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Another Week, Another Adventure…

This week I had to go into London to sign stock of ‘You’re the One that I Want’ for Waterstones Oxford Street West and Oxford Street Plaza (sounds far more glamorous than it was – but go grab a copy if there are still some left!). With Tom off on tour it was Aunty Giorgie and Uncle Chickpea’s turn to have an afternoon with Buzz… Meaning Buzz and I had a little adventure of our own to contend with in order to get from our house in northwest London to their home in East London. Yep, we had to tackle The London Underground.


Having read loads of info online (I’ve already admitted numerous times that I’m addicted to Google), I was a little worried about how I’d cope with a pram on my own. Did you know you’re not allowed carrycots on escalators? Especially if they’re occupied? It makes total sense when you think about the dangers, but I’d never really thought about it (and I swear I’ve seen millions of them down there before). Needless to say, it makes travelling around on The Underground (which is full of escalators) almost impossible. Thankfully, in a rather spoilt way, we have a spare buggy for such occasions – a gorgeous iCandy Peach Jogger that was driven to my sister’s last week. This meant that I could put Buzz in his babybjorn carrier, his essentials in a rucksack and we were good to go… I may have looked like a loaded donkey ready to travel across the desert, but, hay, it’s London – anything goes!

One thing I was totally surprised about was the lack of kindness in some people. I was pretty weighed down with a baby on my front and bag on my back, but a couple of times I was bumped into or gently nudged out of the way so that a vacant seat could be snapped up before I got to it. Good job I was in a good mood and sending positive vibes out into the world that day – otherwise my feisty side could’ve come out and given them a slight ear bashing about manners. Ha! For every rude person there’ll always be a dozen kind ones, though. I loved people looking at Buzz and cooing over him. I felt like a very proud mum.


This weekend we decided to go to Essex for love and cuddles from Buzz’s grandparents and uncle Mario. All of them can’t believe how quickly Buzz is growing so they’re demanding to see him more – rightly so.

I’ve decided that there’s nothing nicer than strolling along the beach front in the sunshine. Last week we went to Brighton and this weekend we went to Southend-on-Sea – we just can’t get enough of the sea air! I walked a few miles from my dad’s house to his café and back and it was goooorgeous! So lovely to see children playing in the sand – one of the many things Buzz has to look forward to.


Right, I’m off to Buzz’s first ever ‘baby class’. Ahhh… Won’t lie, I’m nervous he’ll cry the whole way through or that I’ll just seem a terrible mummy in comparison to all the other mummies. Eek! Wish me luck – I’ll report back next week.

Gi. Xx

P.S. Check out these nails that have been inspired by the artwork of ‘You’re the One that I Want’. I was sent a picture of them on Twitter – it must’ve taken ages. Thank you Mantha!

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