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The Flu before the McWedding!

This week was really focused around one thing for me – a trip up north to watch our two fantastic friends Danny and Georgia tie the knot. Hurrah! It was lovely to have all of the McFamily together celebrating something so magical, however, I feel it should be them who divulge all the joys of their big day – and not me! Disappointed? Don’t be – you’ll hear all about their wedding details in HELLO! soon.

Although I will say that I saw the most amazing bit of machinery on our way up to York while driving slowly through road works (it was the longest journey ever)… it was a central-reservation-building-contraption. I’m not sure that it’s oficial name, but whatever it’s called, I found it mesmerizing. It inched its way along the center of the motorway as cement was pumped and molded into a pretty wall shape.


Yeah, okay, point taken – I need to get out more. Anyway, I’d love to wish a huge congratulations to Mr and Mrs Jones – may their marriage be filled with love and understanding, friendship and passion, laughter and smiles.

Also this week:

– I got sick! Headaches, tummy aches, aching joints and muscles, nausea, feverish… And a blooming high temperature! Turns out I’d had flu for a couple of days before I decided to see the doctor. Lovely. Luckily Buzz seems totally unaffected by it – it would be miserable to see him suffering with all of those symptoms!

– I got my hair done! By Thursday I was feeling soooo much better, so decided to pay my local Haringtons a visit for a cut and colour. I’ve had Louisa cut my hair a few times since I got pregnant last year and travelling into London became tougher for me. She’s an absolute star!


– I’ve become addicted to Catfish the TV show. I watched the documentary last month and then loads of you told me about the TV show. Having checked it out, I’m now hooked! Funny how the internet gives us such security in talking to others and sharing our inner secrets, without us really questioning who we’re talking to. Hiding behind our screens, writing in our PJs in the comfort of our homes, it seems easy to let our guards down and let others into our lives. I find the whole thing fascinating and can’t help but feel sorry for some of the people ‘Catfishing’.

So, that’s it this week… a wedding I can’t talk about, me getting sick and my newfound love of concrete! I promise I’ll work on my fun factor for next week. Ha!


All my love,
Gi. Xx

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