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Book two title and cover reveal, nursery furniture fun and birthday celebrations (not mine)…

I’ve been teasing you all for the last couple of months by keeping my lips sealed on the details surrounding my next novel – but this week I’ve been allowed to share the news that YOU’RE THE ONE THAT I WANT will be published 22nd May 2014 – AND I’ve revealed its fabulous cover which has been illustrated by the very talented Sarah Gibb (the same lady who designed the cover for BILLY AND ME). I love it and hope you do too. Although you’ll have to wait a few months to get your mitts on it, it is available to pre-order now. Whoop!


Something else equally as thrilling happened this week… the furniture for Crumb’s nursery has arrived from Boori. We decided to go for their Eton collection in white. Why? Because it’s blooming gorgeous and looks like it’ll last for a very long time!

I’ve heard so many funny / worrying / stressful sounding accounts of mums and dads attempting to put up nursery furniture and certain pieces taking over six hours to do, but luckily for us (mostly for Tom because I totally would’ve lost my cool and been a little stresshead as I told him what I thought he was doing wrong) Boori offer a white glove service. So the two lovely men who delivered the pieces also stayed to put it all up… in LESS THAN AN HOUR! Wow. I know they’re used to doing it, but surely that’s some kind of record?!

I then spent the day sitting in the nursery looking at it all and thinking through all the different ways it should be laid out – we had planned a set up in our heads, but it wasn’t quite right. After making Tom move pieces around for a few hours, I’m now very happy with how it looks and have even started filling the wardrobe and draws with baby bits. I’ll post some proper pictures of that once the room’s closer to being complete.


We also had a rather unproductive shopping trip this week to buy curtains for that room. At the moment there are blinds in there, but we’d like some curtains over the top to make it prettier and keep daylight out (you know, what people normally buy curtains for). The neutral designs were too plain and the colourful ones swayed more to Crumb being a girl or boy – so, we’re going to wait until we know Crumb’s gender. Crumb will be in with us at nighttime for the first few months anyway, so there’s no rush… but if you have any recommendations on where to buy some, please contact me on here or Twitter! A plus side to the trip was looking at all the baby clothes in John Lewis… Tom has decided that, if Crumb’s a boy, they’ll be wearing matching outfits as much as possible… funnily enough, I can imagine Tom in a babygrow.

The week ended with two lots of birthday celebrations – first up it was time to drive to Essex to celebrate my little brother Mario turning 26 with the rest of the Falcone gang and his stand-in-lover Charlie. We had a scrummy dinner at Alec’s (I wore a beautiful blue dress from Seraphine) and nattered away for hours. I do love a family catch up!



We then drove all the way back to West London to go bowling with the Mcfamily to celebrate Mrs Izzy Judd turning 30 with a bunch of her lovely friends. I don’t think picking up large, heavy balls and chucking them at great speed (yes, I’m usually that good) is recommended for pregnant ladies, but Tom let me have one of his goes using the big metal device I remember using as a kid… I got no pins down. Ah well… I was happy to watch everyone else get competitive while I sipped on a strawberry milkshake… or two. The highlight of the night for me was seeing Harry not win at something for once – in fact he drew with Izzy. Needless to say we all reveled in (and made the most of) his misery – I’m sure it’s not going to become a regular occurrence!



Other than that I’ve been working my butt off on promo for YOU’RE THE ONE THAT I WANT. I only have a week left until I’m meant to start maternity leave – but, seeing as I pick and choose my hours, it’ll be interesting to see how long I leave it before I get working again. I have said that March is the start of ‘me time’ though – so I’m sure things will really calm down. Obviously I’ll still be here and sharing my riveting thoughts on life… You can expect more pictures of cake and cats as I’ll have more time for my girlfriends or chilling with Leia and Aurora on the sofa.

The only annoying part of the week is that I’ve started experiencing some pain in my hips. It’s perfectly normal and is just everything stretching and softening – but I shall be making the most of bossing Tom around a little bit more. Ha!

Right, best get cracking on my last official week of work before Crumb arrives! Let’s see how much I can cram in!

Have a great week everyone!

Love, Gi. Xx

P.S. A huge congratulations to my sister-in-law Carrie for winning a What’s On Stage award for her takeover for the role of Eponine in Les Mis. She’s flipping amazing and the most talented girl in the world. I’m very proud.

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“Book two title and cover reveal, nursery furniture fun and birthday celebrations (not mine)…”

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