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Giovanna Fletcher Giovanna Fletcher

Luxury in Bath, glamping and celebrating with friends…

Since returning from York last weekend we have been extremely busy. A few of the McFamily have made the most of The Jones’ honeymoon time and jetted off to places covered in piping hot sand with beautiful views overlooked by nothing but sunshine, however, we opted to stay in the UK. Yes, a staycation it was for us – no need to faff around with flights or worrying about Buzz getting hot and bothered in the tropics. Nope. We wanted to make the most of the good English summer… and the rain!

First stop was a trip to Bath and Babington House. We’ve been wanting to explore Bath for ages, so thought we’d have a pamper at the same time. It was a lovely family outing and I can honestly say that I had the best massage of my life in their Cowshed spa. I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards – it was just what this slightly haggard mum needed. We followed up our massages with quinoa burgers, Arctic Rolls and a massive bowl of salted caramel popcorn. We certainly pigged out, but we had to make the most of our night away in luxury…


That indulgence was followed up with some glamping! This weekend we joined my drama school friends at The Original Hut Company in East Sussex to celebrate my friend Charlie turning 30 (Happy Birthday Chuck). Two years ago we all camped, but now that there are children, babies and pregnant ladies to consider, it made sense to add a little glamour/comfort into our weekend getaway. The huts were incredibly cute and obviously eliminated a lot of camping woes… Like getting cold in the night (they were lovely and snug), waiting ages for a cuppa (they all had gas hobs and whistling kettles) and trying to change your knickers in a sleeping bag (a necessity when camping but always awkward). It was wonderful to spend some quality time together eating great food and playing games. My favourite game had to be rounders, which I’ve not played since I was a child. I’d forgotten how much I love it – and how competitive I can be. Although, I’ve been aching ever since – but that might be more to do with a crazy celebratory dance I made up. It was funny at the time but now I can barely move. Ha!


Once we were back home, de-smoked (camping is never complete without a bonfire smell sticking to you and following you home), it was time to head into London. Two awesome friends of ours got engaged at the start of the year and they FINALLY had a little get together to mark the occasion. Congratulations Lauren and Dan!

Buzz’s world has been full of new discoveries. He’s has learnt to take his dummy out AND put it back in, which, seeing as he only has it at nap times makes the hours that are meant to be sleep-filled very entertaining. Especially since he’s also started making proper sounds. He’s literally found his voice overnight! Instead of waking up crying for attention he shouts in an adorable but extremely loud manner. Making him difficult to ignore. Also, now, I could be one of those mums sure that their little ones are advancing at a startling speed (making him a genius) but it looks like he’s attempting to crawl! Amazing seeing as he hated tummy time until two weeks ago. I’ll keep you posted…


Sadly, I was shocked this week when I saw comments online about a glamorous fashion shoot of Olivia Wilde breastfeeding her baby. With people saying it was disgusting, that women shouldn’t ‘flaunt’ themselves in that way and that breastfeeding in public was unnecessary. I was actually outraged, and that’s not an emotion I feel very often. Perhaps it’s because of my own trials and tribulations with breastfeeding that I was left with such a strong reaction. I’ve already shared my concerns over breastfeeding in public and I’ll admit that it really made me want to stay in during the early days of mummyhood. I hated the thought of going out and Buzz suddenly becoming hungry and needing a feed. I wasn’t ready to feel so exposed and vulnerable in public. For that reason I sometimes hated going out and preferred to stay indoors. I totally admire the mums who go out and BF in public. I think they’re wonderful. My own issues with me doing it personally is all down to my own insecurities rather than my feelings towards the act. So, in response to the idiotic people online who would rather a mother feed their child in a public toilet than in comfort in a coffee shop, I decided to make a mini protest. Yep, after a few angry tweets, I found myself the following day planning our trip to Bath around me getting back into the car at midday to feed Buzz away from those members of the public who don’t like to be aware of free boobies… and I suddenly decided I wasn’t going to. Instead I found a nice park bench, grabbed my swaddle sheet for discretion and got on with it (I even took photographic evidence!)… and it was fine. No one even batted an eyelid. Incredible! I’m not saying I’m going to BF in public all the time, but it’s nice to know it’s not the petrifying debacle I thought it to be.

It tickles me the way people react to breastfeeding and milk as though it’s the sickest thing ever – yet they’re willing to drink cow’s milk which has come from a cow’s teat and is actually meant for her young calf. Hmm… which one sounds more natural to you, and which sounds a little odd for us to be drinking? It certainly gives us all some food for thought.

And finally… Danny and Georgia’s wedding photos are in this week’s Hello! magazine. Hurrah! I’ve not seen any so I’m looking forward to reading the article and reminding myself of their utterly beautiful wedding day… Georgia was THE most stunning bride I have ever seen, but then, I guess she is a model – it’s her job to make everything look fantastic. Well, she was certainly working it on her wedding day – I was mesmerized by her beauty. For those wondering, I opted for an Emma Louise London dress from www.littleblackdress.co.uk. A gorgeous, multi-coloured shift dress from one of my favourite designers.

Right, I’m off to play with my genius child.

Big love,


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