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A whole lot of L-O-V-E…

Hello you gorgeous lot!

One topic seemed to dominate the majority of this week – VALENTINE’S DAY! I love the romance of it all, of course I do – I’m a chicklit author, therefore, it’s instilled in me to like anything remotely gooey and sentimental – however, I couldn’t help but be reminded of how I felt at school whenever the day was looming. I was always full of nerves and worry over whether I’d receive a Valentine’s card or not – had the boy I liked noticed me? Did I have any secret admirers? The answer to both these questions, time and time again, was NO! No card, no single red rose and certainly no chocolates (let’s be frank, the chocolates were the bit I wanted the most). Booooo!

Like most girls I was left feeling unloved, unpopular and disappointed with life. So, if I could, I’d like to tell my younger self that it’s okay not to be receiving flowers and chocolates from some equally spotty teenager. One day you’ll be receiving a whole heap of love every day of the year from your special someone… and not just because a certain date in the calendar told him to do so. Top tip from me to you, younger me, never date a guy who only makes you feel loved one day a year. Got it?! Once a year is not enough.


Having said that – I must point out that next month’s Pancake Day (it’s happening in March this year… March?!) really does excite me as a stand alone date in my diary. It’s the one day of the year I can stuff my face with pancakes and Nutella without feeling an ounce of guilt. Heaven!

So, back to this Valentine’s day – the one where I have a great husband and a little human growing in my tummy… First off we decided to film us covering Nat King Cole’s L-O-V-E as a little Valentine’s treat. Once that was completed and posted online we curled up in our PJs for a quiet night in with a Chinese takeaway and a chickflick – we opted for About Time. Ah, I sobbed. A lot. Did I mention we also munched our way through the biggest box of chocolates ever? Yummy…

Also this week…

— Me and my dad put together our first piece of flat-pack furniture for Crumb – a bedside crib called a Snuzpod from The Little Green Sheep. I’ve never done this sort of task with my dad before, but we managed to do it relatively quickly and without too much confusion (it’s simple as long as you stick to the instructions and don’t go guessing where things go). So Crumb now has a bed in our bedroom so that he/she can be with us for the first few months. Not only that, but it can actually attach to our bed and one of its sides zip down so that I can just stare at Crumb while he/she sleeps. Hurrah!


— My Orchid plant has come back to life! My lovely friend Izzy bought me this before we got married and (after gloating that it was the first plant I’d been able to keep alive) it started to look a little sad over Christmas – but look at it now! This might seem crummy news to you, but seeing as I’m about to bring a real life human into the world (who will rely on me to keep him/her feed, watered and clean), the knowledge that I haven’t killed this plant off and have been able to nurture it back to good health is highly encouraging!


— On a less encouraging note – I burnt my ear while trying to curl my hair. Major buzzkill! I’m not a very girlie girl (I was more of a tom boy growing up) and this is just proof that I suck at beautifying… Ouchie!

— I’ve been asking friends (as well as you guys) what baby products they recommend and I’ve been told a lot about Aden + Anais’ swaddles and muslins… well, I was instantly won over as soon as I saw their use of colour and fun prints. I now have a bunch of them!


— This week I’ve been slightly overwhelmed with the fact that in a matter of weeks me and Tom are going to be part of a three… and that we’ll never again be the little twosome that we have been for over ten years. I don’t know why it’s started to sink in now – maybe because we’re getting far more organised and the due date is getting closer. With only six weeks to go it’s all getting very REAL! Yes, I know, the bump should’ve totally given me that realisation weeks ago – I’ve just been slow on the uptake!


— We’ve also been to see our lovely doctor for another scan. All is good. Apparently the baby’s head is very low… I think Crumb is checking out his/her escape route. Ha!

Hope you all have a fabulous week!

Love Gi. Xx

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“A whole lot of L-O-V-E…”
  • Hello Gi!
    I love some words that you have said in this blog about Valentine’s day, I haven’t a boy who give me anything at any time but, I don’t want someone who love me a only day. Wise words!

    On the other hand, I think is normal that you feel a slightly overwhelmed and with some fear but, the baby will achieve that you and Tom will be more united! It’s a big change, a lovely and incredible change.

    I can’t wait to know if is he or she, for look a pic of him/her, for read the good news from you or Tom, and all McFamily… I’m so glad for you Gi, and I hope you the best for this six weeks and the next stage too.

    Have a lovely week, future Fletcher’s mum!

    Lot of love,
    Zeneides. xxx

  • Gi, you’re looking amazing!
    I can’t believe how quick it has gone, before we all know it crumb will be here!

    Hope you had a fantastic valentines weekend, I watched About Time too. Was such a heart warming film, incredible.

    can’t wait for the next post :)

  • That photo of you at the end of the blog is so beautiful! I saw it when Tom Instagrammed it yesterday and it’s just so lovely! xxx

  • Everything is so beautiful, you with that belly is so beautiful. Actually you and Tom are the most perfect couple in the world!
    Love you!
    Brazilian girl here :)

  • Hello!
    I just have to tell you, I have loved reading your weekly blogs on your journey to mommyhood. You are just a week ahead of me, and as I am waiting for my family to become three as well, it is like having a buddy I can compare experiences with. So, thank you for sharing your adventure! It is just dawning on me that I’ll have a little human to take care of very soon!

  • I love your blog. A new update makes my day! I love how you always manage to spread so much joy and happiness. I wish you the best of luck with the rest of the pregnancy. I’m sure you’ve read it a thousand times, but you and Tom are going to be amazing parents! :)

    Lots of (icelandic) love from Norway,

  • To my favourite celeb couple. So glad to read this blog. I work in an early pregnancy unit so am scanning babies all day. You can never underestimate the power of seeing that little being wriggling around inside a small space.
    Enjoy every moment and bless the quiet ones, there won’t be many more of those for a while. Keep well, can’t wait to see him/her pics on twitter xx

  • I absolutely love your blog and it makes me so happy to read it every week, I am sure that you and Tom are going to make fabulous parents. I love reading about how your bump is getting a long and the different things to do with your little one including the bits and bobs you buy for him/her as well as the blog posts you write about your every day life! Lovely! xxxx

  • Lovely as usual, Gi. It’s nice to know that everything is okay.
    I follow your blog every week and it’s absolutely amazing :) I’m also very excited about your baby and wondering if is a boy or a girl :3 However, I’m pretty sure he/she is going to be beautiful and amazing.
    I send you lots of love from Mexico :))

  • This is a funny blog! But I can’t believe u only have 6 weeks left time flys by! I know you weren’t newly pregnant when you put up the announcement video but I still remember everything about the first time I saw it! Can’t wait to see little crumb I’m sure s/he will be a little beauty!! Best of luck and love to the three of you!

  • Hi Gi
    Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog – it’s like your friend telling you about her week :) And trust me when I say to enjoy your twosome time whilst you can, my husband and I also became parents after 10 years together and whilst our little bean was very much longed for it was a shock to the system to become a family of 3 after it being just us 2 for so long! ( That said we became a family of 4 only 15 months later so we obviously recovered from the shock pretty quickly !!)

    Good Luck xx

  • Gi, i have always been a tom boy , just like you and I can tell you that you don’t need any beautifying trick. You’re flawless, one of the most beautiful mummies I’ve ever seen! Can’t wait till crumb arrives!

  • I absolutely love this column by Giovanna! I think it’s so encouraging to hear her likes, worries and general life thoughts. Having just had a baby myself I can really imagine how she’s feeling right now! It’s overwhelming, exciting and a very nervous time. I can say it’s all worth it 4 months on, the joy they bring is unreal! The lack of sleep is awful but it’s one of those things. Can’t wait to hear news of Crumbs arrival.
    Loads of love and hugs!

    Sam x

  • Love every part of your blog, the way you do everything with love.. also bring a plant to live . I should say that Tom is a lucky guy not only for be in McFly , is a lucky guy because he met you. I’m pretty sure you are going to be a great mother , the baby will grow in place made of love and talent, you have the talent to trasmit what you feel to other person with written words and the talent to share your happiness with just a smile.
    I know you’re reading books about babies and are very useful , but when you have the baby in your arms you will know how to be a wonderful mother.
    Thanks you for write this blog , for share your life with us. Good luck in the new stage of your life.

    Much love, Yohanna.

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