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Buzz Eats a Strawberry… Sort Of!

This week has been quite eventful because Buzz has eaten his first bit of food that isn’t milk (Yes, I know milk is liquid and theatrically a drink, but it’s classed as bubba food, so please don’t think I’ve lost the plot here). For a little while Buzz has been really watching us when we eat, he’s even gone as far as moving his mouth along with us as though he’s tasting it – then, the other day he made a sudden grab for the food on my plate (perhaps he’s been plotting this move for a while – like something from Prison Break, waiting for a some slack behaviour on mummy’s part before making a dash for it). After lots of recommendations from friends, we’ve decided to try Baby Led Weaning, so instead of giving liquidised food you give proper food in grab-able pieces or sticks for them to play with and then eventually eat. Whereas the normal way of weaning teaches them to swallow first, BLW allows them to learn about the muscles in their mouths and the art of chewing, it also encourages babies to learn about food through play and discovery. Making food fun and interesting, rather than something mummy keeps popping into his mouth whenever she tricks him into opening it, sounded very appealing to me. Ha!


So on Saturday morning at breakfast we decided to give in to his pleading eyes and allow Buzz his first food experience. While he was sat in his high chair (he always sits with us at breakfast), we gave him a strawberry. We were amazed when he picked it up and took it straight into his mouth with precision and ease, as though he knew exactly what he was doing! He pulled a few funny faces at its sweetness, but other than that it looked like he had a thoroughly good time with it. As you can see, he made a total mess. Actually, I know the mess is one thing that really worries some people about this method (If you’re a clean freak then this definitely isn’t for you), but we found it highly amusing to watch him play and discover as he bashed, mushed and sucked.

If you’re interested in BLW, I’d suggest reading up on it first to know what foods you should use and to understand more about the technique – we’ve read BLW books by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett. I’ll keep you up dated on our progress.

Also this week…

My brother Mario nominated me and Tom to do the ALS/MND Ice Bucket Challenge. Naturally we accepted – it’s all in the name of charity and raising awareness, after all. I’m ashamed to admit that I knew NOTHING about this disease before all these cold and wet videos started flying around this week. Beyond all the laughter and chattering teeth are the people affected by the horridness of ALS/MND and it’s their videos that have really opened my eyes, moved me and educated us all. If you haven’t already, check out the video ESPN made about how Peter Frates kick started the challenge for ALS ( and then another by Anthony Carbajal (

Once you watch these you’ll see why you should do the challenge (fish out a bucket and some ice) if you’ve been nominated AND why you should donate – text ICED55 followed by the amount you’d like to give to 70070.

Like many new mums, I worry about SIDS and am constantly checking that Buzz is okay in his cot. I am also concerned about the fact that his head has become a little flat from lying on his back on a hard mattress – something that happens to many babies with the current sleeping guidelines. So, I was delighted when PurFlo asked if I wanted to try out their breathable mattress on Buzz’s cotbed (it’s happening – he’s almost big enough to go into his own bedroom at night… Waaaah!). The mattress came in a lovely little box with easy to follow assembly instructions – that’s right, you build it by slotting together metal poles and then wriggling on its cover, which is made up of a mesh-like material and holds Buzz as though he’s sleeping on a firm hammock. Actually it’s nothing like that – it’s much sturdier and supportive. I wish I had one for myself!


I had a realisation this week that I’ve been hiding in the comfort of my home and that, if I wasn’t careful, the thought of heading out of it and seeing my friends would become too overwhelming to manage with Buzz in tow. Therefore, I decided enough was enough – I needed to see a few of my besties, and so, I gathered Katy, Sav and Lauren (three of the greatest girls in existence) and headed into London for one of my favourite summer past times – a picnic! Summer sun (sort of), gorgeous food (all made by Katy – a fellow veggie) and a girlie natter (we had a lot to catch up on). It was just what I needed and lovely for Buzz to have some time with my ladies!

This was followed up with a trip to Willows Activity Farm with Emma, our fab friend Joe and the mini Willis’. I thought Buzz was going to be blown away by the sight of so many different animals… but he seemed nonplussed. I think he was just playing it cool. I can’t wait to go back when he can really make full use of the petting zones and feeding them all. It’ll be so much fun.


Hope you’ve all had fantastic bank holiday weekends!

Big love,

Gi. Xx

P.S. Tom wanted me to write something about Doctor Who. What can I say? I watched it AND I enjoyed it. With any luck he might succeed in turning me into a Whovian this series…GERONIMO!

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