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McFamily Time and some disasters in the kitchen!

A certain little wedding in the McBusted camp is getting closer and closer – so before Miss Horsley becomes Mrs Jones (and the couple wander off into the sunset and live happily ever after) we decided to have a couple of get togethers to mark the wonderful occasion.


Seeing as me and Izzy were both unable to attend Georgia’s Hen do (she was whisked away somewhere hot and gorgeous – I was extremely jealous), we decided to do something for her here in the UK as a trio… It was difficult working out what to do with her – although, obviously, we knew some naughtiness should be planned. And not in the shape of a stripper! We wanted to do something indulgent with a touch of heart, and so, we decided to take Georgia to The Waffle House in St Albans – the spot where her and Danny had their first date almost five years ago. Georgia was extremely shocked and delighted at the chosen location and had no idea where we were driving to… Until we were literally right outside and she saw the sign! Haaa! She’s a funny lady. I bet you’re dying to know what I opted to eat… Well, a spelt waffle (less gluten) with chocolate sauce, crushed hazelnuts and banana (with a side of ice-cream)… It was SO good! In fact, just thinking about it is making me salivate once more!

This was followed by some flipping gorgeous treatments at Champneys. Well, we weren’t going to make Georgia go for a pamper by herself. It seemed only fair that we joined her. One full body massage and Elemis facial later and I felt nicely rejuvenated. After all, I’ve not really had any ‘ME’ time for the last four months. Just having a shower every day feels like a major victory! And for those wondering – Tom was left in charge of Buzz for the day. In which Buzz cried for a few hours solid. Perhaps he missed his mummy, but eventually he was happily having some naked tummy time while watching The Muppets. Phew. The start of many Daddy and Buzz days to come!


That evening we were joined by the rest of the McFamily and went to STK in London – a steak restaurant! Yes, it could’ve been torture for us new veggies, but the food was great anyway so I really didn’t miss my medium-to-well-done ribeye steak… Honestly, at no point did I stare longingly at someone else’s plate wishing I could scoff its contents. Haha. It all smelled delicious though! It was fab being all together as a group and having a catch up with our bonkers friends.

Also this week…

– Both of my novels have become available as audio books! How cool is that?! You can now listen to the stories that I created!

– I made a blooming gorgeous lentil curry from scratch. I couldn’t quite find the recipe that what I wanted online, so I made it up using all the ideas I’d found. I’ll definitely be cooking that one again this week!


– My success in the kitchen was followed by failure. A major one. I made a horrible pizza using a cauliflower base – don’t try it, it’s not nice! This was married with Tom making Tofu cubes with garlic and salt… Again, disgusting. Our only failed attempts at vegetarian/vegan cooking so far. I must say, Tom redeemed himself the following day by making chocolate and peanut butter balls. They were so tasty!

– Buzz’s swimming classes have finished for the summer! Very sad they’ve stopped but we’re planning on taking him down to Virgin Active ourselves during the break. He loves being in the water so much, we want to keep it up so that he doesn’t start getting fearful or anything. We want him to remain confident in there.

– And lastly, a lovely image to leave you with – on getting into bed one night, I found baby sick inside my bra. Too much information? Have I gone too far in my openness? I was just ever so surprised seeing as I’d put Buzz to sleep hours before and it took that long to discover it… Gross!


Hope the sun keeps his hat on for us all!

Big love,
Gi. Xx

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