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Giovanna Fletcher Giovanna Fletcher

Publication Day, a chat on Lorraine and a walk along the beach!

This week, after months of waiting, Publication Day finally arrived for my latest novel ‘You’re The One That I Want’. Releasing your work is a little like handing over a piece of your heart to each reader – willing them to be carried away into the world you’ve created and emotionally attached to characters that have become your imaginary friends for the past year. So it’s understandable that I was a little jittery in the lead up to the big day. I can’t tell you how amazed I’ve been to see it sitting at the top spot on the iBooks chart and at number 5 on the Amazon book chart. Bonkers!



Publication week brings promotion, and on Wednesday afternoon I had a few hours of phone interviews to undertake. So that I wouldn’t be interrupted by Buzz demanding my attention, my dad, brother and (hopefully one day) brother-in-law took him out for a little outing. I can’t tell you how horrible it was to watch them drive off with him – leaving me at home Buzz-less for the first time since he entered our lives. I just wanted to cry. Thankfully I had half an hour to compose myself before the interviews started, meaning I could move away from hormonal-new-mum-mode and skip into delightful-and-funny-author-mode. I think I managed the transformation eventually!


My jaw dropped when my book publicist phoned and told me I’d been invited to talk about my book on Lorraine… Yes, I was going to be on flipping-Lorraine-blooming-Kelly’s breakfast show! Ahhh! I’ve appeared on a few TV shows as myself now (McFly on the Wall, It Takes Two, Mr and Mrs, Deal or No Deal (McFly special), Family Fortunes, etc…), but none of them were focused solely on me as an individual or required me to speak for a few minutes in a coherent manner… I never feel like I’m very good at talking out loud. I’m one of those annoying people who’d rather text or email than speak on the phone – even though I know a phone call can often be much quicker and with less room for misinterpretation! I think I feel safer being able to think about what I’m saying before I commit to it – otherwise my words usually get confuzzled and I look like a plonker. So, needless to say I was a little nervous about what would come out of my mouth under the pressures of live TV. But once I was sat next to Lorraine (one of the nicest ladies off the telly. Ever!), I relaxed and found myself making complete sense. Hurrah! I loved every second of it and can’t wait to do more of the same… if anyone asks. Ha!


Ooh, I have to say a massive thank you to my mother in law for looking after Buzz while I gallivanted off to appear on the telly box – the regular pictures of him continued to put a smile on my face throughout the morning. I’m very proud to say he was a little angel for his Nanny Fletcher. Bless him.

Tom and the boys played the Brighton Centre this weekend and, as it wasn’t too far away, me and Buzz tagged along – meaning Buzz experienced his first trip to the seaside (in yet another matching ensemble to his daddy – check out his Babiators). True to form he slept through the whole thing but I’m looking forward to making sandcastles on the beach when he’s a little older…and to eating ice-cream together in the sunshine.


Also this week , I appear to have deflated somehow! Not only have my pre-pregnancy jeans been dug out from the back of my wardrobe (let’s be clear – it’s still a tight fit), but my engagement ring is back on my finger too! Yay! My hand has been looking bare with just my wedding band as decoration.


And finally, Tom’s been nominated for Marvel’s Celebrity Dad of the Year award. Ha! I feel like I should give a little pitch as to why he is utterly awesome and deserves to win, but I might be just a little bit biased… GO TOM!

Have a fab week!

Love Gi. Xx

P.S. A huge congratulations to my friend Becky Belfield who has launched her own website of gorgeous handmade babygrows. I love all the pieces on Magnificent Stanley – my friend is one clever lady.

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“Publication Day, a chat on Lorraine and a walk along the beach!”
  • Absolutely loving the blog Gi! Such inspiration to read your goings on and how your dealing with Tom touring and new baby Buzz! Love the name btw. So nice to read about all the things you get up to.

    As for your books, well absolutely loved Billy and Me and have just purchased You’re the one that I want. Can’t wait to start reading it!

    Keep the blogs coming, I look forward to reading it on a Monday afternoon!

    Best of Luck with everything in the future! XxX

  • I’m sharing your happiness. I’m also happy (like from the moon and back!),because for some days I will have my own copy of your lovely book! Your photos are always pretty awesome! And, you look nice in Tom’s glasses. :P Have a nice day! :) xxx

  • My daughter interduce me to your books on holiday…I’ve been re-twittering in hope of a signed book for her…her birthday is on 4th June she will be 23 years old…please wish her happy birthday…would make her day! And thank you in advanced….Good Luck in your future with all your books <3

  • oh god I just died of sweetness, Buzz is so adorable ! I’m so happy for you guys even though I don’t know you and I know it is probably a bit weird for you… Anyway I’m so happy for you both :)

  • Omgsh I love you gi! I think you’re so AMAZING and your books are among some of the best I’ve ever read! LOVE YOU

  • I love the matching outfits! They are the most adorable things ever!!! Love hearing about your family and your life on the telly!! Always make me happy and smiley :) you blogged on my birthday aswell which also makes me super happy but my computer wouldn’t let me post! Ah well. Look forward to reading again soon ahhh

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