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Giovanna Fletcher Giovanna Fletcher

Trying to find a local bump activity…

As soon as our baby announcement video hit YouTube (and our secret was out) I set about finding ways of having bump fun in my local area. I couldn’t wait to get started. I’d heard and read loads about Aqua Natal, Pregnancy Yoga and a whole host of other wonderful sounding things but they all seemed to take place at least a 45minute drive away. But a quick search on Google led me to discover the Lazy Daisy chain – classes which incorporate a little movement, breathing techniques and a whole heap of relaxation (and you all know how much I love that).

So over the last few months I’ve been joining some lovely bump wearing humans in a local church hall, being taught by the energetic Beth (she cycles to each class) – and it’s been great. I would say that meeting the mummies has actually been a mega bonus that I’d never thought about before – it’s nice to be able to talk all things pregnancy without feeling like you’re boring the pants off someone (I seriously started to feel sorry for my life-long friends – I know I used to talk about normal things, not just topics like ‘Did you know you poo when you give birth?’).


I’m enjoying my weekly bump indulgence and, as there are classes up and down the country, I thought I’d ask Julie Long, the founder of Lazy Daisy, some questions on how the classes came about and what new mums can expect from them. Check out my chat with her below.

Also this week…

· My hands and feet have started to sweat an obscene amount… it’s not pretty, it’s quite slippy.

· Crumb’s room has been PAINTED! Hurrah! We’re now waiting for the carpet to be replaced and the furniture to arrive – then we’ll go about adding the final touches and making it even prettier.

· Our cat Leia gave blood and saved another cat’s life! She’s on the donor list at the RVC and we get a call every few months when another cat is poorly and in need of a blood transfusion. As cat blood can’t be stored it means we usually try to get Leia there as soon as we can if possible. If you have a cat I strongly suggest you look into how they can become a little life saver!


· My page proofs have been completed! Hurrah! Book two can now go to the printers once the title and cover are confirmed (I’ll post more on that in the coming weeks). I also had some of team Penguin over to film some promo pieces for it (lots of laughter and me talking about cake… as normal), AND I had a very exciting meeting about my future at Penguin. I originally signed a two-book deal, so now that those two books have been delivered it was time to address the big question – ‘What’s coming next?’ Well, the answer is a whole lot more writing! Good times!

· Maternity clothing brand Isabella Oliver (worn by the likes of Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Garner) launched a new collection and kindly sent me some samples to try on and review. The autumn/winter collection was warm and snuggly, and in contrast the spring/summer collection is mostly light and breezy – just what I expect bump-wearing humans need during the hot weather. There are floaty maxi dresses and a whole heap of new patterns and pastel shades – as well as some funky darker pieces using leather (sexy mumma!). Another exciting service the brand have launched (which fits in nicely to my own experience of going out to find maternity wear – don’t bother, just stay at home on your sofa with a cuppa and some biscuits) is eStylist – where you can get one to one styling advice over webcam or via email. Seeing as us preggers ladies have new bodies to contend with (all sorts of lumps, bumps and squidgy bits), getting a bit of expert advice sure sounds like a welcome treat!



For all the new mums out there, here’s my chat with the lovely Julie.

1. What made you start up the Lazy Daisy chain?

Gosh where do I begin? Well I gave birth to baby number 3 (Georgie) in November 2002 and it quickly became apparent, that even though I needed an income, normal work was no longer viable due to the cost of childcare. I needed to find something which fitted around family, but also something which made me ‘want’ to work; something which was worthwhile leaving my babies for…

I used my training in massage, yoga, hypnosis for birth and therapies to start teaching weekly classes and the demand was clear – particularly in our town, which is a real commuter belt. Mummies needed this! The classes expanded from 8 women to 250, then to accredited training (with Federation of Antenatal Educators and IPTI in 2009) and then into a network of teachers, mums like me, all with the same initial desire that I had!

2. What do you hope Mums will gain from joining the classes?

The knowledge that whilst we can’t guarantee how their birth will play out on the day (only mother nature can do that), what we can guarantee is that they will feel more confident and powerful and ready to ride those waves! Daisy is about finding your inner birthing mojo!

ALL mummies can benefit from this – whatever birth journey they are planning. Active Birthing to us (or as I call it relaxed-active birthing as some of our moves of positions are so subtle mum could be resting!) is about actively being part of your journey and feeling okay with that… Like a surfer who wants those big waves (contractions) to come because of the exhilaration they bring, even though they can seem a bit intimidating. Even the most experienced surfer will get hit in the face by those waves now and again and get pulled into the water – the key is though, to know how to regain control and get back on the board. To embrace the waves, so you are carried along rather than trying to hold them at bay and being knocked down by them.

3. I’ve had lots of tweets from all over the country about Lazy Daisy classes – but I realise now that the classes are worldwide (incredible). How many areas are now covered by your teachers and were you surprised by how the company has grown?

Yes I know, I still have to pinch myself – how did all this happen! We have over 130 UK teachers (including Northern Ireland) and in Feb 2012 I was so privileged to go over to Australia to train our Aussie team. I loved sitting outside the Opera House in Sydney leading training on the grass!

4. If you could give one piece of advice to soon-to-be mums, what would it be?

Just one – Gi that is too cruel…. OK the one piece of advice I’d give is understand that every birth journey is precious and amazing. And however yours plays out on the day, it is something to be proud of, even if your ‘birth sat nav’ took you on a different route to the one you expected.

Can I have one more? If you remember one thing – breathe!!! Your uterus will work so much better if it is fuelled with oxygen. If you can remember another – rotate!!! Here at Daisy we are known for the saying ‘rotate to dilate’. Quite literally this will fuel your uterus and ensure baby connects with your cervix with a nice even pressure, aiding your contractions and dilation.

Julie is super enthusiastic and loves helping new mums. I certainly recommend looking up classes in your area if you’re a mum in the making. Even just meeting other women in the same situation can be a comfort.

And finally… Tom’s home after being away for a week with the McBusted boys. YAY! Sounds like they’ve had a bit of a crazy health week (including the downing of pints of special saltwater which is meant to detox your insides). Rather them than me! Time to go so that he can give me and bump some love!

Have a great week!

Gi. Xx

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“Trying to find a local bump activity…”
  • Thank you Gi for letting us into your world again! :) Great to see everything is going fine, wish you health and the best labour you could imagine. Crumb’s gonna have amazing parents! :)
    Also, can’t wait to read your second book! Hope there will be a chance to deliver it outside UK soon after it’s released.
    Grettings from Poland.
    Xx Martyna

  • You have got to be the most adorable pregnant woman ever! It’s always so nice to read your posts; they’re so positive and upbeat and, no matter what the topic, manage to make me smile. Have a fantastic day! = )

  • Aww this is such a cute blog! I love your style of writing Gi- really honest and funny :) I never knew cats could give blood I’m definitely signing my cat up soon :)

  • Oh Giovanna, you are so lovely, I could actually weep! Your bump is adorable & you look so beautiful.
    I love to read this blog on the weekly, it’s always so happy. You’re on my list for the top 20 people I’d like to have over for tea, for definite.

    Keep up the good work. x

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