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My labour was the most amazingly powerful experience I’ve ever had

Hellooooo! I’m baaaaaaaaaack!

Some of you may have been wondering where my riveting weekly updates had gone to… Well, they’d got lost in a world of sleepless nights, breastmilk and baby poop. Yes, in case you didn’t know – our son Buzz Michelangelo Fletcher arrived on Thursday 13th March – bang on 7pm. I still had two and a half weeks left until my due date and had all sorts of plans for my last bit of ‘freedom’, but it seems Buzz wanted to come out and join us – eager to say hello to the world. In fact, we were out for dinner with all the McBusted family (celebrating Danny’s birthday) when my waters broke – so I’m pretty certain Buzz just wanted to be part of the fun. I can’t tell you how giddy we all were when we left our friends in the restaurant knowing that the next time we’d see them we’d have a child.

So on to the labour… As regular readers know, we’d planned to use hypnobirthing techniques and go drug free as much as possible. Well, thanks to Hollie from London Hypnobirthing and a lot of homework from us (if you can call spending time to relax with one another each day work), that’s exactly what we achieved. I can honestly say that my labour was far from the horror stories people love sharing – it was the most amazingly powerful experience I’ve ever had. I never realised my body was so clever! During the final stages I felt like I’d taken every drug known to man – I clearly hadn’t, but I was calm enough to allow my body to produce a whole heap of oxytocin and endorphins with the help of some Michael McIntyre standup, singing along to Coldplay albums and my wonderful husband Tom. He was as encouraging as I knew he would be – stuffing jelly babies into our mouths, rubbing my back and reminding me to breathe anytime a frown appeared on my brow. He anchored me and made sure the day was as we’d hoped it would be. I’m so pleased we chose to go down the hypnobirthing route and that I ignored the few negative comments directed at me (since when has telling someone they’ll be ‘demanding drugs when the time comes’ helpful or encouraging?!), although I obviously understand hypnobirthing isn’t for everyone. I’m not about to start judging anyone for taking the drugs offered or opting for a c-section if necessary (we all just want our little babies healthily kicking in our arms), but I’d definitely recommend looking into hypnobirthing when the time comes if I’ve stirred an ounce of curiosity.

And so we grew from a duo to a trio – Tom, Gi and Buzz. Ready to explore the world in a brand new way – all jumping into the unknown with just each other to cling to. Going to sleep that night (after we’d treated ourselves to a delicious burger – it tasted so good), I couldn’t stop looking at Buzz’s little face and smiling euphorically at Tom. We’d done it. We made that little man. He is already, without doubt, my greatest achievement in life.



Now that we’ve officially entered family life my blogs might read slightly differently – they’ll be less time for cake with friends (possibly), less news from evenings out (it’s not like I was overly sociable before), but, instead, you’ll get an insight into the world of a mummy who is learning to find her feet in a brand new world… and doubting her every move. It’s surprising how much time one person can spend on Google!

Right, Buzz is waking up and demanding his mummy’s attention. See you next week (hopefully).

Have a great one!


Giovanna Xx

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“My labour was the most amazingly powerful experience I’ve ever had”
  • I loved reading this blog! Gi and Tom just make my heart explode with every post and picture they upload. We all knew they would make wonderful parents, and boy, they sure are!! You can just see and feel the love they have for eachother and for their gorgeous little Buzz.
    Gi, you’re doing great. And if you ever feel like you’re not, you’ve got such a huuuuge support unit from the Mcfly GD’s behind you ! Encouraging and sending all the love and hugs you may need.
    Can’t wait to read the next adventures from the Fletcher’s ❤️
    Lots of of love x

  • Awwwwww. Buzz is the cutest baby ever! Congratulations for your new life, Gio. Enjoy your new amazing live

  • Happy to hear of the safe arrival of Buzz! Such a gorgeous little boy and an inspiring post Gi. Brought tears to my eyes! Looking forward to future posts! Xxx

  • I’m so happy for you Gi and Tom! Little Buzz is so adorable, I think you two will most certainly make the greatest parents! And its a huge huge bonus that he has a best selling author as a mum and rock star as a dad!

    See you in May for the McBusted tour!!!

  • Congratulations to both of you – he is gorgeous. Really looking forward to hearing more of your stories as a new mum! x

  • i LOVE this Blog- i’m going to be a new reader now, so excited to hear about your journey with your beautiful family. Many, many congratulations Gi, Tom & Buzz. P.s please keep it up with showing us pictures- hes so cooable!!!

  • Oh my dear Gi, ….
    thanks for sharing your story with us! You and Tom must be really proud of this tiny little wonder in your arms. He is incredibly cute :) I am absolutely sure that you two will be great parents! No doubt really.i am looking forward for your new posts about motherhood and all your new experiences as mother :)

    Lots of love, hundreds of hugs and a billion kisses for you, Tom and Buzz!!
    love you guys!

    Greetings from Austria

  • Welcome back! And CONGRATULATIONS on your baby Buzz!
    I definitely see how you can’t stop staring at him.. Such a cutiepie! And the more I look at that photo, the more he definitely looks like a Buzz Michelangelo. (Great name by the way!)

    Pretty sure I speak for all of us when I say that we can’t wait to follow you on this beautiful journey!
    And although most parents might dream back to this time after a few years (giggles), just remember he’ll never be a newborn again – this really is a precious time!
    Enjoy every second of it! Xx

  • I love this post Gi, a big congratulations to you and Tom . You will make the best parents, Buzz is going to be such a talented little one! It’s nice to hear a different view of birth, what a mindful way to look at it!

  • Tom is my hero, so is too good see you and him happy. I’m so happy for you guys. I know you two are good parents. Buzz is so lucky. And you are so lucky. I don’t have enough word for describe the happiness of seeing Tom (and you too) beeing a daddy. :) Love you guys.

  • I miss you Gi ! Welcome back <3 Buzz is veeeeeery cute ! I hope read more about your hours with Tom and your baby, and you three have lot of music and lot of McFly in your life!

    Kisses from Brazil, to you, Tom, and Buzz. Xx

  • Well done Gi on your calm and pleasant birth. Its nice to know that woman can still complete the task we were created for in the most natural way possible. It gives me hope that one day I can do the same. Your little boy is so beautiful, and funny enough looks as though he is giving you his impression of air guitar in the image above. Congratulations to you and your husband…..I cannot wait for the next update……A x

  • It’s so amazing that you’re breast feeding! Setting a good example for other mothers for sure! My mum breastfed me and my sister for 3 years each and we are the heathiest people ever! I’m planning to breastfeed my babies for a lengthy time too! Congrats and well done to you and Tom x

  • Gi! You and Tom are every single lovely word I could possibly think of. You always light up my world by simple things like tweets or lovely photos. For me you and Tom are perfect couple and marriage. Every day I pray to God for husband like Tom. And now you have a Baby, I’m so happy of that! I’m in love with every idea what you upload to web. It’s clear that you and Tom love each other endless love. I wish you all the best, because you deserve it. Lots of love, Zuza (@DrugaStronaMnie). xxx

  • I have so much love for the fletcher trio its unbelievable, I was jumping for joy when I found out you gave birth, and was even more when I found out his name! Baby Buzz is so cute and I’m so proud of you Gi :) xxx

  • Congrats! You are very brave, Gi. I’m sure you’re already an incredible mom. :) That airguitar pose is melting my heart! I know you guys don’t even know me, but I love your family so much, I couldn’t wait for you guys to get married and have the first child… Sending lots of love your way, you have such an amazing, talented and most of all blessed family. <3 xo

  • Nothing is so touching as the smiles of two proud parents on the birth of their son. Congratulations on the Buzz’s birth! You both are so blessed with such a handsome baby boy. Best wishes for your new future! Xx

  • Hi Gi,
    Congrats on the birth of your precious boy, he looks lovely. I will follow your blog with interest, I enjoy your and Tom’s outlook on life. We have brought 3 beautiful boys into this world and they are such a joy. Trust your instincts in everything you do, you will be amazed at how accurate they are.

  • Thank goodness you’re back Gi! And this is most definitely the blog we’ve all been waiting for!

    I love reading your blogs and can’t really express with words just how chuffed I was for you and Tom when little Buzz was born. He’s a wonder. Thank you for sharing such a personal time with us all.

    My husband and I are planning to try for a baby next year (after a blow out holiday at Disney World) and if we are lucky enough to conceive I will most definitely be looking into hypno-birthing so thank you for opening my eyes to that.

    I look forward to hearing more about parenthood from you, I’m sure it will be an adventure!

    Much love to you three!

    Karlie xxx

  • Awesome story, thanks for sharing the positivity. I totally watched Michael McIntyre during my last labour too! Laughed until my waters broke! Enjoy Buzz, he is quite beautiful x

  • This is really lovely. I’m so happy for you guys, Tom’s been my teenage idol and I feel so grown up seeing you two married, now with a beautiful baby boy, and I have one too! Being a mother is one the most amazing experiences in life. No doubt you’ll be doing great at parenthood! :)


  • I am so happy for you that the hypnobirthing technique went so well! I will definitely try to find an instructor in Austria when my time for being a mummy comes.
    Buzz is gorgeous. Keep following your posts on Twitter, it’s always a pleasure to see pictures of him!
    Hope you won’t miss Tom too much when he’s away on tour but I guess he will do everything in his power to support you. I am so looking forward to seeing the guys in London next week. Will you come too?

    All the best,

  • Never knew you had a blog until a friend added a link on my baby group about you hypnobirthing I have done a course myself and baby is due in under 2 weeks so lovely to see positive stories that it really does work hope my labour is as smooth as yours and congrats on your new arrival xx

  • Congratulations. Becoming a mummy is the most scary but fantastic experience. Cherish every moment, record clips and take pics. I’ve just been watching DVD footage of my two (now 13 &11) when babies in disneyland Paris and it’s amazing how u forget the cute things they do and say. U will both be great parents, enjoy xx

  • I love your blog! I am also a hypnobirthing mummy to twins and a singleton & I loved my experiences so much that I now teach expectant couples. It is so lovely to hear other people sharing their wonderful experiences of hypnobirthing. I am sure you have reached out to lots of women whom will become empowered by your birth choices x Congratulations you are an adorable family x

  • Awwwwwwwwwwwww! Gi that was just amazing <3 you won't believe if I told you that I was checking you blog every single day and every single hour to see if you've written something about your childbirth :D

    oh sorry I forgot to say congratulation a million times. you're a lucky woman right now and I'm sure you're gonna the greatest mom in the world and Buzz (and your future kids too) will be so proud to have a mom like you :)

    I wish you all the luck (and sleep enough :P) always and all ways ;)

    LOL xxxx

  • Congratulations on the arrival of Buzz! I was in the same place you are now just over 2 years ago when I had my little girl. I was a first time Mom and everything was new and exciting (it still is!!). Enjoy every single minute with your little guy, they grow up so quickly! I look forward to reading your future blogs about how parenthood is going for you and Tom.
    Greetings from Canada :)

  • Congrats! I’m so happy for you two! I’m always curious on how parents choose names and was wondering if you could share the story or how you and Tom chose Buzz. It’s one of my favorite stories about babies because sometimes there’s so much thought into what a person will be named as and/or why. My parents got to the end of the alphabet and couldn’t decide and when they went backwards they ended up with Victoria because it looked like a crown was on my head.

  • Congratulations to all three of you, I’m glad you are all well. My husband and I are expecting our first little one in November and we can’t wait! I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog to pick up all the little tips the books won’t tell you ;)

    Stay healthy!


  • So glad that little crumb arrived so wonderfully. That picture you posted looks like he’s playing air guitar. Taking after his daddy already. Congratulations Gi and Tom!

  • Hello, I’m very happy for you and hope it is special when the time for me to have a son or daughter to cuidar.Muito thanks for your tips coming.


  • Baby buzz looks like he’s playing an invisible guitar! He’s definitely going to take after his dad! Adorable x

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