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Life on the road

This week me and Buzz joined Tom on tour… sort of. We weren’t down at the venues each night, jumping along with the crowds, instead we relocated to a hotel in Manchester. Yep, along with our mountain of luggage (including a bouncer, play gym and breastpump – I basically put our entire house in the car), we set up camp somewhere new so that it was easier for us all to be together. I know a few people would recoil in worry, concerned with how I could possible cope in a strange place with a newborn… but it’s actually been great!

For a start there’s room service. Who cares if it’s dinner for one? I’ve been getting regular hot meals for the first time since Buzz came along – real meals that haven’t come out of the microwave with a ping! And then there’s the cleaning fairies (otherwise known as housekeeping) that come along, tidy everything up and keep all of the linen crisp and the towels fluffy… bliss!



It’s been fun getting to know Manchester a little more too. I’m still not an expert, but at least I can make my way to the nearest Wagamamas without getting lost. Ooh, talking of Wagas… I’ve learnt a valuable lesson this week. Chicken Katsu Curry is off the menu for me for the next few months. Buzz doesn’t appreciate the spiciness and let us know by being cranky all night after I’d eaten it… Whoopsie. Poor Buzz.

When Breaking Bad finished it left a gaping big hole in our lives that we’ve been trying to fill ever since. Lots of our friends recommended Game of Thrones – they raved about it so much that over Christmas Tom and I decided give it a bash. After the first episode me and Tom looked at each other agog. There was so much violence, nudity and explicit behaviour going on that we weren’t really sure what to make of it. We put the disc back in its box and forgot about it… until last week. I’m not entirely sure what made us give it a second chance, but I’m glad we did. We’re now on the third series and LOVING it.




The week ended with a girlie meal with Izzy and Georgia (and Buzz, but he slept through the whole thing). As Georgia and Danny’s wedding is getting closer, me and Izzy couldn’t help but ask dozens of questions about their big day. An organised Georgia revealed lots of amazing details (from a great big shiny wedding folder)– but she remained tight-lipped about one thing… her dress! She then prompted Izzy and I to draw what we thought she’d go for. As you can see – our visions were quite similar. I got a bit giddy with the whole thing and decided that Georgia should wear her Miss England crown (why not?) and have ‘Miss England’ written in diamonds across her tiny waist. Ha! Let’s face it, Georgia could wear a white plastic bag and still look heavenly!




Also this week, I’ve launched a competition on Twitter to celebrate my latest novel, ‘You’re the One that I Want’, being published in a couple of weeks. Every day this month I’ll be posting a wedding inspired image for people to retweet – I’ll then be choosing two people a day to win a signed copy of the book. It’s that simple! Come and join in the fun.

Have a good week!


Gi Xx

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“Life on the road”
  • Another Monday and another amazing post! Today I had matura exam (the most important exam in Poland) so your blog is perfect relaxing thing for me. I’m not for judging people,but I think that being on the road with T. is the best thing. Also I’m happy that you’re together. : ) Wedding arrangements! The best time! Love both wedding dress projects girls. Georgia should take your idea with crown, it’s pretty awesome! :D And what about this twitter competition-the best idea ever! Lots of love for you, Tom and Buzz xx

  • Hi, Gi!
    Im from Brazil and I love reading your blog but sadly your books werent published here yet. Poor me. Anyways. Keep writing cause you born for it.

    Big hug for you and tom, and kisses for your little Buzz.


  • Tour with a baby sounds fun! The food, the cleaning, and absolutely: getting to be together as a family. Good for you. Enjoy!

  • Hi from Canada Giovanna!

    At first I thought you were awfully brave to travel with a newborn but after reading your blog, I think you are brilliant. To have wonderful meals made for you, your room cleaned and be close to your husband is perfectly perfect!

    I can’t help but think with the creative genes your child has inherited from you both, he is going to be incredibly talented. This little guy has an amazing future ahead of him with you both as parents.

    I just started reading Billy and Me and I had never heard of a ham and pickle sandwich. After checking with Chef Google, tonight my daughter and I are having ham and pickle sandwiches for dinner. I think it is pretty impressive that your book can influence meal choices on another continent!

    Thanks for your weblog, it is so much fun to see life through your eyes.

  • Hi Gi!!!

    I’m just sending a quick message to say that I’d just finish Billy and Me and it was such A-MA-ZING, I can’t remember last time I went so deep in a book like that, It made me turn off from the world every time I put my hand on it.
    I can’t wait to read You are the one that I want!! I will read while in holidays, so I guess I’ll probably finish it all in 1 day! lol
    I have no doubts it will be as good as Billy and me and more.
    You are an amazing writer. By the way, are you planning to do any autograph’s day for You are the one that I want?
    I’m already a huge fan and I’ll be glad to be there to support you and have your sign on my book. :)

    Thank you for sharing your pregnancy and early mom’s experiences with us, I come here every Monday to check what is been happening and it is always a great post.
    I can’t see many people interacting on the comments, but I’m absolutely sure you make our Mondays not so boring.

    Loads of Love,

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