s starting sleeping better in his own bed! Although I love having him with me, I don’t sleep quite so well with him there… Sorry Buzz!


In other baby news… BUZZ HAS STARTED WALKING! (Yes, that totally needed the caps lock on) So far he’s managed a total of twelve steps in one go and finds it hilarious. Although, he still prefers to crawl everywhere or side-step along furniture. It’s scary to think he’ll be running around the house in no time… Eek!



Sadly when we got home at 3am on Wednesday night, following a drive from the boy’s gig in Leeds, we found that one of our cats had been sick everywhere… Poor Leia was walking around in quite a state so Tom ended up taking her to see the emergency vet. We thought it was a virus or bug at first, but by Friday she still wasn’t herself, hadn’t eaten anything and had started to refuse water. After another trip to the vets, and more tests, we found out that her kidneys were severely failing and that she needed specialist treatment somewhere else. Long story short – crystallised matter has been found in her kidneys, suggesting she’s ingested anti-freeze. The specialist said Leia’s chances of survival were minuscule to none… Something that was incredibly difficult to hear. On Saturday morning, before Tom was due to head off on tour again, we went to visit Leia and hear the latest. In all honesty, we thought we were going there to say goodbye. Well… It turned out Leia had been responding extremely well to the treatment and had even eaten breakfast. We were shocked. Tom cried, obviously, but I’m relieved that they were happy tears. Leia still has a big fight ahead of her – her kidneys may never fully recover, but we’re glad she’s more comfortable than she was before. She’s a very special cat – she’s been a blood donor for the RVC and saved the lives of other cats. She’s dippy and loving and I can’t wait for her to come home and sleep on my pillow at night time again!!



Also this week:

– I’ve been burying my head in make believe! My next book Dream a Little Dream is published in June and I’ve been working my butt off and loving it. I love the fact that anything could happen when I close the door of my office each morning.


– Our lovely friend Chunny is expecting her baby girl to arrive in a matter of weeks, and to celebrate Izzy threw her a gorgeous babyshower. A night talking babies and cooing over the new adventure Chunny is about to start with wonderful girlies was delightful!! Good luck Chunny!!!

Right, I’d better get back to it.

Big love to you all!

Gi. Xx

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