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Tackling restaurants with a baby…

This week brought Buzz and I some more time to enjoy Manchester while we stayed with Tom on tour. I know a few people were worried over how I’d get on staying in a hotel for two weeks with a baby, but it’s been fab… my only concern (now we’re going home) is how I’m going to get through all the washing we’ve accumulated. Anyone want to come round to our house and do it for me? Anyone?

Over these two weeks I’ve done something I didn’t think I’d be able to do for a few years… go out for dinner! I thought Buzz would be screaming the place down and annoying all the other diners, but he continuously surprised me by nodding off before we’d even arrive at the restaurants and then staying asleep for the whole of the meals. We were out for Matt Willis’ birthday last Thursday and we didn’t hear a peep from him at all (although I do think people think I’m crazy as they watch me continuously popping my head in his pram and checking he’s still breathing – unable to fathom his ability to sleep with the surrounding loud noise). Well, so far, he’s acted in this angelic way four times. However, we have had one near disaster…



For a treat, my brother Mario took me to Rosso one night when Tom was staying away in Cardiff. I’ve heard so much about the Italian restaurant (and walked passed it so much in the last couple of weeks) that I was really looking forward to it. It started well. Buzz was asleep upon arrival – allowing me to take in the gorgeous building, eat a few olives and enjoy being entertained by some Rat Pack classics from a male singer. Yep. It was delightful… so delightful that Buzz felt he wanted to join in the fun. He woke up and wailed. And wailed… and wailed. Ha! Mario even had to chop up my dinner for me so that I could juggle eating with just a fork and bouncing Buzz in my other arm. The only blessing was that the music was loud enough to drown out his cries – so I don’t think we ruined anyone’s dinner. The staff there were fantastic too and didn’t make me feel like I was a nuisance – I’ll put it down to most of them being Italian. I’ve always felt children have a little more freedom over in Italy. There certainly isn’t a feeling that children should be ‘seen and not heard’. Luckily it’s not scared me off going out again – if anything it’s given me the confidence to get out with him more.

Buzz has grown so much during our Manchester trip – he’s finally wearing 0-3months clothing. He’s also become so much more alert and aware. Our families are really going to notice a difference when they see him this week.

The day that this post goes live is actually Tom and I’s second wedding anniversary. So, happy anniversary Tom! Thank you for making me the happiest lady ever on a regular basis and filling my days with love and laughter. Above all, thank you for being my bestest friend.

Right, I’d better go celebrate with the hubby!

Love to you all!

Gi. Xx

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“Tackling restaurants with a baby…”
  • Oh! I was waiting for today’s post! I’m so happy that you are happy :) When I read this “Buzz has grown so much during our Manchester trip – he’s finally wearing 0-3months clothing.” I was like “wohoo!” and I don’t know why but it’s cute! What’s more? I wish you and Tom all the best from today and forever :)
    “As we walk this journey from beginning to the end I’m glad I have my true love and best friend.” It’s ALL ABOUT YOU and Tom,right? :)
    And- today it’s a good day to have a good day!
    Lots of love from Poland xx

  • Happy anniversary to you both :) I hope my baby boy is as well behaved as Buzz.. He’s due date is in 8days, so nervous.. Buh hope you both have a good and relaxing day :) x

    • I’m so excited for you!! My little one is due in November so we have AGES to wait yet. Good luck with the birth, I hope it all goes smoothly and according to plan. From one nervous expectant mum to another ;)

  • You and Tom are my favourite celebrity couple, you are so real and you love is obvious even to total strangers on the internet ;) Happy wedding anniversary!
    Its lovely you were able to go out with little Buzz to restaurants. I hope everything continues to go on the up for the three of you. You sound a lot happier now than in the first couple of posts after he was born.
    Good luck with the launch of your book I can’t wait to read it, I have been entering the competition daily!
    All the best


  • I really adore you three! Although I don’t really know Mario that well, I would be over the moon if you and Tom would follow me on twitter! I’m a really big big fan of Mcfly but now Matt and James from Busted have arrived, my happiness has just got happier! I really hope you’re all ok, Aimee!! P.S love McBusted

  • I can not believe two years have passed? Time is so fast passadno Gi. And tomorrow Buzz already full two months. This is so magical. I am always happiest day for you and your wonderful family. I pray that every day you are blessed and have much health, peace, love, and affection for each other always. Because those are things that make a happy family. Thank you for being that person always cute Gi. And I’m looking forward to the launch You’re The One That I Want.
    I Love You Gi

    Lots of Love

    Rafaella Xxx

  • Happy Anniversary! We just celebrated our 2nd year as well! I hope you have a great day today :) I’m loving hearing your stories about Buzz, my husband and I are expecting our first little one in November so it helps knowing a bit more what to expect! First meal out – Italian. Got it. :D

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