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Waiting for that first smile…

This week Buzz reached the six week mark and with that came the promise of his first smile. Hours have been spent cooing at him and pulling silly faces – trying to tease the corners of those cute little lips upwards, but all we’d received in return was a look of confusion and bewilderment. There were even times when those looks boarded on disgust – bemused at how weird his parents were behaving.

There had previously been hopeful moments when he’d looked as though he was the happiest baby in the world, however, they were usually when he was looking at my boobies (never fails to put a sparkle in his eye), had wind or was drifting off to sleep (the light sleep causing millions of expressions to comically cross his face) – so not in reaction to our efforts at all. Although, I’ll admit, even though they might’ve been the result of him being hungry or needing to burp or fart, the look never failed to melt my heart. It felt like a glimpse of what was to come.

We weren’t taking it too personally that he was failing to find us funny or pleasing… Perhaps we just weren’t entertaining enough and he wanted us to raise our standards. He was a tough nut to crack – but we eventually did it. The three of us were chilling in bed, on a lazy Sunday morning, when Buzz granted us with his first delightfully gummy expression – seemingly happy with whatever his daddy had been talking about. I didn’t manage to capture the smile, but this pirate impression came shortly afterwards. What a cutie!


And what an exciting week it’s been for little Buzz! He got his first glimpse of tour life by joining Daddy at the O2. He slept for almost the entirety of his first day there, but the next visit he was fully alert and fascinated by everything and everyone. I could tell Tom was excited to have Buzz there with him and eager to show him off to friends and family backstage. It was lovely to witness.

Thanks to my in-laws looking after the little dude, I managed to watch the McBusted show… Wow, wow, wow. It’s so surreal to see the six of them up on stage together giving such an epic performance. As always, I was a very proud wife! Anyone going to this tour will not be disappointed – it’s full of fun, spunk and hilarity. Not that I’m biased. Hopefully I’ll be able to watch again at some point.


Hope you all have a fab week!


Gi. Xx

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“Waiting for that first smile…”
  • Read Gi’s blogs all the time and absolutely love them. They never fail to make me smile!
    And baby buzz is possibly the cutest baby ever!

  • Wohaaaaaa such an amazing and flipping wonder blog, seeing pics of Buzz coming over and over every week makes me shake of puré happiness that you and Tom are stupidly granted by finally having that little dude with you gujs
    Cant explain with words how happy I am since the day you because a part of my life, what I feel for you and your little family is way massivily huge
    I’m so blessed to have you guys in my life cause you are mean to show me how happy and endlessly proud a person can be.


  • First what I done today was visited your twitter and then checked link for this. And when I read this post it was my “first smile” today cause I imagined this situation when you and Tom make funny faces :) and Buzz is incredible cute one! Can’t wait for next lovely post :) xx

  • Ahhh, can’t wait to see his smile – hope that next week’s blog will include it! :) Very happy about your family. Wish you all the best! Love from Poland :)

    PS. Also I hope that release date of your second book comes faster! Cannot wait to read it! I loved Billy and Me.

  • Aw gawd, he’s so small but already has a beautiful smile. I’m happy because you’re sharing these amazing Buzz’s moments with us. Thanks, Gi.
    Love xx

  • I’m completely in love with this little dude and his- almost- smile. He’s so cute and he has the best parents he could ever imagine. Can’t wait to read more of your “mommy adventures”. Congratulations one more time, Gi. You deserve it. <3

  • I note that you mention the “six” of McBusted. As the only person who’s ever screamed for Harry Judd at a McFly gig (which angered security) it’s good to see somebody remember him, unloved, ignored and unphotographed at the back behind the five favourites.

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