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Birthday Treats and Baby Shower Love!

Hello my lovely readers – how nice of you to join me once again!

As I predicted last week, this week has been a busy one – not only did I celebrate my twenty-ninth birthday (that’s right, I’m now in the final year of my twenties – no idea how that happened), I also got shown a whole lot of love by some of the special ladies in my life. Yes – it was baby shower time! But let’s start with my birthday…

First stop of the day was to see Crumb in another scan. As is a regular theme with Crumb these days, he/she refused to give us a good glimpse of their face. It’s starting to look a little cramped in there as Crumb is growing some meat on his/her bones. The best bit was seeing Crumb battle with hiccups. So cute and meant I didn’t mind not seeing facial features – besides, I’d rather not force Crumb into a position that he/she doesn’t want to go into… I don’t want to become a pushy mum already. Ha!

birthday cake

For my birthday dinner Tom spoilt me with a trip to Hawksmoor for my favourite meal… STEAK! It was blooming delicious and I highly recommend checking the restaurant out – the baby ribs starter is also ridiculously good (okay, I’m dribbling now and I haven’t even mentioned the two cupcakes I ate in the afternoon… or the fry-up we ate for breakfast). Our feast was followed by a trip to the Royal Albert Hall to see Cirque Du Soleil’s Quidam, which was, as always, edge of my seat viewing.

On the morning of my baby shower I was banished to my room while my sister Giorgina (head organiser – she did a flipping amazing job), my family and Tom prepared downstairs for an afternoon of baby fun. After faffing over what to wear (I decided on a floral number from New Look), I eventually joined them all to discover our lounge had been beautified with lovely bunting, fluffy paper decorations and enough food to feed the 5000 – not only had my family all cooked, but there were also yummy cupcakes from Hummingbird Bakery and the most amazing cake I’ve seen from Symphony In Sugar. Arranged by my brother Mario, the cake was shaped and decorated to look like a baby’s bag (full of essentials) with a cute poem for Crumb attached – I’ve never seen anything like it.


The afternoon was kicked off by Giorgina prompting us all to choose a drink with either a pink or blue straw (depending on our predictions for Crumb’s sex), we were rather surprised to find the majority of us went for blue! A few of our friends are sure me and Tom know – but I can assure you, we don’t! There’s no way we’d be able to keep it quiet if we did.

Then the gifts were given (I was truly gobsmacked at people’s generosity – so very thoughtful) and the games commenced. Giorgina had complied a list of Mr & Mrs type questions, but they were all baby themed. Having conferred with Tom she had a list of all his answers… luckily I matched quite a few of them. Then the best game ever got underway – in pairs everyone had to design a bib using fabric pens…. The task was taken very seriously and, needless to say, Crumb is going to have a whole mountain of nice bibs to wear!


Ooh, and then people had to guess the circumference of my bump using a piece of string… the smallest estimate was 51.5inches, the largest was 66inches… It’s currently sitting at 44inches! I’m not sure whether to be thankful that I’m not as big as they expected or mortified. Haha!

It was so lovely to spend the afternoon with great people, sipping on Shloer (there was so much, it looks like I have shares in the company) and talking babies… it sure did put a smile on my face. In fact, I smiled so much I got a pain at the back of my head – does anyone else get that from smiling too much? No? Just me? Weird.


Also this week…

· My page proofs for book two were delivered, so I’ve been back at my desk (accompanied by my new ‘G’ lamp – birthday present from Tom) reading the whole thing and checking I haven’t left in any silly mistakes. If you buy this book and find any do NOT let me know – just pretend you didn’t notice any. Ha!

· The nursery has been started on! Yay! Our trusted handymen Jorge and Pedro have stripped the walls and plastered up the holes – next week the walls will be painted. The two paints we decided to go for are called Biscuit Crumb (as if we could resist picking that when we saw the name) and Snug As A Bug. Tom actually used both these colours in a painting of Mickey Mouse that he’s done for the room. I know… he really is selfish having all these talents – seriously, share them out, dude!

· I read a book! Yes, believe it or not, reading other people’s creations happens to be part of my job, so this week I tucked into The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty. Jeeeeeeeeez… I did not see that ending coming and was totally hooked from the start!

· I found one of the best inventions ever… I’ve been a bit worried about bathing Crumb when Tom’s away as the sides of our baths are really high and I’ve had loads of people tell me not to bother with baby baths and just use the kitchen sink instead… Well, after a little research on the internet I came across a creation called Blooming Bath – a flower-shaped bath pillow that your baby sits in while in the sink. Ah, I fell in love and ordered a sunflower straight away! Fingers crossed it’s as good as it looks!


Right, I’d better get back to proof reading!

Have a lovely week guys and gals!

Gi. Xx

P.S. I just want to wish a big Happy Birthday to theatre company Paines Plough – they celebrated their forty years this week by announcing a whole heap of new writing they’ll be touring the country with. Go to their website and check out where you can see their amazing work!

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“Birthday Treats and Baby Shower Love!”
  • I read your blogs every Monday, and have kept up with your tweets for a long time now,
    1 – you look beautiful (you always do) but pregnancy suits lady.
    2 – as a proud auntie to two beautiful girls I have to say girls are so far, and I say so far because who knows maybe I’ll one day have a boy, little girls are amazing.
    3 – I don’t recall if in the UK or any version in English they have this DVDs with nursery songs that are really colorful, we have one here and let me tell you, helps you a lot with cognitive stimulation for your baby. (This is me speaking as a Psychologist) since you and Tom have music all around, try to stimulate your baby with it as much as you can.
    4 – and final a question, as a girl that the name also starts with a G, care to enlighten me where that lamp came from??? Absolutely love it!


  • Gi, My name is Giovanna also I’m from Brazil , I love your work. You’re a cute, lovely and friendly person. Are you Tom make a lovely couple!!! I’m A huge fan of McFly and you also, you are a love with us! I wish all the happiness for you, and the baby Fletcher come with good health. I love you Gi <3

  • nice to recommend restuarants but please bear in mind us normal people cant afford to pay £34 for steak….

    Baby shower sounds lovely…… when you are a mummy you will find things that work and you will do it your way…. I should know, I have an autistic son and boy/girl twins….

  • I know it’s very very unlikely for you to reply but if you at least see my comment I’ll be happy.

    I just want you to know I think you are wonderful, and I love reading your blogs, and think you are so lovely, I hope you had a great birthday!

    And I think you guys are having a girl, can imagine her being spoilt rotten by her dad just like her mummy:’)! xxx

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