Appreciation for the parental inventors, walking on clouds AND my love of Pancake Day…

One thing I’ve been really inspired by during my pregnancy are the inventions and gadgets that have been created by mums and dads who’ve been hit by a wave of ingenuity when coping with their own mini humans. Dreaming up little gadgets to make their own lives easier, but then going on to share it with the masses. Here are a few of the brainwaves that have impressed me so far – although I’m sure this list is going to keep getting longer and longer over the next few years. Who knows, I might even come up with my own invention at some point… A way of eating Nutella from the jar one handed whilst breastfeeding, perhaps?! Now there’s a thought! Check out my list of gadgets below.

Also this week…

• It was PANCAKE DAY! Yes, yes, yes – I’ve been banging on about it enough. You all know how much I love this special day. This year Tom was in charge and so we ended up with pre-made batter mix. Well, it might’ve been lazy of us, but they were blooming gorgeous. I had two with lemon and sugar and one with Nutella – it all melted and oozed out. Yummy! One thing I did learn though is that I’m rubbish at flipping pancakes. Really rubbish… bordering on shamefully rubbish. Ah, well! I’m good at eating them and that’s the bit that counts, right?

gi 1

• Maternity leave hasn’t quite kicked off as I planned thanks to chicken pox and colds – not me, but my friends or their children – which has led to things being cancelled. Boo! But I still had a lovely catch up with my mum on Monday and then my friends Izzy and Chunny the following day (Izzy bought over cupcakes… naughty, naughty!). I cooked them all homemade roasted pepper and tomato soup – it was gorgeous. I’m getting really into my homemade soups at the minute – it’s one way of getting all my needed vitamins and minerals before I move onto the naughty stuff. Ha!


• I know I’m meant to be on maternity leave and not talking about ‘work’ related matters – but should creative work really be classed as work when it’s so fun?! Hmmm, it’s an interesting thought. Anyway – the bound page proofs arrived this week for You’re the One that I Want. These are basically mock-ups of the real thing for reviewers (and my friends and family who keep asking when they can get their hands on it). They look so beautiful. Not long until the real copies arrive now and I can’t wait for you to get reading and telling me what you think! I’m hoping you’ll all love Maddy, Ben and Robert and their story as much as I do… fingers crossed!

• I have to say, that tiny mention of work aside, the majority of this week has been filled with total relaxation and me chilling with a capital C! Hollie from London Hypnobirthing came over for a one-on-one afternoon of calming tranquillity. Aaaah… It was heavenly. Add that to this week’s reflexology session and you’ll understand why I feel I’ve been walking on a cloud of loveliness… Well, I say that, but walking is becoming increasingly more like waddling like a penguin. We walked to Ask Italian for dinner the other night (now known as Pizza Friday) and it took us forty minutes to walk home… it’s normally a ten minute journey. Ha! But my mind and body really do feel at peace – something I’m making the most of before Crumb arrives and changes our world forever.


• The week finished with a trip to The O2 to see Ellie Goulding, for what was Crumb’s last ever music gig in utero. She was flipping amazing – what a voice! It was great bumping into fellow HELLO! Online blogger Una Foden and her lovely husband Ben, grab hugs from 1D’s Niall Horan and talk yoga retreats with Cara Delevingne. Crumb seemed to really enjoy the show and, unfortunately for my bladder, wriggled about endlessly during the whole thing. Can’t believe Tom and McBusted will be playing at that venue next month!


And now we’ve arrived at 37 weeks… from this point on Crumb can arrive whenever he/she chooses. It’s mindboggling to think that the little human I’ve been growing for the last eight and a half months is about to come out and meet us. I can’t wait!

Ooh, before I go – thanks for the lovely tweets and comments about last week’s blog post. It’s nice to hear my realisation (and apology) has set off a flutter of positivity amongst you all.

Have a brilliant week!

Gi. Xx

P.S. The gadgets I was talking about:

• Ewan the Dream Sheep ( ) – now, it seems every mum out there has already heard of this miracle worker. Created by a mum who had a little boy who would only sleep with the hoover on, Ewan (apart from looking adorable) plays sounds that resemble what can be heard in the womb – including a heartbeat. Instantly soothing babies, much to the delight of many sleep-deprived mums and dads!

• Babymule ( – a changing bag that can be carried as a messenger or backpack – or just clipped to the buggy! It’s full of gadgets to make life simpler AND has lots of compartments to keep everything a little more organised… and I love organisation and having a spot for everything, so it’s not too hard to see why I like this bag.

• Milkysnugz ( ) – essential a cuddly toy that your baby’s milk bottle slides into so that, when your bubba is old enough to hold its own bottle, they can experience a hug at the same time… cute.

• Babycademy (Music Time) ( – babies are never too young to start learning, after all, we’ve all heard the expression ‘brain like a sponge’. There are many classes and groups you can take your baby along to, but this mummy has compiled classes for you both to engage in from the comfort of your own home. A nice way of interacting with your child and for their brain to start developing through play.


• SnoozeShade (– we’ve all seen prams with blankets or thin swaddles draped over them in an attempt to lull the baby inside off to sleep. We’ve probably also seen said garments flying off with the wind and being trodden on or run over by said buggy… well, this little contraption apparently holds the answer. These sleep aids and sunshades can clip onto buggies, car seats and cots.

• Breastvest ( – this has been recommended to me a few times already… for a lot of new mums they don’t mind whipping their boobies out to breastfeed (their bubba’s got to eat), but what they feel self-conscious about is getting their tummies out if they’re wearing one of their normal tops (you know, the ones they wore before maternity clothes entered their lives). This thin vest goes underneath your lovely non-human-growing-top, meaning you don’t have to flash your postnatal tummy before you feel ready to. Result!

• Skibz ( – dribble bibs (and normal bibs) that are so trendy looking they become a part of your baby’s outfit – and that’s what mummy Helen wanted when she first thought up the idea. With so many cool designs and colours to choose from I imagine you can end up getting quite addicted. Honestly, it’s like dribble bib heaven.

• Blooming Bath ( – I’ve already mentioned this piece of magic in another blog, but I love them so much that they just HAVE to be included on this little list. Four dads who found bathing their babies difficult thanks to them being ‘so soapy and slippery and squirmy’ decided to take matters into their own hands and find a solution. I can’t wait to start using mine.



  1. Not too keen on the ‘MilkySnugs’ because if I was to ever bottle feed, I would want to hold the bottle and cuddle the bubs myself! Id be jealous of the elephant! Haha!

    The breastfeeding vest! My oh my do I need one of those! I breastfeeding my first for 2 years and hated my belly on show!

    Good luck Gi! You and Tom will be wonderful parents.

    P.s, I’ll leave a recommendation here because this for me was an essential with my first! – ergo! Baby carrier. It is soooo comfy, and baby can be close to you all the time (and Daddy too!) they’ll hear your heart beat and feel your warmth. Total bliss!


  2. she shouldn’t get her hopes up for an early arrival first borns are notorious for being late. what’s she want a low birth weight baby anything under 6lbs 2oz is considered low birth weight

  3. Your blog are so amazing!Your write is so lovely and that we feel like a friends of your, when we read the posts. I think you and Tom will be wonderfull parentes and I wish much luck to you both.

    Kisses from Nina

  4. Hi! Gi, your weekly blogs make me incredibly happy! They’re always so uplifting and just really nice to read :) I can’t wait till I can read “You’re the One that I Want”! xx

  5. hi gi! first i wanted to say congrats on the crumb, can’t wait to see photos of him/her soon! second i loooooooved your first book, too bad they don’t sell it here in Brazil, but one of my friends went to London and bought it, seriously it’s soo god i read it in like 2 days! And I can’t wait for the second one, i bet it’s even better!!!! I need to figure it out on how to buy it cause Brazil is kind far to go and just buy the book in London ahahaha
    I really like your blog here at Hello, and you are a very talented girl! thanks for inspiring me in many ways!
    love Bibs Xx

  6. How did u meet Niall Horan because that is super duper cool and how old are you

  7. What a great post! Always love to hear the business Mummy’s, especially the designer/makers like myself getting praised for innovation and hard work. I am also a big fan of the Skibz Bibs having used them for both my boys now 4 and 7! Good luck with your pregnancy hope all goes well x

  8. Funky Giraffe have a huge selection of dribble bibs Gi, you should check their website out. My 18 month old has had about 40 through his dribbliest months, and I’m still using them now when needed :) (This advice does come with a warning… You will become addicted to them and matching bibs to outfits!)
    Good luck with everything, it truely is the best experience ever xx

  9. My partner and I are both massive gadget lovers as well and when we had our son in November 2013 we invested in some corkers, these might also help:

    -Non contact thermometer

    -If you have a boy…invaluable

    -For babies that like snuggles so much they won’t sleep alone

    Good luck!

  10. Congrats for your baby !!!! He must be so cute !!
    I’m so happy for Tom and You ! You deserve your happiness !
    Be Happy both of you with your little boy :)
    The french fans love you !

    A fan from the beginning, to the end !

  11. Hello Gi!
    First I have to say to you and Tom, congratulations on the baby, much love for him!
    Your blog is so amazing and sweet, almost as sweet as a Nutella’s pancake, you’re so pretty <3

    P.s- I loved your picture with Niall, so beautiful!

  12. Hello this is so special, one day I want to read your book and meet you and Tom!

  13. Just wanted to say congratulations on your baby! I’m sure you two will be incredible parents, even though at first you don’t have idea of what you’re doing, those times are the best. Best wishes, from Venezuela :D x

  14. Hey, love your blog and massive congrats and the birth of your lovely son!! Hope you are ok and not too exhausted!! I just saw you mentioned babycademy! I bought this as was recommended to me and just thought would say how great it is!! Just for those times when you wanna spend some quality time with your baby and do something worthwhile and get rid of the guilt from the times when you are doing jobs or not able to give them attention!! My little girl loves it!! Good luck with the baby and make sure you get your man to do lots!!! Ha ha!! Xxx

  15. Hey, love your blog and massive congrats and the birth of your lovely son!! Hope you are ok and not too exhausted!! I just saw you mentioned babycademy! I bought this as was recommended to me and just thought would say how great it is!! Just for those times when you wanna spend some quality time with your baby and do something worthwhile and get rid of the guilt from the times when you are doing jobs or not able to give them attention!! My little girl loves it!! Good luck with the baby and make sure you get your man to do lots!!! Ha ha!! Xxx

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